The CHIKARA Fanfiction

Chapter 49: Swamp Escape

Note:The Cibernetico may be won, but that doesnt mean anyones out of the woods yet. The Baby may be back, but that doesnt mean all the problems are solved! Whats going to happen next? You'll have to read and find out! Sorry it took a bit for this chapter, holidays, real life, but I buckled down to get this chapter out! Enjoy everyone!


*Matthews screams cutting off the celebration in the ring...and it goes on for a full five minutes, where in that time, all the fans, and crew, have left...eventually, Gelistico grabs him and shakes him* Matthews! Snap out of it soldier! What has gotten you so upset? WE WON! *Matthews shakes his head snapping out of it, and grabs Gelistico, eyes wide* We won the battle, but not the war! *Gelistico blinks, and Matthews explains* Ok we got the baby back, but before we were watching the baby, because Della and Tom were out on a date, house a wreck, lose baby, find baby in swamp, win baby back, house still a wreck, and NOT THERE! *Gelistico nods calmly, and turns back to the group* ...PANIC! *Everyone in the group starts freaking out, until Matthews shouts again* OK OK THIS IS ONLY MAKING THINGS WORSE! *Everyone stops and turns to him again* Ok...all we need to do, is get back, and fix the house, and everything will be alright, right? *Everyone looks to each other and nods, assailANT speaks up holding Tasha* Ok! Just one question? *Matthews turns to assailANT* What? *assailANT looks around, and turns back to Matthews* ...Which way is home? *Matthews pauses...and looks all around...just realizing, this swamp looks all the same, and they didnt leave a trail to get back out. Leslie looks around and cringes* Oh knew how to get into the Swamp...but not out...*Avery nods* Mainly because...we never actually went IN the Swamp this far...*Matthews nods calmly* So we're stuck here then? *Kobald cuts in* No, we arent stuck, Sapphire can fly up to the trees, and AHA! Find a way out, right Sapphire? *Sapphire nods and leaps upward...and then just plops back down again blinking. Gary steps over and silently helps her up, again, they lock eyes. Vega's been noticing that recently...he might have to ask him about it. Matthews nods once more* Ok then...I guess the only thing left to do is- PANIIIIIIC! *Now everyone runs around in a panic, with no one telling them to stop*

*Chuck Taylor and the Gentlemans Club, watch from a distance away, all of their teammates have left them, leaving with the crew while they had the chance. Taylor laughs* What a bunch of losers right? *Gulak glares at Taylor with a broken wet phone in his hand* WE lost Chuck...or did you forget the Cloverleaf that almost killed you? *Taylor waves a hand* Drew, when you're Chuck Taylor like I am, you tend to rembeer the things only you want to remember... *Gulak nods* Is that why you're leaning at a weird angle? *Taylor snaps* Shut up! ...Im stretching...stretching my Chuck Taylor should! *Gulak shakes his head, Swamp Monster holds Orange Cassidy, who's unconsious...not from the shots he took in the match just because...hes like that a good 75 percent of the time...*

*Matthews turns and locks eyes with Taylor, who immeditaely stops laughing. Matthews points* YOU! *Taylor turns* Alright guys time to- *Matthews cuts him off going up to him with his group and stopping him* Dont give me any of that! Look Taylor, we won from you and got the baby, but you owe us more than that! *Taylor turns grumpily* I dont owe you anything! You won, what more do you want? *Gulak raises an eyebrow* Oh so you dooo remem- *Taylor snaps* SHUT UP DREW! THIS IS WHY YOU ARENT ON THE T SHIRT! *Gulak folds his arms burning a hole in the back of Taylors head. Matthews speaks up* have a base of operations here, so you have to know how to get in and out of this you are going to get us out of here, or else! *Taylor smirks* Or else WHAT? *Matthews goes up to him, and in a dead serious tone whispers* We're gonna go home and pretend none of this ever happened, fix everything, and make everything happy for when Della comes back. If we DONT get back in time though, we may get some Hell, but you tried to kidnap her child and use her for your marketing gimmik, and so help me when she realizes that she will hunt each and every one of you down until each one of you are repeatedly hit with a frying pan until you dont even know WHICH WAY IS UP! *Matthews breathes, and Taylor looks...a bit frozen in place. Taylor shakes his head and puts up a hand* One moment...Gentlemans Huddle!

