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Chapter 2: A Saving Grace

His mission was to bring a traitor back to Konoha. This traitor was once a close friend of his. But sadly he was so obsessed with revenge he did not care for the consequences of his actions or how it would affect those around him. This traitor was an A grade prick who would shaft even his best friend for power. Unfortunately for our hero he was this traitors best friend. This hero's name was Naruto Uzumaki and the traitor was Sasuke Uchiha.

When Naruto was growing up his life was a complete night mare. Scratch that worse than a night mare. Not even hell could describe what Naruto went through. The hunt, the tourcherings, the ice cold glares he received from everyone around him. The constant ransacking of his own home. It was a miracle that his sanity was even in tacked. All because of a demon sealed within him he was considered the demon. With no family to safe guard him from the everlasting torment the only thing that drove him forward was the dream of being the greatest hokage ever to exist.

Sasuke Uchiha on the other hand had a different life. He had a family unlike Naruto. When he was young all he wanted was to be recognized by his father like his older brother. He would push himself accademicly and learned all he could from his brother. It all changed however when his brother merdered his entire clan. Afterwords his sanity became fragile and mailable. Perfect for the civilian council to manipulate and make their little pet. They fed his ego to make him believe that he was to be their guardian angel and champion.

Now that the last Uchiha was promised power from a traitor whom wishes for nothing but the destruction of Konoha he has betrayed everything in search for this man in hopes of gaining that power. The loyal demon was sent to find the trechirous angel and return him home. There was only one conclusion to all this.

There would be a battle.

"I dont understand Sasuke... why leave Konoha for that pedofile? You have everything in Konoha. You have friends, you have people who care about you, heck the council will practically give you anything you want and you would still turn your back onto them. Why?"

"Because Konoa is weak. I cannot get stronger there. The only person who can help me gain the power to kill my brother is Orochimaru. Konoha could go to hell for all i care."

"so you would damn the vary village that your family had helped build... the village that they had lived in for generations? Is that how you want to be remembered... the man who damned the village his clan created... the man who damned his own clan by damning the village he swore to protect? Your insane!"

"The Uchiha are better than that village. The village was holding me back due to its weakness.

"your wrong Sasuke! Konoha was looking out for you. The village was trying to protect you from people who would try to harm you. Konoha tries to look out for all of its shinobi. That is why you have comrades risking their lives trying to get you back... Do they mean anything to you?"

"Having comrades is a sign of weakness! All they do is hold you back keeping you from your goal. They are nothing but losers who cant fend for them selves. They are nothing but maggots for you to walk on." Said Sasuke as he transformed into his curse mark level two

"YOU ARE WRONG!" roared Naruto as the Kyubi cloak started to vanish. "Having comrades is a blessing. They watch your back when you can not. They help you when you need it. They are not maggots..." as Naruto spoke a strange light began to glow behind his head. "... they are your friends. They are your family..." as he spoke the light slowly grew brighter and brighter, his muscles were expanding slowly, he was growing taller and his hair grew longer." They are your uncles, your aunts, your sisters..." Naruto looked up at Sasuke directly into his eyes. "...AND YOUR BROTHERS!"

Sasuke could not believe what was happening before him. When Naruto was utalizing that weird chakura it made him feel like he was fighting a monster. But now before him stood no monster or no annoying dobe that he always thought of Naruto. Instead before him was a 5'11 almost pushing six feet person. Most of his clothes ripped of during the transformation. The only thing that was left were his pants wich were stretched out to near their breaking point. His hair both short and long in places that made him look even more imposing and was less spiky than it previously was. His face was slimmer than it originally was, the whisker marks more defined, and the most terrifying thing that shook Sasuke to the core was his eyes.

His blue eyes glowed as bright as a light under water. There was a righteous fury behind his eyes. A fury that promised pain to those that are wicked and spiteful. Punishment to those that deserved to be punished and they were directed at him.

Sasuke knew he was in troble now.

"Wh... What happened to you?"

Naruto did not answer. Instead he brought his hand up and produced a golden rasangan that shone brighter than a sun.

"Grrr... i dont know what happened but you are still no match for me"

Sasuke flashed through several hand signs and formed a black chidori in his hand.

"NOW DIE CHIDORI!" shouted Sasuke as he flew at Naruto.

