The Elder Scrolls: Honor Bound

By: ZealousPhoenix245

Disclaimer: I don't own Elder Scrolls or any of the TES lore I will utilize for the duration of this story. All rights go to their respective persons.

Quick Authoress' Note: Alright, here's my revised prologue. I kept some of the wording (namely the last several paragraphs/lines), but did change some of it to be a little more compliant with my storyline. You'll probably notice that I've taken down my other chapters - that's because I'm in the process of revising them, and they'll not make any sense as I get into individually updating them. I'm somewhat starting from scratch here, so, again, bear with me.

Well, enjoy this revised prologue!

Full Summary:

4E 261 – sixty years after the Dragon Crisis and fifty-five after the fall of the Cyrodiilic Empire, a golden age has settled across Tamriel under the rule of the Thalmor. However, all is not as well as it seems. For the past thirty years, Thalmor forces have been purging and enslaving human cities, driving the survivors into hidden underground settlements in a fight for preservation. When it becomes clear that something more sinister is going on than meets the eye and that the existence of Mundus as a whole is at stake, it becomes a race against time to put a stop to the Thalmor's plans. The fate of not only Nirn, but the entirety of human-kind ultimately rests in their hands - if only saving it were that easy...

Prologue: War of Fate

What are we, really? In the eyes of our fellow men and mer, in the eyes of the Aedra, the Daedra, the Godhead – what do we amount to? What are we?

Are we simply pawns in a larger game, or are we more than that, the manipulators of our own fates and destinies? Where does our individuality end? Where does it begin? Where do we begin?

Or do we even exist at all?

Sometimes, more questions arise than answers, and all we're left with is that simple inquiry that has plagued us for millennia – whether or not we are real or something dreamed up by a greater power. Mistakes shrouded in mystery and deceit, the fantasy of an entity too great and terrible to imagine. If we were created, the product of a stagnant and wayward idea…then are we real at all?

And if, all boiled down, we are simply shadows of a rampant idea, to what extent do we control ourselves? Others? What is the purpose of autonomy if it is but an illusion dreamed up by the Godhead? What is the purpose of reality if it is so easily manipulated?

Again, one is left with more questions than fathomable answers, and so the cycle repeats as it will forever inevitably do…

But, alas, I am getting ahead of myself. The story I am about to weave is not one for the faint at heart. I'm not exactly sure how it started, what key really set the events in motion, but all that should matter is that they were. The cataclysm beginning the cycle of events occurred. Whether it had been the Second Great War, the fall of the Empire, the Great Purge, Laloria, the formation of the Order, or even Convention itself, it happened, and time is irreversible, its existence - irrevocable. Or, so I once believed.

Now, this is where one should heed my warnings. This is not a story of a petty squabble falsely dubbed a "war". Oh, no, this is so, so, so much more dastardly, horrific, real

For, this is the tale of a war of races, a war of differences, a war of survival. A war predestined to be lost, of unpredictability. A war of fate, if you will, because fate can be so unpredictable.

But it was still a war. And the battles had to be fought. However, there had to be someone to fight them left in the first place, to live to tell the tales and never let the legend die. So, this is my story. My account of this conflict and all of the little details that go along with it are encased here. And I have but one question to be left to fester:

What will you do with this knowledge?

Will you use it to better future judgment? Will you leave it for the next, taking no action? Or will you not heed the warnings sewn within and start another war akin to its predecessor?

Regardless of what you choose to do, how you choose to wield this Power of Words, this Voice of reason…

I only hope you'll listen to it.

Final Words: Okay, I would like to point out now that I will be using a LOT of TES lore. If you don't like getting somewhat immersed in lore (it's not quite that bad, but just warning you now...) then I'm politely telling you to GET OUT. I will also be using and referencing some of Michael Kirkbride's work, of which is not officially considered canon by about half of the fanbase of TES and of which Bethesda is not giving a straight answer on. The canon of Kirkbride's work is up for debate, but for the sake of my plot, I have deemed it workable to assume that it is canon. Don't like that? Don't read my story. Plain and simple.

Also, I took the liberty of, since this is going to take place some years AFTER Skyrim, creating a few historical events (the Second Great War, fall of the Empire, the Great Purge, Laloria, etc.) and all that aren't really self-explanatory WILL be explained in-detail later on. Just to avoid confusion.

I am also still accepting THREE people who would be interested in going over my plot and helping me in my frantic re-checking (I'm on my third run through if that's any indication of how thorough I'm being) of the accuracy of the lore I'm using (Kirkbride's stuff not included as, like I've mentioned, his stuff is up to debate canon-wise and I am AWARE of this). I would appreciate an outside view. PM me if you're interested.

Anyway, I hope this was teaser-y enough. And, as always, R&R!