*Taylor goes with the Gentlemans Club, and it doesnt take long, Taylor comes back* Alright, FINE! We'll show you the way out. *Matthews nods* Good, how? *Taylor motions to Swamp Monster* Swamp Monster knows this place inside and out, right Swampy? *Swamp Monster stares...and looks away a bit. Taylor blinks* ...Swamp Monster? *Swamp Monster makes some inaudible growls...Taylor blinks and moves in closer, and Swamp Monster whispers something in his ear...Taylor explodes* WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT SHOT FROM KOBALD KNOCKED THAT OUT OF YOUR HEAD!? THAT SHOULDNT BE POSSIBLE! *Swamp Monster droops, and Taylor spazzes out angrily* We cant be stuck here! We're all gone die by a savage frying pan melee! Come on, I dont care if you have a Concussion or Five Concussions! THINK OF SOMETHING! *Swamp Monster rubs his head sadly. assailANT thinks of something* Waaaaait...I know what might help him! *assailANT brings Sapphire over to Swamp Monster. Swamp Monster stares at Sapphire, who stares back...and headbutts him square in the face. Swamp Monster pauses...and falls over, dropping Cassidy as well, who doesnt seem phased that much. Taylor erupts* HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP!? *assailANT responds* Because Sapphires the best Headbutter ever! *Taylor is about to crack assailANT in the head, but Swamp Monster gets up a bit wobbily, and shakes his head, Taylor looks over* Swamp Monster, you alright? We can kill this bird if you want, you can eat it and no one would blame you! *Gary advances forward, but Vega holds him back with an arm. Swamp Monster grunts something shaking his head. Taylor blinks.* What? *Swamp Monster gives some more grunts, and Taylor blinks confused* You have FRIENDS? *Swamp Monster nods. Taylor pauses* to me I always thought you were alone when we left you... *Gulak sighs* Of course you would... *Matthews cuts in* Woah woah wait...Swamp Monster, you have friends? Who could lead us out of here? *Swamp Monster nods, and Matthews blurts* Well lead Swamp Monster Man! Time is importiant! *Swamp Moster nods and trudges onward, the group following behind quickly, Gulak picking Cassidy up and making up follow irritably*

*Swamp Monster trudges onward and after a few more minutes they reach a claering in the Swamp, more solid and wooden, easier to stand on, with what looks like a giant tree, with a door on to it, is a Pond, with a Lillypad, with what looks like a Lightening Bolt in its center. Matthews looks around* Alright, looks like we're here, where's your friends Swamp Monster? *Swamp Monster trudges up to the door, and knocks a few times. Theres a pause, and the door eventually opens, and out steps a figure, just like te other ddemons in size, with a brown head, with what look like White Roots which cover its face, running up and out to look like hair, and also down to cover his mouth a bit and look like some sort of beard, he also has a brown sort of singlet on with on the back what looks like the country of Latvia in a forest green, with white green vertical stripped pants, and no shoes. The Figure blinks, and notices who it is, and exclaims* SWAMPY! *Swamp Monster exclaims in an inaudible growl, and they actually hug each other, Matthews nods* Alright, at least we know Swamp Monster wasnt lying... *Taylor observes, hands on his hips* What even IS that thing? *assailANT folds his arms* Are you blind? Its OBVIOUSLY a Tree Wizard! *Taylor stares at him, and sighs looking at the ground, and in his face* How did I lose to you again?

*Swamp Monster turns after the embrace by the woodland demon, and throws a rock onto the Lillypad. Its Lightening Center Glows, and theres a burst of energy, which sends everyone but Swamp Monster andthe Wood like creature back a bit. After the dust settles, a Creature is left standing on the Lillypad. Its another demon, and hes a bit taller than average...its...a Frog? Yep, its a Frog Demon, green all over his body except for one place, the thights, which are a pasty white. He wears a a Blue Wrestling Singlet, with some sort of design around the waist that looks like a title, but it isnt. He has a Helmet with Golden Wings on it, and is also carrying what looks to be an old stone hammer. He turns, and sees Swamp Monster, and again, like the Wood Creature, exclaims* SWAMPY! *Swamp Monster again replies in an inaudible growl with the same tone, as the Frog LEAPS right off the Lillypad and onto the ground beside Swamp Monster, and gives him what looks like quite a strong hug. Matthews watches that a bit shocked* ...Did you see that JUMP? *Vega nods* That was almost physicaly Impossible! *Gelistico* Well, hes a frog...with a Hammer...with that leaping ability he could be devastating in battle *Pierre nods but notes* Lets just be glad hes on our side gentleman... *Taylor shakes his head* Swamp Monsters got some weird friends, he's lucky he has me... *Gulak rolls his eyes and refrains from a comment, assailANT just laughs* SUPER FROG!