"RASANGAN!" shouted Naruto as he did the same.

When both jutsu clashed both Naruto and Sasuke were engulfed in a blazing white light.


Brother Corbulo the High Priest of the Sanguinary Priest hood was a man on a mission. He wanted to find a way to save his brothers from the curse that blighted his chapter. He had ventured through out the galaxy trying to find a way to save his brothers from the Red Thirst and the Black Rage. Unfortunately he had no such luck but that did not stop him from his quest to find a cure. He had traveled across many worlds to find some way to save his dying chapter. But his journeys had turned fruitless and he was beginning to lose hope.

Until he sensed an incredible power emerge from no where.

"What was that?" Corbulo asked himself.

another man came in wearing goldish yellow armor came in. he had a checkered pattern design with a bleeding heart in the center of the design on his left shoulder piece while his right had an arrow pointing up.

"sir...what was that" said the marine

"i dont know...but i think we should find the source before he continue to Baal"

Corbulo was on a serch for a cure with the Lamenters space marine chapter 5th company when they received a message from the Baal System that Baal was going to be attacked by Chaos Deamons on one front and tendril from the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan. Unfortunately for them they were on the other side of the galaxy and would not be there in time to help prepare for the massive assault. But they would try to get there during the fighting to lend aid.

Until they felt a disturbance in the force (haaaa starwars joke coudnt resist.)

"let us pray that it is not a chaos incursion." the space marine said

"i pray so too brother... i pray so too" replyed Corbulo as he went to the captain to ask to investigate the strange disturbance.


Naruto slowly got up. He was hurt and in bad shape. The light that had surrounded Naruto had faded. He had just been launched back into a wall due to the recoil of the two jutsu colliding into one another. As he was getting up he looked around hoping to find Sasuke. To Naruto's luck and fortune...

...Sasuke was unconscious.

"HA... told you i would win... now lets get you home." grunted Naruto as he hauled Sasuke on his back.

"Well i do believe congratulations are in order." said a familiar voice

Naruto turned to find Kakashi right behind him with his eye smile.

"Now lets get you back to Konoha and have you patched up" said the tardy sensei.

"heh...your late" grunted Naruto as he passed out into Kakashi's arms

as Naruto began to pass out the last thing he heard was "Sorry...i got lost on the road of life"

Kakashi watched as naruto smiled as he fell asleep. He was proud of what Naruto had just accomplished. He saved his comrade, he fought against impossible odds and came out on top.

"my only regret was focusing on Sasuke and not on you and Sakura... well may be not focusing on you as well." thought Kakashi. Sakura did not focus on her training in favor of fawning over the Uchiha.

Kakashi looked up to see it started to rain. He knew he made many mistakes in teaching his students. He should have focused on training all of them. He tried to focus on the others but the council wanted him to focus on Sasuke. He then tied the Uchiha to his back like a back pack while he carried the unconscious hero back to Konoha.


Sakura sat waiting for Naruto to return with Sasuke. The rest of the members of his team had just recently came back and looked like they had gone through a meat grinder...well with the exception of Shikamaru whom had only broke a finger. When it came to who had the worst condition it was a tie between Neji and Choji.

Sakura looked up hoping that Sasuke was alright. She never really cared for Naruto. To her he would just bug her by constantly asking her out. She would answer by delivering him a punch that would send people flying across the village.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura screamed as she saw her teacher dashing twards the gate with an unconscious Naruto in his arms and an Uchiha on his back like a back pack.

Of corse having Sasuke like that ticked Sakura off a little. Unfortunately for her he ran past her before she could yell at him.

"how dare he carry Sasuke-kun like that he should be handled with care... wait he looked really hurt...SASUKE-KUN!"

She then made a mad dash in the same direction that her sensei was going. Not too far off however was another girl whom was vary shy and saw Kakashi carrying Naruto.

"Naruto-kun is hurt... i should go and make sure that he is alright" thought Hinata as she proceeded to the hospital.


In the reaches of space one could see a beautiful blue planet with large land masses on it. However this planet is not Earth. Earth in this day and age looks brown with a countless number of lights emanating off of it. This planet was in an uncharted sector of space that the Imperium had not yet explored. It is in this area a rift opens with a large vessel coming out of it.

