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Lourdes P.O.V

I wanted to open my eyes but nothing happened, I wanted to move, a leg, hand; even a finger, but nothing happened I was scared, I mean really scared for all I knew I was aboard some alien ship, with a harness latched onto my spine~~

All I remember was the bus tipping with both me and Anne inside, everything after that was a black and white, and blurring, I heard the yelling, the screaming, I heard Anne's name and my own, but despite that want in the back of my head nothing happened, I was stuck underneath something , my elbow was screaming with pain, and my head throbbed. I laid like that for who knows how long, my eyes were closed but my mind was racing.

' Ok Lourdes lets not think the worst lets just try opening the eyes then work on moving the limbs simple' I spoke to myself.

I sent a pray of courage and opened my eyes, everything was blurring at first, but after a few precious moments everything was clearer now ever the voices outside were.

I took a good look at my surrounds, 'ok I'm under one of the shelf's… sweet… no, okay got to get out of here where's Anne' speaking to myself; it helped a little…. I think,

" Anne, Tom, anyone!" I yelled as loud as I could but even that didn't seem good enough, I waited for what seemed like hours, but finally someone replied.

" Lourdes is that you, are you okay its Hal, were trying to get you guys out of there do you see Anne"

Hal called out, I was instantly happier, but frowned I didn't see Anne, the medic bus was not very big, but even if I wanted to really look it was a fools mission, I was stuck and my head could just hardly turn left and right.

" Hal I… I cant see her, I'm stuck… please.. Get us out of here" I called back hoping he could hear everything I was saying, I tried wiggling free again but the medic bus creaked loudly and I heard Hal, and possibly Weaver telling me to stop.

" Lourdes don't move okay your… well move any more Lourdes and you Anne and the bus are going to go straight into the Lake" Grunted Weaver, I sucked in a breath, and tried to keep calm but my body ached for me to get out.

"yippee I could possibly die, but no worries right… I'll get to see my family… Yay… wait I'm not ready…" I was screaming in my head or I thought I was…

" Lourdes… are you talking to yourself.. Or you know one of us" Hal called out, and I could just sense he was trying not to laugh.

" Oh shut up and get us out of here" I cried, everything fell silent while Weaver and Hal, were finding a safe way to get us out, though I was still confused as to how we got all the way towards the river… I left myself to ponder on that, but my thoughts broke when I heard a groan.

" Anne is that you" I yelled.

" Yeah… are… are you alright Lourdes" she whimpered, she was hurt but I was not able to see where she was or what was wrong.

" was that you Doctor Glass" called out, what sounded like Tom.

" Yes its me, I'm… uh fine" she said, but I think we all knew she was lieing.

" Okay guys were sending Jimmy in, don't try to move okay just stay put." called out someone I could not Identify.

I heard the bus creak, then I heard the silent stomping of feet that was probably Jimmy.

" Doctor Glass are you all right" called jimmy I strained my neck to see what he was talking about.

" Yes jimmy I'm fine, I think one of the scalpels just nicked me in the side, I'm fine… get Lourdes out first she's under the shelf's over there" Anne called out in pain, it must be a lot worse then what she said, But I saw Jimmy face pop up in front of me I smiled.

" Hi jimmy how's it going" I joked it seemed to help ease the mood but only by a little bit.

" Uh its going good Lourdes, though a lot better then you, okay I'm going to lift the shelf, and your going to shimmy on out from underneath it alright" he spoke stern and urgent, but he lifting the shelf with little difficultly despite his small size, I shimmied on out like he said, and defiantly got a better view of everything. The bus was literally flipped up side down, and we were just hang off the edge of one of the bridges.

" we must have really flown… how are we alive again?" I asked but Jimmy was just scooting me out, I stopped for a moment though looking for Anne, when I finally spotted her dark hair, I realized that her

" I'm fine" was by far an understatement.

"Anne your hurt, bleeding" I screeched hoping over one of the cots, but Jimmy pulled me back.