*After the reunion, Swamp Monster walks over, and gives the proper introductions...well...y rpoper he grunts and growls everything, after he ends, Gulak sums it up* The Brown guys the Latvian Proud Oak and the Green Frog is the Estonian Thunderfrog. *Thunderfrog and Oak walk over, and meet the group, some friendlier than others. assailANT asks Proud Oak* Can you grant my wish Tree Wizard? *Oak stares, a bit confused, asking in a broken english accent* Wiz-ard? No No...Oak is no Wizard... *assailANT stares* You arent? ...Awwww...*assailANT droops...Proud Oak pauses...realizing he may have made a blunder...and quickly throws something togeather* Um, is magic! *Proud Oak presents a piece of root and hands it to assailANT. assailANT beams* Woooow, combatANT is gonna be SO JEALOUS when he finds out a got a mystical tree wizard root! *Proud Oak nods scratching the back of his head, sweatdropping a little, meanwhile Leslie tries to grab Thunderfrogs Hammer* Man this looks do awesome, can I- *Thundefrog pulls it back, in the same broken english* No no...this is for Peace...*Leslie blinks* What exactly can that Hammer do? *Thunderfrog responds* It keeps peace, used for peace *Crabtree waves a hand* Feh! Back in my day, that Hammer could be used for anything, conquest, destroying the old gods, slaying the Hydra, now it belongs to a frog and its all peace Peace Peace...fooey! *Crabtree trudges away, leaving Thunderfrog to ask a question* ...Blue old-? *Vega cuts him off* Yeah dont ask you wont get a straight answer...*Thunderfrog blinks, but nods*

*Gulak stares, and rubs his chin* I wonder how much a Hammer like that could sell for? Cassidy what do you- *Gulak turns, Cassidy has passed out on Thunderfrog's Lillypad, Gulak sighs* Nevermind. *Crabtree folds his arms bitterly* I was gonna use that as a bed... *Taylor folds his arms* Alright alright we've all met each other, did we forget the point of why we came here? *Matthews turns, and sighs* Right right, um, excuse me, Frog aand Oak? *Proud Oak and Thunderfrog turn, Matthews continues* Um, we seem to have gotten lost in this lovely you guys live here you must know it pretty well, right? *Oak and Thunderfrog look at each other, and look back nodding, Pierre nods cutting in* Excellent! Then would you be so kind as to lead us out of the Swa- *Matthews cuts him off* HEY! Im the unofficial leader here, I ask things! ...*clears throat* Excellent! Then would you be so kind as to lead us out of the Swamp? *Pierre growls folding his arms, Gelistico pats his shoulder* I still consider you an official unnoficial leader Animaniac Assasin *Pierre sighs dropping his head*

*Proud Oak and Thunderfrog look to Swamp Monster, who nods saying they are all ok, and they turn back. Thunderfrog speaks up* Um, yes, we know *Proud Oak nods* Yes, can lead way out *Matthews grins* Great! Lets go! *Thunderfrog nods and begins heading one way, and Oak begins heading another, they turn to each other, Thunderfrog points* Out is this way *Oak shakes his head and points* No no no, out this way *Thunderfrog shakes his head* No no, the winds say this way! *Oak shakes his head* No, trees say this way, my roots say so! *Thunderfrog shakes his head again* This way, the hammer says so! *Oak retorts* This way! *Thunderfrog retorts back* This- *Matthews cuts in* GUYS! *Thunderfrog and Oak pause, and turn to Matthews, who looks a bit down* ...You two havent been out of this Swamp much have you? *Thunderfrog pauses...then shakes his head* *Oak nods**Matthews nods, and calmly goes over to a tree, and bashes his head against the wall over and over shouting* WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHYYYYYYYYY!? *Thunderfrog puts out his hands* No no friend! Quiet please, attract unwanted guests! *Matthews shouts* I dont care! Whatever comes wont be any worse than whats going to happen to us because of us being stuck here! NOTHING! *Theres a rattle in the trees, and Taylor folds his arms grumpily* You HAD to say nothing right? Theres a rule you never say that! Because it always happens! *Gulak nods* Like when Chuck said nothing could beat him *Taylor turns to Gulak fuming, but Pierre speaks up* Um on alert, whatever is in the trees is looks big. ...Submission Squad, and...everyone else, battle stations! *Gelistico takes a battle stance, Vega gets his goggles ready, Gary and Sapphire puff out their "feathers", Kobald gets in front of Tasha protectively while assailANT holds her close, Taylor keeps his arms folded, not looking intimidated at all, though his knees are shaking a bit, Swamp Monster looks around for where its coming from, Gulak raises his broken phone as a weapon, Thunderfrog raises his hammer, Oak looks ready as well limbering up, The Flames of love huddle togeather putting out their fists looking all over the place...and Crabtree and Cassidy...share Thunderfrogs Lillypad...sleeping...*

