Title: Soeurs – Chapter 1

Summary: A what if. What if Yumi had actually hugged Touko at her house the night that Touko had left home.

Pairing: Sachiko x Yumi x Touko

Disclaimer: I do not own Maria-sama ga Miteru. Oyuki Konno is the rightful owner of this series.

Staring at the phone book with the phone in one hand Yumi let out a heavy sigh and wondered. 'Where would Touko-chan go?' She then placed both the phone book and phone on top of her study table. Leaning back on her chair, she hung her head and sighed heavily once more when suddenly her mother called for her. "Yumi, come down here for a minute." Yumi looked at the door where the source of the voice came from and simply replied a resounding "Coming." while thinking of reasons why her mother would suddenly call for her.

Walking down the stairs Yumi thought of different reasons as to why her mother would call for her. Upon reaching the middle of the stairs, where the front door would be in full view, what she saw truly surprised her. There standing in front of their door was none other than Matsudaira Touko. "Touko-chan!" Immediately she approached the roll coiled hair girl and before she could say anything Touko spoke up first. "Good evening, Yumi-sama."

Yuuki then spoke up behind Touko while changing his shoe and said. "I suddenly bumped into her around the corner. That's why I told her to stop by and brought her here." After Yuuki explained to Yumi how he found Touko, the said roll coiled hair girl simply smiled at Yumi while trying to nonchalantly hide her obvious blush. Yumi immediately recovered from her stupor and invited the girl in. Touko then bowed her head in thanks accompanied by a simple apology for intruding unexpectedly during the night.

But suddenly Yumi's mother, Miki, simply smiled at Touko and warmly told the girl. "It's fine! That's right, we're about to have dinner; so eat with us." Touko politely declined the older Fukuzawa's offer. "Ah, no thank you. I'll be returning home soon." But it was quickly shot down, still by Miki. "Don't be so reserved. Until it's prepared, wait in Yumi's room, okay?" Touko then replied with a simple 'yes' knowing that arguing further with this woman would be an un-winnable fight.

While this conversation was happening in front of her Yumi then looked at her brother and gave a warm smile to Yuuki, he simply replied her with a nod of his head knowing full well what his sister had meant, that Yumi is thankful to him for bringing Touko home.

After the siblings silent conversation Yumi brought Touko up to the second floor and welcomed her into her room. Right after she opened the door "Go ahead." Touko held back and immediately asked Yumi "Does Yoshino-sama and Shimako-sama come often?" Yumi simply replied "Nope. Touko-chan, you're the first person that's come since I entered High School." The other girl was shocked to hear this and asked "What about Sachiko onee-sama?" Yumi then thought about it and said "She's been in front of our house, but I don't think she's been inside."

Touko could not believe that she would be the first one to enter Yumi's room but simply fired away words in reply "No way. Then I can't!" and immediately turned around and started to walk away but before she could even make her second step Yumi suddenly grabbed her wrist, telling her to wait. Touko then looked at Yumi and told her "Going into your room before your Onee-sama or your friends is..." and before she could even finish her sentence Yumi immediately cut her off and retorted "There's no order for that, right? Or are you uneasy about being the first person to enter my room?" Touko then relaxed a bit and shyly said "No." "Then its fine isn't it? Come on!" Yumi, still holding onto Touko's wrist then, dragged the girl inside her room and closed the door behind them.

Taking some pillows from her bed, she placed them on the floor and motioned for Touko to sit. "Sit wherever you want." The younger girl just responded with a "Yes." and continued with "It's a wonderful room." while her eyes slowly took in the details of Yumi's room. Her eyes then fell onto Yumi's desk, there she saw the phone and phone book laying side by side and concluded that she had already called someone about her whereabouts. "Have you already called Noriko-san?" Yumi was surprised by the question Touko threw at her but simply replied "I haven't contacted anyone yet." With Touko's curiosity getting to her she then followed it up with another question. "Then did Suguru onii-sama call here? Or did Sachiko-sama?" Yumi looked at Touko and told her that Kashiwagi-san did call her earlier and continued with answering the other question "Sachiko-sama had a guest, so apparently she hasn't been told." when Touko heard this she did not show any emotions about the situation.