" you get out of the bus, but be careful" Jimmy saw the look on my face and frowned" Lourdes I got her okay you just get out of there, and find Hal," Jimmy again saw the look on my face" Hal… like many others cares about you… but maybe just a little bit more.. Maybe… anyways get out there" He ranted giving me a slight push, I wanted to protest but it was pointless, I hobbled out, skipping over cots, I.V holders, and the Medicine cabinets.

Reaching the upside down door of the bus I slide down on my butt, and landed my feet in mud, I was almost just about to fall over just to complete my muddy boots but someone caught me, before my doomed cold shower.

I smiled up at the heroic hero, till I found out it was Hal, he grinned pulling me away from the mud.

" thanks Hal" I said calmly, putting my head down shaking brown locks on my face to hide the heat rising in my cheeks.

" Any time Lourdes, are you okay any cuts bruises anything" he asked gazing down at me.

I simply nodded no feeling awkwardly hot despite the cold weather. I shook my head, pushing Hal thoughts in back, and shoving forward Anne. I got a better look at the bus, and sent a pray of gratitude that the holy father kept us alive.

" You praying" Hal asked, I jumped out of my thoughts looking at him.

" Uh yeah.. How'd you know?" I asked.

" I don't know I thought bowing your head, and speaking softly was praying… though I could be wrong." he said with a smirk.

I tried to hide my laughter, and was successful. Anyways; I took a good look at the bus it was indeed upside down and just a little off the bridge, I could hear Jimmy working with Anne to get her out, but there was a lot of cussing coming from Anne, and jimmy seemed to sigh with regret for taking the Job.

" Anne I got you, and I know your hurting but you need to get up come on I can just hear the splinting wood of the bridge" Jimmy groaned.

" thanks kid.. That helps a lot" she spoke softly at first but the rest was cussing in pain.

" Anne you doing alright" I called out looking through one of the broken windows.

She just looked down at me and tried to force a smile, when Jimmy finally got her up, the gash on her side was bleeding more forcefully, I gasped with worry.

" Jimmy you got to get her out of there" I yelled, fishing for one of the medic bags that was thrown across the wet land.

I found the medicine stitches, and found some gash wraps, and quickly cleaned my hands off in the lake as best as I could.

Everything had gone quite for a moment, that of course If you drowned out Jimmy and Anne, but other then that it was serenity just to think in your own thoughts. Sadly we were all quickly pulled out of those few precious twenty seconds of heaven, The bridge made a flat whipping sound, as one of the decaying woods boards broke right into, falling into the icy water below. We all thought fast, Hal sped inside the bus, Tom followed behind.

" Hal you help Jimmy, I'll try to gather all the medicine supplies I can carry" Tom yelled I strained to go help them, but Weaver kept me back.

After some anxious few moments Jimmy and Hal came out with Anne, But Tom was still inside, and another decaying board broke cracking the silence of the new world.

" Dad get the Hell out of there now!" cried Hal who set Anne down, I raced over there sucking in a breath.

" Okay Anne I'm going to clean it a bit, then stitch it up, Jimmy hold her still!" I spoke softly pulling her shirt up just right to her Rib cage, and started to work.

Simple Job I said, Anne was sitting next to Jimmy moping, saying that this is really going to hold her back for some time I rolled my eyes, waiting for Tom to get his Butt out of the Bus four Boards had already broke, and Weaver was pleading him to hurry, while Hal stood by the door while his father handed him more supplies.

When Tom was done, he leaped out beside his son and ran over to Anne.

I smiled at that moment everything seemed… Happy.. But happy never lasts for long, as I was going through the saved medicine the earth shook, and the groaning Mechs were stomping towards us.

" Lourdes get Anne out of here quickly, Hal, Tom take it at its left side, Jimmy go with the girls get them with the rest of group, and come back with some fighters GO!" Weaver ordered. I wiped hair out of my face, gathering what I could. Hal was just putting a clip in his gun, I ran over to him.

" Hal be safe… come back" I said giving a concerned smile.

He just looked at me speaking words with his eyes, I was left lost…. Again…. But the mechs were getting closer.

" Lourdes Go stay safe" he chanted before united with his father.

I followed Jimmy, with Anne grasping my shoulder for support.

When we finally reached the rest of the group, Jimmy quickly found Ben and a few others. I wished them all good luck, as they ran off.