*After a moment, it leaps down, its a demon, a bit taller than average, and muscular to top that off. He wears leapord print tights, black kneepads, no shoes, but tape, black tape on one foot, white on the other, same for the hands, white tape on one, black on the other, and the fingers on the white hand, are all individually wrapped in tape. His face is currently hidden underneath a Leapord print cloth, but he seems rather upset. Matthews and everyone else freezes at the formidable foe, Pierre leans over to Thunderfrog and whispers* Im going to guess thats the uninvited guest you meant... *Thunderfrog nods* Yes, is Jaka... Pierre- ...Vega, run a diagnostic on Jaka...quietly... *Vega tentatively puts his goggles down, and does a search* ...I-I found something Abraham Assasin... *Pierre ignores it for once, and asks* What info do we have? *Vega replies* His name is Jaka...originally from the Xiolin hes here, it doesnt give a reason. There are reports that this guy wrestled Leapords for FUN... *Gelistico shrugs* Big deal *He crosses his arms, noticibly sweating. Matthews speaks in a whisper* Well...what do we do? *Taylor sighs* Ill tell ya what we do, we get rid of 'em! Watch old Chuck Taylor at work! *Chuck begins walking up to the imposing jungle man, Matthews reaches out a hand* Wait Chuck I- *Gulak puts a hand on Matthews shoulder stopping him* Now now we wouldnt want to interrupt the master at work would we? *Matthew stares...and smirks a bit* I like you a little bit more Drew Gulak *Drew grins* Enough to put in a ord to get me on the Gentlemans Club shirt? *Matthews replies* Hey lets not get carried away now... *Gulak frowns sourly*

*Taylor walks up to Jaka, and talks to everyone behind him* See the trick is, to punch him in the nose, if you do that, he'll give up and leave! *Gelistico blinks* I thought that was just for sharks and door to door salesman? *Pierre rubs his chin* Looks like we're about to find out... *Taylor turns to Jaka, who doesnt falter, and balls a fist, slamming it into his covered face. Jaka's head whips to the side, and Taylor smiles in victory* See? What did I tell you? Now he'll know who is the bo- *Jaka drives his taped fingers right into Taylors throat, and he goes down, Swamp Monster runs to get him, and Jaka grabs Taylor, and throws him right into Swamp Monster, sending both down. Gulak sighs* The one time I dont have a phone to take a picture or video recording... *Jaka rips off the cover on his head, to reveal...quite a picture. Half of his hair, and beard and eyebrow...are completely shaved, one side has hair, the other doesnt. Fierce eyes lock onto the rest, who look even more worried. They all just wrestled a big match, so they arent really 100 percent to deal with this guy...Matthews speaks up* Um...we dont associate with that guy, if it were me, I would never punch you...on purpose! *Jaka growls, Kobald gulps* That didnt work...aha... *Thunderfrog holds out a hand to Jaka* Friend, we only want peace...*Jaka stares, and swats at the hand, and delivers a vicious kick to Thunderfrogs chest, sending him down hard. Proud Oak puffs out his chest and walks over* You sir are bully! *He pokes Jaka in the chest* Now you shall face wrath of Latvian Proud Oak! ...*Proud Oak starts flailing around Jaka doing some sort of rhythmic chant, before stopping in front of him again, raising up his arms* Now prepare to taste the might, of all of Lat- *Jaka headbutts him in the stomach, and then elbows him in the back of the head, Oak goes down, he groans* Ok...round one to you, Oak shall now rest spinning head for rounds to come! *Oak rolls away quickly and Matthews groans* This is not working! *assailANT shouts* Go get 'em Sapphire! *Sapphire walks up to Jaka, rears back, and headbutts him. Jaka does Sapphire...and Jaka headbutts her right back, sending her flying back to the group, she shakes her head, cooing dazed. Gary is quickly to her aid, helping her up, Matthews facepalms* This is not what we need right now...

*assailANT stares at Jaka, who just looks more irritated by the second, and then stares down at Tasha, thinking, finally he says* I got a plan! *Matthews blinks* Whats that? *assailANT beams* We let Baby talk to him! *Matthews stares* ...Ok assailANT, Im as crazy as they come but THATS ULTRA CRAZY! We cant let Tasha near that THING! Della will never forgive us! *assailANT argues* But Baby's the best! *Gulak shakes his head* How can a common infant hold such power? *Kobald retorts* Shes not a common infant! AHA! Shes Della's Baby! *Gulak stares, and sighs, in a sarcastic tone* Well how am I EVER to argue that? *Kobald nods* Exactly! *Gulak stares a second, and throws up his hands* Whatever, do what you idiots want... *Vega speaks up* Well...I mean we're all spent when it comes to fighting, and this guy looks like he can go 12 rounds with a full grown elephant...Matthews if we're on a time limit...we need to take some risks. *Leslie speaks up* Im with Vega on this one, I dont even think Avery's moves will soothe this beast, and if Avery cant, then there is only one other option... *Avery nods* My hips arent the answer to everything...most things, but not this... *Matthews groans, and looks at Tasha, who calmly sucks on her fingers. Matthews sighs* Go assailANT, but if he lays one hand to Tasha, we bum rush in! *Abernathy nods* Agreed...