"Brother Corbolo we have reached the planet where the power had originated from." Spoke the Space marine captain.

"..." Corbolo was silent.

"You had another vision?"

"Yes brother... within this vision i saw a boy running... from what i do not know... then he was confronted by several men wearing strange masks. They had surrounded the boy and were ready to kill him until..."

"until what brother?"

"...until he was consumed by a holy light...a light that would best be described as a light from the Emperor himself."

"Are you saying that there is a child down there blessed by the Emperor?"

"yes captain there is. We must find him as soon as he reveals himself."

"i concur"


" and that is my report lady Tsunade" Spoke Kakashi.

Tsunade had just received Kakashi's mission report on the retrieval mission. He had just returned from dropping off Naruto and Sasuke at the hospital. She had been slightly stressed out but hearing good news calmed her down. Hearing that the Naruto had retrieved the Uchiha was starting to turn her day into the right direction.

Until her advisors and Danzo came in.

"Kakashi please leave us we have some things to discuss with the Hokage"

"HO COMMON I WAS JUST STARTING TO ENJOY TODAY!" Tsunade mentally screamed.

"Kakashi you are dismissed." Tsunade told Kakashi.

"Hai" said the cyclops as he shunshin out of the room.

"alright you to what are you griping about now. As you probably heard Naruto broght back the little traitor so you should not be here."

"as a matter of speaking Lady Tsunade there is a matter that we need to discuss with you involving that Uzumaki boy." Spoke Koharu

"...when ever you guys bring up Naruto it is never good."

"We believe that the child has been tainted even further by the demons influence." spoke Danzo

"and to what evidence do you have against him for such accusations?" said Tsunade with a tick mark on her head.

"Just look at the boy Tsunade he left shorter than the Haruno girl now he is almost taller than his own sensei"

"...alright ill admit that the sudden hight change is weird but that dosent mean the fox had anything to do with this."

"Then what about that strange chakura that was felt earlier? Surely the demon had a hand in that?"

"Again i dont know what had happened there but i will find out."

"In any case the council has believed it to be best to have the boy banished as soon as he recovers."

"WHAT!" roared Tsunade

Koharu flinched when Tsunade broke her desk. "l... lady Tsunade please this is for the sake of the village... if that boy loses control over the fox then our village will be doomed. Plus he had severely hurt the last loyal Uchiha"

Tsunade gave Koharu a death glare "So you go behind my back and banish one of our most loyal and our most noble shinobi we have."

Danzo scoffed "that thing noble...ha it is no more noble than a kumo nin siting next to an unsealed Hyuuga. You saw the condition he brought back the Uchiha."

"SILENCE!" roared Tsunade "I will not stand by and let you do this. You can not banish one of my shinobi."

"It has already been done Hokage... the civilian council along with Hiashi's vote has validated that the boy is to be banished."

"what..." Tsunade couldent believe this. She knew that most of the main branch (with the exception of Hinata) had hated Naruto.

"The boy will be banished when he leaves the hospital. The majority has voted on this."

she could not believe it... the one person whom she had thought of as a little brother was to be banished and she could not stop it.

"...get out..."

"excuse me?" spoke Danzo

"GET OUT!" she screamed making Danzo and the advisors bolt out of the room. She was devastated now. They had gone behind her back and gave one of her shinobi the shaft.

Out side Danzo was smirking to himself along with the advisors.

"So i take it that your Root will capture the boy when he leaves the village?" Homaru spoke quietly.

"Yes... they are ready to tail him at a moments notice. I have fifty of them on this mission." replied Danzo

"Good soon we will have a weapon to establish our dominance over the elemental nations" Koharu whispered

The three elders walked away as they made plans for their future weapon.


Naruto slowly opened his eyes. When he did he blinked a few times to adjust his eyes to the bright white ceiling. He knew that ceiling. He was in the hospital. His least favorite place in the world.

*Knock Knock*

"The door is open"

As the door opens he sees Hinata, Shikamaru, Gaara and Iruka come in.

"Hay guys what brings you here?" said Naruto in his cheerful tone.

"Well we came to make sure that you were ok. Why else would we be here." Said Iruka while he pulled out a bowl of ramen he was hiding behind his back.