Both of them sat quietly not knowing what to say to each other till Touko looked at Yumi, as if to say something but Yumi opened her mouth first and said "Wasn't it cold? " and so the volley of words started "Yes, since I was walking." Yumi's face showed the expression of worry saying "The entire way?" Touko's eye turned into slits as if reminiscing the painful feelings that she experienced while carefully clenching her hand which in turn caused a part of her skirt to wrinkle and replied with her best un-emotionless voice, "The entire way." and Yumi once more, being the poorer actress hinted the voice of concern over the roll coiled hair girl. "You walked all the way here?" "Yes." was the only reply Touko could muster since she was too concentrated on creating that single wrinkle on her skirt.

Yumi noticed the hint of saddened and hurt tone in Touko's voice when she answered her and simply continued her question so that she can find out more about what Touko was feeling. "You came to my place?" Hearing the question Touko shook her head, signifying a 'No.', and before perfectly answering with an 'ok' expression, one question did fill her mind 'Does Yumi-sama know?'

"I was thinking while I was walking and before I realized it, I had walked very far. After looking at the address written on a telephone pole, I wondered where you lived since you live close by. But it was getting darker and darker, and after I had decided to give up and go home, I met Yuuki-san." While listening to Touko's explanation she could 'see' what Touko was actually feeling 'I can sense that she is in pain but why does she keeps on hiding that fact. It's painful for me to see her like this. But why am I felling this? She is not my petite soeur, yet I care for her. I am in pain when I see her in pain and I want to be the one to comfort her.' these things flooded her mind. But knowing full well how Touko can be, just answered her with an "I see" comment while in her mind she was happy that Touko came to her home, knowing full well that what Touko told her was a lie. She wanted to hold Touko's hand, to warm them up.

Silence engulfed the room and silently, right after Touko spoke her piece, Yumi quietly stood on her knees and just hugged Touko tightly. Touko was shocked at what Yumi was doing. At first, her mind did not process what had just happened but after a moment she had snapped out of her stupor and she immediately tried to push Yumi away. "Yumi-sama, what are you doing? Please let go."

Even after hearing this Yumi did not back down instead she hugged her tighter and simply told Touko. "No. Touko-chan, just let it all out. Don't keep it all to yourself, don't hide it. Let it out. Just cry, scream, anything just let it out. I promise you, I will not let go. I will not leave you. Trust me." with Yumi's last words said, Touko lost her will power to fight back and her tears slowly cascaded down her face.

For what seemed like the longest time, the two pigtailed girls just knelt there hugging each other while the other was crying her heart out. Yumi then started rubbing Touko's back to calm her down. The older girl then released Touko from her grip and looked at the girl from an arm's length and gave her a warm smile that said 'I will always be there, whether it be a shoulder to cry on or just someone she needs to vent out on.' She then held the girls cheeks and used her thumb to wipe the tears away. Touko looked at the older girl and saw the smile, in which she had understood the meaning and simply said "Yumi-sama..."

While these two were having a private moment Yumi's mother suddenly called out "Yumi, dinner!" Yumi stood up and gave her hand out to Touko in which the other girl accepted. She brought Touko to the washroom first before heading down so that her family would not find out that Touko was crying.

When they got down Touko was told to seat beside Yumi. Dinner was lively, what happened between Yumi and Touko; how Touko stumbled upon the Fuluzawa home was never brought up in any of the conversation. When they finished eating Touko thanked them for the meal and told them that it was about time that she leaves. She then faced Yumi and said her personal thanks to her "Thanks to you, I'm completely warned up now, and if I don't return home, my parents will be so worried it'll reduce their lifespan." Yumi simply replied "I see." then interjected and offered to take Touko home. But Touko politely declined the offer and said that she will go home by taxi then Yuuki suddenly spoke up and said "If you're heading that way, I've already called someone." After Yuuki spoke up everyone was shocked at what he said then at the right moment the door bell rang.

Yuuki stood up and opened the door, there Kashiwagi Suguru was standing outside he invited him inside but his senpai simply declined the offer. "Right after I brought Touko-san home I immediately called for Kashiwagi-senpai and arranged for him to pick her up after dinner."

Then the whole Fukuzawa household went out of the house to bid Touko goodbye. Kashiwagi then spoke up, like a true gentleman "Thank you for taking care of her. I'll visit again with something to thank you." Touko once more bowed her head and thanked them for their hospitality. In reply Mrs. Fukuzawa simply told her that she is welcome in their home anytime. After the two had entered the red sports car and said their last goodbye's it then sped away into the night.