*assailANT steps up to the beast known as Jaka, and holds Tasha out to him. The group holds a collective breath. Maybe this wasnt such a great idea, but honestly, they are desperate. Jaka blinks, and peers at Tasha curiously, Tasha stares back blankly. Jaka gives a low growl, and Matthews takes an instinctive step forward, but Tasha raises a nubby hand, and pats Jaka in the face repeatedly. Jaka blinks, assailANT beams* Aw, baby likes you! *Matthews speaks up* Tasha, no offense, but so far, you havent had the greatest taste in picking your friends! *assaiLANT beams* I think she wants you to come with us! *Matthews speaks up* ASSAILANT! DONT SPEAK FOR HER! *assailANT continues anyway* You can join us on our quest to get home! im sure everyone would love that! *A huge unison from beghind* NOOOO! *assailANT nods* Come on then, lets go! *assailANT turns...and Jaka wordlessly follows him, Abernathy shakes his head* That child is something...remind me if we are ever in a situation like, surrounded by a bunch of lions, to take her with us... *Gelistico nods* Yeah, usually we'd just throw Gary at them in that situation... *Gary ruffles his feathers annoyed, as Thunderfrog raises his hammer* Victory! *Gulak rolls his eyes* Yeah...sort of... *Swamp Monster carries Taylor and Cassidy now. Taylor laughs half dazed* She was lucky! I softened him up for her! SHE KNOWS IT! IM CHUCK TAYLOR! Right Cassidy? *Cassidy looks up lazily* ...Sure? *Taylor grins nodding* Yeah you know how great I am... *Matthews snaps* Can we focus please! Jaka, if you HAVE to join YOU know a way out of here? *Jaka stares at him...Matthews groans* YOU! *Points to Jaka* KNOW! *Points to head* WAY OUT? *Makes walking motion with his hands out of the forest. Jaka blinks...and takes the lead, bounding into the swamp forest, Matthews shrugs* ILL TAKE THAT AS A YES! *Charges afterword, Kobald laughs* AHAHA! I love Tag! Especially with Squirrels...and they always lose! HAHAHA! *Abernathy groans* Why does it have to be running... *Matthews replies* Suck it up, we need to get outta here! *They follow Jaka quickly through the forest, hoping this night can be over...*

*They eventually all come to another clearing, in the middle of it seems to be a...castle? Yes a Castle, completely made out of bark, moss, and whatever else the swamp may provide. Matthews stares...and groans* I should have known better than to let a half shaved Tarzan be our guide! *Jaka gives a low growl, but assailANT speaks up* Maybe he doesnt know the way out, but he brought us to someone who does! *Abernathy gazes at the castle* And who would that be? *Gelistico chirps in* Whoever it is has marvelous craftsmanship... *Thunderfrog and Proud Oak seem slightly on the defensive. Matthews notices that, and sighs* Alright, who is it? *Thunderfrog sighs* He goes by the many names...but those who have felt his power...they call him...The Usurpur. *Matthews pauses* ...That doesnt sound too friendly... *Proud Oak nods* Yes, he is...not all bark is in the tree yes? *Abernathy blinks* ...So he's crazy? *Proud Oak nods* Yes! *Matthews inhales* ...Well...Ivee dealt with Crazy before... *Gulak rolls his eyes* We noticed *Matthews snaps* Shut up! ...So maybe Ill know how to speak his language! Heck, I spoke assailANT's and hes out of his mind! Im about all outta my mind! *Gulak nods* Again, we noticed *Matthews continues* Im willing to take a chance! If Tasha can somehow stop Jaka from killing us, maybe we can get some help from this guy! *Vega shrugs* Worth a shot I guess...*Puts his goggles down and starts doing searches for this Usurper. Leslie and Avery look to Thunderfrog, Leslie speaks up* Well, you are a bigger gentleman, and so is that Jaka fellow, and Swamp Monsters imposing too so...he couldnt be THAT bad right? *Thunderfrog stares at them...and shakes his head* You do not know Usurper... *Crabtree waves a hand* FEH! Back in my day you needed real talent to be a Usurper, it wasnt all easy as pie as it is now with all the buyouts of companies an stuff like that, you needed real quality spears and armor to overtake a place! Those were the days... *Taylor laughs* I dont care how tough this guy is, Ill beat 'em! I was just going easy on Jaka before *Jaka turns to him, Taylor flinches back in Swamp Monsters grip glaring* Oh go swing on a vine and get a haircut! *Jaka growls baring his teeth, Kobald looks to him* You need lessons on making friends! AHAHA! *Taylor growls* I have plenty of friends, right Drew! *Gulak does not even answer that question as Matthews goes up, and knocks on the door to this castle like structure. Just then, thats when Vega gets results about this guy...his eyes widen* Matthews! Maybe this isnt the greatest idea after all! *Matthews waves a hand* Ah itll be fine! Whats the worst that could- *The door falls down on him like drawbridge* ...OW! *Gulak laughs* Oh man, I REALLY wish I had my phone now...*The rest look in...ready to see who exactly this...Usurper is...*

*Out walks a demon...thats taller than all of them. Still demon sized, but hes even a bit taller than thunderfrog, and not skinny either...he wears a golden helmet with armor to match, and a black attire underneath that, he scans the crowd, walking over the door that has Matthews under it, causing him to cry out in pain as he steps toward them. Abeernathy quickly says* Vega, what did the results say? *Vega quickly reads* Oleg, The Usurper, is a tyrannical, maniacal destroyer! He will do anything for great competition, he is a war hungry monster that finishes off his prey with a move simply called...Off With His Head... *Abernathy pauses* ...We're screwed arent we? *Vega sighs* It doesnt look good... *Kobald grins* Maybe he'll be nice! *Gulak looks to him* Have you SEEN how he looks?