Naruto immediately had his eyes on the ramen with his mouth open and drooling. As Iruka moved the bowl around Naruto's head would follow. He then chuckled to himself, put a pair of chop sticks in the bowl, and presented it to Naruto. In exactly zero seconds flat the bowl disappeared onto Naruto's lap whom was happaly eating out of it.

"So how is the teme doing? Actually how is everyone else doing?" Asked Naruto.

"well..." started shikamaru "Kiba had a few busted bones but he will be fine, Neji and Choji had it bad. I think Neji had a hole in his sholder but Tsunade patched him back up, Choji was suffering from chakra exhaustion but hes doing fine now. Lee had a few cuts and bruises. By the way Lee and Kakashi told me to say hi and sorry that they couldn't come. Lee had to get back into training for the lost time he had and Kakashi was exhausted after he brought the both of you back. But if it makes you feel any better he did ask us to tell you that he is proud of you."

"grate...how long was i out" Naruto asked.

"A couple of hours" replied Gaara

"Hay Gaara how have you been and why are you here? I thought you were in Suna." asked the blond ninja.

"I am well Naruto. We were here to re establish an alliance between Konoha and Suna. When we heard that the Uchiha had ran away Tsunade asked us to go and assist your team."

"Sweet...why do i feel taller...and why is my hail longer? I dont remember a long strand of hair covering my face...and reaching down to my waist."

"umm.. dont know...but it looks good on you." Hinata spoke up

"Really thanks Hinata i think ill keep it like this."replied Naruto

just then there was another knock on the door.

"Come in" Naruto yelled

The door opened up to see Tsunade with her head down and with tears falling down from her eyes.

"Baa-chan what is wrong? why are you crying?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto...im sorry... i am so sorry" wept the distraught Hokage

"What are you talking about? You havent done anything to me. Now tell me what is going on?" asked Naruto.

"The council...has decided to banish you. For endangering that damned traitor."

Naruto's eyes widened for a moment then he began to laugh."Right Baa-chan thats a good one. Ill admit you had me going there for a second but now joke is over." chuckled Naruto

Tsunade lifted her head and looked him in the eye. He saw that she was not lying about this but could not accept it.

"...Baa-chan...your not saying anything... why are you not saying anything... this has to be a joke come on Tsunade tell me that this is a joke" Naruto started to panic

"I am sorry Naruto...but this is no joke. You will have to leave when you are done healing." she said as more tears began to fall.

Naruto just staired at her. He could not believe what he was hearing. The others were shocked as well. They all looked mortified by what they just heard. The one who is taking it the worst out of the group however was Hinata.

"Lady Tsunade the council cant do that. It has to be against the law to do that."

"Im sorry... when the 4th died the council took the chance to seize up power and when the 3rd died they took the rest of that power away from the Hokage... i am now just a figure head to a council of bigots."

Naruto could not believe it... the council had just taken away everything from him. Now from what he just heard they turned his dream into nothing.

"...Baa-chan..." Naruto said as he began to break down. Tsunade went over and huged him crying herself.

"Tsunade... is this really going to happen. Is Naruto really going to be banished." Gaara asked.


"...then Konoha just lost an ally." Gaara said

"What?" Tsunade looked at Gaara.

"if Konoha is willing to banish their heroes then they will have to face the consequences of their actions." Gaara said as he left

"..Naruto... you will be healed by the end of the day. You will have to leave tomorrow morning." said Tsunade as she left the room depresed.

Shikamaru looked at Naruto "i am sorry... i wish i was there to help you. May be then this wouldn't be happening." Then he left as well.

"i promise Naruto ill find a way to get you back." Iruka promised as he left.

All that was left was Hinata.

"Naruto-kun" she sat next to him and held his hand

"...Hinata... thank you"

"This isnt fair... you completed the mission. You have shown Konoha more loyalty than anyone here. You shouldn't be punished at all." cried Hinata

For the next few hours she stayed by his side and cried herself to sleep.

"im sorry Hinata... i just wish i could have been there for you. I think your a capable shinobi who is strong, kind, beautiful, you are truly an angel amongst humans." Naruto said as he moved out of his bed and tucked Hinata into it.

"I will come back one day. When i do i promise to protect you...one of my most preciouse people...good bye" Naruto said as he left the hospital through the window.