One of the fighters ordered the rest of us to retreat in the forest, I helped Anne hobble over to one of the trucks where the gracefully picked her up, so she did not strain her side, she smiled a thank you, as they drover off ahead of us.

I looked back at the small war that was going on, Jimmy, Tom and Weaver were fighting off the mech, thought the metal beast was taking a whooping on them, Hal and some other fighters, were… retreating? I heard them yelling to the others to look the skies. I looked up and gasped, things were getting worse… much worse.

" Hey Lourdes get with the group now" called someone from behind me, it was Maggie her blonde hair was pulled back, and she held her gun low.

" I…. alright" I ran back with the rest of the group meeting up with Matt who was worried about his dad and brothers. Heck so was I.

Hal P.O.V

Lourdes was safe everything is alright now, I thought to myself, though the fact that I was ever thinking about her got me confused.

" Hal heads up" cried someone from behind me; Maggie, I ducked at her heads up as she got a racing Skitter right in the head 'did I really not see him, Damn I really got to stop thinking about Lourdes, oh here I go again'

" Maggie why aren't you back with the group were retreating anyways" I yelled running along side her.

" I'm just making sure you don't need your sorry behind protecting " she called back with a laugh.

I looked over my shoulder Dad and Ben were closer behind a Weaver and the other fighters were following behind them.

We saw the flying ships which was good, but they haven't shot the guns yet.. Which makes me wonder. But right then and there my thought process was at hold, because when I looked behind me everyone was still there but looking ahead of my was Lourdes with a gun, how she got one I don't know, but what she was pointing at made no sense. Right at us.

Lourdes P.O.V

They didn't see the space craft behind them nor did they see the racing who's and what's. one of the fighters was urging me to follow, but I reached for his hand gun, secured in its holster, I've never shot a gun, but it's a first time for everything.

The bug ugly beast were not like the skitters, they were bigger, with gapping mouths with rows of teeth.

' what have they been hiding' I said to myself, but I had to focus, I ran up ahead gun still in hand and aimed, I head Hal calling out not to shoot but I ignored him taking a deep breath, I pulled the trigger, and with the grace of God I hit my target… sadly it didn't go down first shot.

Hals P.O.V

Lourdes… with a gun… pointed at us, meaning myself, Maggie, my Dad and brother ,weaver and four other fighters…. Three words " what the hell".

when I heard the sound of the gun, I stopped where I was standing and closed my eyes for just a second, waiting for the pain, or for someone else to yell in pain but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to find Maggie and everyone else with the same blank expression and as if in uniform routine we all turned around.

And this time three words were spoken out loud.

"What the Hell" I yelled I aimed my gun, at the ugly beast, I don't know what it was, but it was new and looked like something from star wars.

Maggie started firing like a pro, Dad and Ben stood there for moment in confusion but when dad finally started to shoot Ben.. Just still stood there, not moving just standing I want to call him out but there was no time that thing was getting closer.

" Maggie what the heck is this" I called out. Looking over at her, she was laughing. " Maggie?" she glanced over laughing again.

" Lourdes… she actual shot a gun… you should have seen the look on your face" she said again laughing, but kept her eyes focused, I would have to learn her ways one day.

" I'm out" called weaver and other slowly replied, eventually I was out, and despite the bad shape the ugly

" thing" was in it was still moving but slower now.

I heard a rush behind me. Lourdes.

She ran ahead of everyone and shot the thing in the head Five times. And it fell, she gave a little victory dance, but we all just stared at her dumbfounded.

" who are you, and what have you done with Lourdes" I called out but, ran up to her and hugged her.

Talk about awkward with everything watching, but some how it felt right. I stepped away, she put her head down in embarrassment.

" I'm Lourdes breaking out of her shell" she said proudly I smiled, she smiled.

No ones P.O.V

They won or so they thought, Lourdes was praised and Pope made a special meal of fish, and bread. Happy thoughts. But Ben had not spoken at all, it took Tom awhile just to get him away from the bridge to come with the others.

When Ben finally spoke it was not words anyone wanted to hear.

" we all might as well give up, cuz, they got more of those, a lot more".

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