*Oleg walks up to them...staring down fiercely, all of them assume the worst at this point...but then he...actually grins, kind of insanely, but grins and bellows* Ahhhh finally! Mighty challengers for Oleg! *They all pause...oh thats not good. Vega speaks up* Um...Mr. Usurper sir...we arent exxactly here to- *Oleg cuts him off taking his goggles* What are these strange things? *Starts looking through them the other way. Vega charges* Hey, those are MINE! Give them back! *He struggles to get to them, but Oleg just holds him back with one arm. He finally turns his attention back to Vega and grins* Ah we fight now! *Oleg grabs Vega, shoves the goggles back on his head, and chucks him. Matthews finally gets out from underneath the door...and Vega goes flying right into him. Matthews shouts* AGAIN, OW! *Oleg turns back to the group* Who is next? Jungle Man? We have many great battles in past! Monster of Swamps? We have test of Power! Frog of Thunder? I match hammer with Sword? Tree Wizard- *Proud Oak groans* I am not Wizard! *Oleg ignores him and continues* You next Tree Wizard!? *Gelistico steps up* Good sir, we are not here to fight, we are here to- *Oleg grabs him cutting him off, and chucks him, right into Vega and Matthews. Matthews shouts* THIS ISNT FUN! TIS IS PAINFUL! *Oleg laughs* Another victory for Oleg! *Gulak groans* This is getting bad fast...*Chuck gets out of Swamp Monsters grip and storms over* Alright, let a real man handle this! *Gulak stares* suddenly got better again...

*Chuck storms up to Oleg, who looks stares right back and grins* Are you the next fighter? *Taylor shouts* Im the next AND last fighter! Do you know why? *Oleg pauses...cocks his head* Why? *Taylor screams* Cause I'm CHUCK TAYLOR! And Im gonna kill you! *Delivers a fierce right the chestplate of Oleg. Chucks kind of frozen for a second...before flailing his hand and screaming* OW! THAT ARMORS HARD! THATS CHEATING! *Gulak groans* Maybe hit him in the FACE next time! *Taylor nods* Good idea! *Aims for the face this time...and Oleg catches his hand. Taylor freezes and Oleg grins* The first strike went to you, I not strike back! *Oleg flings Taylor away, Gelistico, Vega, and Matthews bolt, and Taylor instead of crashing into them, crashes through the castle wall. Swamp Monster screams and drops Cassidy, hurrying over to his aid and dragging him out. Taylor raises an arm, eyes spinning* You win this...round but...what doesnt kill Chuck Taylor makes him stronger! *Gulak shakes his head, so many great moments to record with a phone. Oleg turns back to them* Now who is next? Bird People? *Gary steps in front of Sapphire glaring as Oleg continues to throw out challenges* Skinny Pasty People? *Leslie and Avery immediately book it and hide behind Thudnerfrog* Orange Haired Sleeping One? *Cassidy just turns laying on the ground ignoring him* You Old Blue Man? *Crabtree glares* Why I outta...*Oleg ignores as he continues to challenge* You Goblin? *Kobald gulps, Drew responds* How nice is he now? *Oleg turns to Gulak* YOU!? *Gulaks eyes widen and he backs up* No no no, not me, anyone else! *Thunderfrog grips his hammer* Usurper! We did not come to fight! We come for peace. *Oleg frowns* Peace is boring, Oleg wants to FIGHT! *Thunderfrog glaires with his hammer, he seems ready to do so, but assailANT sticks out his arm* Wait! ...I have an idea! *Abernathy groans* Your last idea was throwing Tasha into a lions den! *assailANT nods* This ones better! Watch! *assailANT hands Tasha over this time to Kobald, and walks up to Oleg, Gulak rubs his hands togeather grinning* Oooooh this could be good...

