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The next day Serena made the decision to act normal…a decision easier said than done. Every time she saw someone close to her, an image would flash through her mind of them lying on the floor, broken, lifeless. On several occasions she even had to excuse herself, claiming she had to go to the bathroom. But it was just so they wouldn't see her tears. The nights were the worst of all. Each time she had the exact nightmare as before. Each time she'd wake up in a cold sweat and crying. She had to make Luna swear not to tell the others, saying she'd be ok. This lasted three days.

After another night of nightmares and almost throwing up, Serena was too afraid to go back to sleep. Even though it was early on a Saturday she had to get up. She took a nice long shower to deliver her further from drowsiness. She got dressed, and carefully made her bed gently without disturbing Lunar and snuck out. As it was a surprisingly warm day she wore only a knee length white summer dress with ballet flats.

As she walked she thought about what could be done. Give herself up and perhaps save everyone else in exchange? NO! Absolutely not! Even if a deal was made, the Nega-verse would never keep their promise. There was only one solution. She had to stay strong and when she met with the youma once more, she would take it down. No matter the cost. She continued to walk, allowing the sun to warm her. By the time she was paying attention to her surroundings she heard the crunching of leaves under her feet. When she looked around she found herself on the outskirts of the park. She hadn't been here since that day. She didn't know why but she took a deep breath and continued walking.

Since it was so early there was almost no one around. The leaves were dropping from the trees and drifted to the ground. The large pond in the park's centre was crystal blue and not disturbed by a single ripple. Under different circumstances she'd think it beautiful. But she paid no attention. She saw the spot near the water where it all happened and a few silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Seeing a bench nearby she sat down, allowing her mind to go blank, and she even drifted off to sleep.

Darien jogged through the park at a steady relaxed pace. He had woken up late, something he rarely did, even on weekends. After checking the weather he grabbed an umbrella and headed out the door. As he began to slow down, he noticed that dark grey clouds were rapidly forming. Not before long the first droplets began to fall. He opened his umbrella and decided to finish off with a leisurely stroll. He always enjoyed walking in the rain.

He continued to walk until he reached a strip of trees. The same strip he had found Serena on that sad day. His mood was slightly damped now. He decided to take a different route out of the park. He thought about her more and more these days. He also remembered that he had something for her back home. But that would be for another time. Lightning began to flash and thunder rumbled in the distance. He passed the vast pond as the rain stirred the water, the exit would be up ahead soon. Something caught his eye on almost the other side of the pond. He didn't know how on earth he spotted it. Poking out of a cluster of bushes under a tiny weeping willow was a thick strand of something silky and gold.


It must have been a while before she awoke to a damp feeling on her face. She opened her eyes to the dark clouds circling in the sky, and rain now drenching her once more. It was crazy how fast the weather had changed. Now there was barely a dry patch on her. She began to shiver. A flash of lightning and a crack of thunder made her jump from the bench and whimper.

"Why does this keep on happening to me?" she sniffed.

The storm grew worse and she found herself running, trying a feeble attempt to escape it. She got to a point where she'd seek shelter anywhere. Spotting a weeping willow with adequate shade, she crawled through some bushes into a small space. Turns out, the rain was so heavy that there was little difference, but better than nothing. She pulled her knees up to her chest and shuddered from the cold.

"Please…" she whispered to no one in particular "I'm so scared of what this creature will do, I need the strength to protect those I love. Please help me. I just feel so lost."

She remained huddled like that, head down, trying to block the now seemingly raging storm from her mind. There was a rustling sound but she took no notice. Then she no longer felt the rain on her, but she still heard it all around. She slowly tilted her head up.


She looked up to find a pair of sapphire eyes looking into hers, full of concern.