The CHIKARA Fanfiction

Chapter One: The Beginning

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The villagers hadn't stopped screaming for hours. She huddled in the corner of their hut, covering her baby sister. They would not get her, whatever they were.

Her mother and father had barricaded the door with all they owned, which was not much. A table, two chairs, and a small open stove. Her mother looked over to her, eyes wide and frightened. "Take care of her! If something happens, get her out of here!"

The blockade had been pointless. The roof of their hut was ripped off like a dead leaf from an autumn branch. Red light blasted into her parents, reducing them to ash in seconds.

She shoved her sister behind the upended table. Her movement attracted their attention, and she felt a wire wrapping around her middle, pulling her away. She kicked and struggled, screaming, but she couldn't get away. All she could see was two piles of ash, and the table…

Tiana, stay safe, wait for me…


The door to J J's Auto Repair flew open. To say the man with crazed fear in his eyes seen leaving the premises was tall would be an understatement. He easily passed several of the taller basketball players in stature, and football players in stock. His greased coveralls stretched tightly over his chest and arms, the one heaving and the others flailing as he ran for his truck.

"Tom, get back here, what's the emergency?" Came a shout from inside the garage.

"It's time!" He bellowed back, loading into the car and backing out into the street. Once there, he floored the pedal. There was no time to waste. This was it!


It felt like an eternity before he reached the little one story building that housed his little family. But did not take him that long to get from one end of Endsville to the other...the 'Good End' as some people called it. He yanked the parking brake, pulled the keys out, and jerked out of the truck, leaving the door hanging open. His feet pounded the pavement as he rushed up the steps to the porch. Sweat made his dark brown skin slick. Fumbling with his keys, he finally forced the door open, and rushed inside.

"Della! DELLA! Are you alright? Where are you? Is the ambulance on the way?"

An irritated voice called from the living room, "In the den, calm down, it was a false alarm."

Tom stood there, blinking. False… alarm? His shoulders lifted and fell in a sigh. Well, at least nothing bad had happened. He trudged all the way in, lifting his head as he entered the den.

There, sprawled on the couch, lay Della. Petite, pale-skinned, average heighted, fiery-tempered, 5-month pregnant package of explosives that she was, and Tom loved every moment with her. Even the exasperating ones, like this one. She glanced up, her hazel eyes meeting his chocolate ones. A semi-apologetic smile crossed her face, quickly followed by a scolding. "You shouldn't have rushed like that, they're probably thinking all kinds of things at work."

Tom just rolled his eyes, smiling. He sat down on one end of the couch. Reaching over, he ran his hand through her perpetually frizzy hair that stuck out in all directions. If he was home, he may as well enjoy being with his wife. And if their daughters weren't up yet—

A shrill scream cut through the peace of the house, and Della's face fell.


Tom rose from the couch, and Della relaxed. Tom would take care of it this time


Hurrying down the hall, Tom knocked on a pink and purple painted door. When the only answer was continued screams, Tom opened the door.

The most love and care had been spent on this room. The carpet was plush violet, and the walls a cheerful pink. The curtains were heart and flower patterned, the floor strewn with various dolls and books, and a bed set up on each side of the room. The occupant of the bed on the left was a six year old Japanese girl, with a frightened expression, her knees drawn up to her chin and her quilt wrapped around her like a shield as she stared at the occupant of the other bed.

The bed on the right held a ten year old Japanese girl, thrashing in her bed. Her fists knotted in the sheets, and sweat matted her hair as she screamed, fighting off the images in her mind.

Tom knelt by her bed, catching her tiny hands in his own massive ones. "Mikko." He called to her. "Mikko." He reached one hand out to shake her.

Mikko's eyes bolted open, dark with terror. Outside, thunder rumbled, and Tom felt the hair on the back of his arms rise with static electricity. He reached his hand out and smoothed her hair back. "Mikko, you're safe."

For a moment more, her eyes remained unfocused, but as the last vestiges of her nightmares left her, her eyes locked onto his. They filled with tears, and Tom drew her into his arms, rocking her gently.

"It's okay, Mikko. It'll be okay." He murmured, kissing her head.

"Is Mikko done?" Came a small voice from the left side of the room. Tom glanced over, and opened an arm. The second occupant of the room scurried over, joining the embrace."

"Yes, Tiana. She's awake." He held them for a little longer before releasing them. "Why don't you go get ready, since you're up? I know it's Saturday, but maybe we can to to the park, okay?"

Tiana squealed joyfully. "The park! Yes, the park!"

Tom smiled. Getting out would be good for them all, maybe it would settle the baby too.

Yes the family was very different but altogeather there was so much love...but dark pasts haunted this family, dark pasts not just for the children...but for all involved...but what happens when dark pasts rather left forgotten...come back...and change your life in more ways than you can count?


Note: And thats the first chapter, yes a bit of a setup for the next one, which I assure you will start to get to the CHIKARA side of things, but like I said, this CHIKARA fic has alot more than just wrestling, and in the first few chapters you'll really see that, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, because its going to be a fun one!