*Oleg grins staring at assailANT* So it is YOU! Big Blue Ant? *Oleg raises an arm to strike, and assailANT holds up his hands* Wait! Wait wait wait! *Oleg pauses frowning* What? *assailANT looks to him* You said you want to fight right? Look for good strong people an' stuff? *Oleg pauses once more, puts down his arm, eyes narrowed* Yes... *assailANT nods* Ok, then come with us! We work at a great place, well, they do Im kinda apart of a group that invaded it and sent a statement and its kind of a big war but- ANYWAY...its a place with great fighters! You can fight all you want and beat people! Its alot better than being in a swamp and fighting trees! *Proud Oak raises a hand, but decides to let it go as he continues* Mandy is sure to give you a contract! Look at you, you're big, you got shiney armor, you take peoples heads off! *Oleg blinks, and grins* That Oleg does! *assailANT nods beaming* So come with us! Help us get out of here, because if we dont get out of here to the place of fighting soon, we're all gonna be destroyed by a curly haired dragon! *Oleg rubs his chin* A dragon you say? *assailANT nods* Yeah! So its real importiant we get out of here, to there, and make sure the dragon never finds out about the stuff thats happened! Or...we'll be on fire! *Leslie shrugs* Well Im already the Rising Flame already but- *assailANT cuts him off* It'll be bad, and no one will get to fight! ...What do you say big Usurper guy? *Oleg stares...seemingly in thought...about everyone at this point is crossing their fingers in silent prayer...until finally, hee speaks* More strong competition for Oleg if he helps? How can Oleg refuse!? *Everyone collectively exhales, Gulak sighs* As much as I wanted to see him squashed at least thats over... *Taylor groans in Swampo Monsters grip* I almsot had him...I swear! *Swamp Monster picks Cassidy up again, as Gelistico, Vega, and Matthews collect themselves and go back to the group, Matthews rubs his head with his good arm* So the guy who just attacked us and threw us around is going to join us now? FINE! At this point I dont care! Welcome to the dream team! *assailANT beams* And I didnt even need Baby that time! *Takes Tasha back from Kobald, Kobald grins* That was great assailANT! AHAHAHA! *Gulak frowns* Yeah whatever, can we PLEASE get out of here?

*Matthews turns to Oleg* You! Big Man! *Oleg turns* Yes? This is me! *Matthews asks* Do you know how to get out of here? *Oleg raises a hand...then sort of stares off in thought. Matthews grabs his hair and screams* AAAAAH! We're never gonna get out of here! *Oleg thinks* Wait! You have bird people? *Abernathy sighs* Yeah but they cant fly...they THINK they can but thats not the same as doing it... *Oleg nods* Birds should fly! *Goes over and grabs Sapphire* Fly Bird! Point us to the Fightland! *Oleg chucks Sapphire up...high...and she doesnt stop...over the tree tops and more. Everyone looks up, wide eyed, jaw slacked including Gary. Oleg grins nodding* Now we wait... *Matthews yells* You blundering jerk! Sapphires gonna die! *Oleg frowns* No, Oleg shall catch bird woman when she comes back down! *Matthews retorts* Not if you threw her into space! *Oleg grins* Ooooh do you think throw was that good? *Vega and Gelistico are at this point holding Gary back from attacking the Usurper...hopefully Sapphire comes down unharmed...*

*After about five minutes...she finally comes back into view. Oleg holds out his arms to catch...and she lands on Swamp Monster, Taylor, and Cassidy, Oleg blinks* I misjudged landing area... *Taylor screams* CAN I STOP BEING HURT PLEASE? *Matthews grins* Not so fun is it? HUH?! *Gulak snickers* It really is for me... *Cassidy just snoozes away oblivious, Swamp Monbster groans...I suppose a little unintentional revenge for throwing Sapphire into the ropes in the Cibernetico. Sapphire rises, and stumbles a bit, Gary quickly to her aid helping her balance. Vega blinks and whispers to Gelistico* Has Gary been acting weird to you? *Gelistico blinks* ...He thinks hes an Owl...when has he not been weird? *Vega sighs* Not that I mean...have you seen the way hes been with Sapphire? *Gelistico blinks...* You think theres something there? *Vega sighs* and Gary talk alot...I might have to ask him... *Gelistico nods* Perhaps the Annomoly Assasin might have some words of wisdom *Abernathy groans* Come on its been a long night, Elegant! And what are you on about? The Owl's love life? I think there are more importiant things to worry about right now... *Vega nods* You're right but...lets keep it for later because...its kind of interesting. *Gelistico shrugs* Leave it to him to find a girl who also believes she is a bird...who knew? *Abernathy sighs* From what Ive seen tonight? There are a few things that I didnt know...and thats saying something...