Naruto had just left the walls of Konoha. He knew people would try to attack him if he stayed. Sakura would most likely be at the fore front of an angry mob ready to attack him. But he would deny them the satisfaction of such a thing. But what he did not expect was that he was already being followed by five anbu with blank masks with a kanji for "Root" on them.

"damn it who the hell are these guys" Naruto mentally screamed

when he reached the edge of the forest he stoped and turned around the find the anbu.

"who are you and why the hell are you following me?" Naruto ordered

they did not say anything but just charged the boy at full speed with the intent to subdue him. He drew a kuni and attacked only to miss.

"alright if that is how you want it SHADOW CLONE JUTSU" summoning up an army of Narutos they all charged the five anbu when suddenly the clones were destroyed by a hailstorm of kuni thrown by forty five more anbu.

"o come on you have to be kidding me" Naruto said frustraited now that it was now one vs fifty.

"This isnt finished Shadow clone jutsu." creating several shadow clones to fight off the anbu but were quickly over run. One anbu managed to punch him across the face and delivered a kick to his stomach sending him across the field.

"crap...that hurt...there are too many of them." Naruto staggered up looking at his opponents.

"give up Kyubi jinchuriki... you are out numbered and out matched"

"..no... i cant go like this... i promised i would grow stronger...to protect my precious people." Naruto said as he staggered up onto his feet.

"you will be protecting konoha in service of Danzo-sama" proclaimed the anbu.

"Figures that old mummified fossil would try something like this. He always had a way around politics so he could move them towards war."

"you have heard of our leader?" asked the anbu

"ya got it from the old man before he died...in fact he told be about you guys too."

"all the more reason you must be taken back and reprogrammed" said the anbu as he and the rest of the anbu charged.

Naruto was worried now. He really was out nubered and was about to lose his freedom. "...no..." as Naruto said this a light began to raidiate from him. "...i will not...lose my freedom." the light grew brighter and brighter. "...you are not..." the light then flashed so bright that it blinded the anbu. In the light Naruto began to feel an intense pain in his back. Flesh began to tear and bones began to break and mend rapidly.


"Captain we have located another energy fluctuation on the planet." spoke one of the space Marines.

"where?" asked the Captain of the Lamenters 5th company

A hologram of the planet was pulled up. On this planet a dot pulsating. "Here captain."

"Assemble a squad Corbolo and I will accompany Them" said the captain as he headed to the Hanger to board a Thunder Hawk.


As the light died down the Anbu slowly began to see a form that was supposedly the Kyubi Jinchuriki Uzumaki Naruto. At first they thought that he might be changing into the demon himself. But what they saw was something that no one would have expected.

Before them was not a demon. It was the exact opposite. Before them was the same boy they had pursued through the forest. But this time he had wings. Pure white wings. The light was still there. Hovering over his head like a crown. The villagers had been both right and wrong about this boy. He was no human but he was no demon either. Before the anbu stood an angel.

And they had invoked his wrath.

"what on earth just happened?" asked one of the anbu

"I dont know but something has just happened to the kyubi jinchuriki." said another

"he might have changed but we can still complete our mission" said a third anbu as he charged the newly winged angel.

Before anyone knew what had happened Naruto quckly dashed towards the anbu and delivered a bone shattering punch to the mans head literally knocking it clean off. Instantly killing the man. The other anbu looked in apathy that should have been horror as the mans head rolled on the ground. Then they all charged their target.

"crud i might have new found strength but ill be completely swarmed. I could really use some help now."

things were looking bleak for our angel until a loud screech was heard through the sky. Everyone looked to the sky seeing a large object flying towards them. When the object reached the area it landed behind next to Naruto and the anbu. The object was a goldish yellow ship with what appeared to be a cannon on top and some strange weapons on the side. On the wings there were several missels. On the hull there was a symbol with a bleeding heart. A hatch on the front of the door opened up to reveal seven 7ft tall giants wielding all sorts of weapons that promised pain death and obliteration to anyone unfortunate enough to be caught on the receiving end. Six of these men wore the same colored armor as the ship but five of these warriors wore helmets. The one that wasn't wearing the same colored armor wore the same style except it was red with white trimming.

A few seconds of observation passed when the one giant without the helmet raised his sword and shouted a command to the other solders.

"In the name of the Holy Emperor kill the heretics!"


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