I can hold my heart in two

Chapter 1:

The light filtering through her open window somehow accomplished what five alarms could not manage, and her eyes cracked open a second before alarm number six – the emergency You're Fucking Late! alarm – began its piercing chimes-only version of "Down By the Sea". She winced in recognition, attempted to throw the covers off her legs and jolted halfway upright before realizing that she was half pinned underneath another, darker body.

'Shiiit' She groaned, rubbing at her eyelids with her free arm as she yanked her other from where it was trapped between her own stomach and a sweaty torso. A very feminine torso. She blushed fiercely when she felt a nipple graze against her side as the other girl began to stir.

"Oh what the fuck," she muttered, squirming right back, "Brittney. Britt, wake the hell up."

The girl groaned, lifted her eyes to connect with hers and flopped right back down, blowing a raspberry into the blonde's belly button.

"Aaah!" Heather squealed, giggling against her will, "N-no, I'm serious!" she laughed out, yanking the girl's head up to look at her again with a glare, "we're late."

"Again?" Brittney groaned.

"Yea, again. And who's fault do you think that is? Not mine! What are you still doing here anyway?" The girl winced at Heather's condescending, angry tone and sat upright defensively, distancing herself from the warm body that was beneath her seconds before.

"Wow. Fuck you too Hemo. Sorry for falling asleep."

Heather frowned in acknowledgement of her sour mood, gathering the comforter around herself as she got up to pick up her friends clothes from the floor, tossing them to her quickly.

"Ugh, I know. I'm sorry but like, everything's been getting to me lately. And Zach is going to hand you your ass. Get dressed, I'll drive you in with me…I guess."

"No need to sound so enthusiastic!" Brittney shouted after her as she dropped the blanket and hopped into the shower, not even bothering to close the door.

"Would joining me make it up to you?" Heather called back, tossing her head out of the stream to send a half-hearted saucy wink.

"No, not really" Brittney grumbled to herself as she put on her underwear, bra and pants, "your bitch-ass mood is turning me off."

Heather heard the girl sigh as she turned off the steady stream of water and hopped out, getting dressed quickly so that she could sit with the girl on the edge of her bed. They both stared straight ahead, refusing to look at each other.

"Look…Britt. I've been an asshole lately, I know that. You're a good friend and this…arrangement we have keeps me sane in a lot of ways. But I'm kind of tired of being used and I'm sick of using you, too. It's not right. This filming year is almost over, I'm not sure how much I'll be back or what's happening with –, we both know who my heart's really after, right?"

Brittney looked down at her lap and pulled one of Heather's hands over to her, grasping it tightly.

"I know. But this sucks. Because I'm going to have to be the real deal and say this to you right now, straight up. We can't do this anymore. It's not like I'm breaking up with you or any of that lame shit because we've never had anything beyond our friendship and hot bodies to bang on the side, but –

She let go of Heather's hand and got up to leave, turning to face her just long enough to voice her final piece of advice.

"Take care of yourself, and figure your shit out, please. Not for me, maybe for you, but definitely for Naya. Because you're not going to spring your shit-storm on her without acknowledging how deep this all runs, hun. Hell, I won't let you." She frowned and looked at the ground, seemingly fascinated with her fidgeting feet.

"I'll see you next week when it's drinks night for the girls. But I'm driving myself to set."

With that, Brittney was gone, leaving Heather alone in her brightly lit room. "Yea," she muttered bitterly, "It's that easy."

She picked up the spare key that Brittney had subtly left behind on the bed beside her and hurled it at the door.