*Oleg beats his chest once* See? Olegs plan was success! *Matthews rubs his head* Maybe...Sapphire...PLEASE tell me you saw the direction of the city when you were up there! *Sapphire blinks, and unruffles her feathers* Coo...Burrrrr...*Points in a direction. Matthews eyes widen* That way? *Sapphire nods. Matthews grins and hugs Oleg* OH THANK YOU YOU BIG HEADSTRONG SUICIDAL VIKING MAN! *Oleg blinks...* Ummmm...we fight now? *Matthews sighs* LATER! We need to get home! Out of this Swamp! Lets go! NOW! GOOOOO! *Sapphire takes the lead as the group of unlikely people follow. Swamp Monster picking himself up and hoisting Taylor and Cassidy over both his shoulders. Hoping to FINALLY...find the city...*

*Eventually, after a few minutes of weaving through the trees, they see something...through the trees. Matthews shouts* I SEE IT! THE CITY! *They all rush quickly...and break through...and there it is, sidewalk, the street, streetlights, the wonderful look, of a city! Matthews cheers* YES! WE MADE IT! *Kobald bounces grinning* YAY! Kobald will miss the swamp! AHAHA! But not dying is better! OHOHO! *assailANT beams bouncing Tasha* We're almost home baby! Almost! *Taylor grins raising an arm* And none of this would be possibly without tghe increadible might of CHUCK TAYLOR! *Gulak nods* Whatever makes you happy Chuck...*Swamp Monster grunts in agreement. Crabtree trudges into view* Personally I think the swamp was better but...oh well, no escaping technology the dang thing... *Jaka looks around silently at the city. Thunderfrog nods* This is good, we find city! *Proud Oak looks around in awe* So this is American City... *Leslie shrugs* Ah you get used to it...besides, Avery makes any city he is in with his moves *On cue, Avery swivels his hips, Oleg blinks* ...It is almsot...hypnotic in a way...*Kobald covers his eyes* DONT LOOK DIRECTLY AT IT! AHAHA! *Abernathy grins* Job well...partly done boys, nothing like the fresh air of the city *Gelistico nods* And its many Powerplants... *Gary looks around with Sapphire, who seems to be admiring the starry night, so he decides to admire it with really is a nice night...despite whats happened. Vega smiles and puts his goggles down* Now my GPS should be working, just have to find Dellas house from out location and...*He freezes...checks again...again...again...he gulps...and heads over to a very happy Matthews, a bit tentitively*

*Vega taps Matthews on the shoulder* Um...Shane? *Matthews turns and gives Vega a hug grinning* Oh Davey boy! We made it out of the swamp, in good old Endsville again! You got directions to the house? Let me hear 'em? *Vega gulps* Thats...just it...Shane um... *Matthews pauses* Are your goggles busted, did Oleg break them? I SWEAR ILL- *Vega cuts him off* No no! Thats not it! *Matthews blinks* ...Then whats wrong? *Vega looks like he really doesnt want to say the next thing* ...This isnt Endsville... *Matthews pauses...and asks in a very quiet voice* ...Huh? *Vega repeats* I checked the data, ten times...this city...isnt Endsville. *Matthews stares...and chuckles patting Vegas shoulder* Oh Vega, always a jokester huh? *Vega frowns, and lets him see himself. Matthews stares through the goggles, and freezes upon what he sees through them...*

*"Welcome to Beginsville"*

*Matthews slowly takes off the goggles and hands them to Vega...and silently nods, his lips forming a fine line* ...We're in the wong city? *Vega cringes* ...Yes... *Matthews nods...and repeates, loudly* WE'RE IN. THE WRONG. CITY!? *Vega flinches back, and the rest turn to him shocked. Gelistico speaks up first* WHAT? *assailANT blinks* We arent in Kansas anymore? *Gulak groans* Oh of we're in the wrong city! Great job Birdbrain! *Gary glares stepping in front of Sapphire, Abernathy puts out a hand* Easy Gary...look this isnt the time to pick a fight, Vega, where are we? *Vega sighs* Beginsville... *Abernathy nods* Well it sounds CLOSE to Endsville right? Beginning, End, has to be CLOSE! *Matthews groans* But how do we get there? Vega? *Vega checks his goggles, growls* My stupid GPS isnt working right now...looks like we're asking for directions again... *Matthews sighs loudly* Yeah because THATS worked out in the past! *Jaka growls, Matthews frowns* Oh dont act like you're a nice guy! *Jaka still glares anyway. assailANT stays positive* Maybe it'll be easy! *Gulak laughs* With THIS group? HA! *Crabtree shrugs* I could always use my old hitchhiking tricks...*Crabtree sticks out his thumb...and falls over.*

*Matthews stares, and looks up to the sky...and heaves a big sigh* ...Its gonna be a really long night isnt it? *Kobald grins* Oh I hope so! This has been fun! AHA! OHO! *Gulak stares* Yeah, maybe fun on Mars where I think you are from! *Taylor laughs* Maybe Swamp Monster is from Uranus... *Gulak stares...* ...Can ou please knock him out? Someone? *Oleg grins* Oh, Ill do it! *Taylor growls* HEY! YOU KEEP AWAY FROM ME! *Thunderfrog holds out his hands* Woah woah...please everyone, keep peace! *Taylor snaps* Ah shut up Kermit! *As the arguing continues, Matthews IS going to be a long night. He just prays whatever date Della and Tom are lasts awhile...or they may be on some serious trouble.*


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