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I huddle my knees closer to my chest, as the bitter cold air seems to drop even further. My tears are falling down my cheeks and freezing as they hit the ground. I replayed it in my head over and over the scenes that had just happened...

Marco from 2 and Lina from 1 chasing me and Fray from 5, the boy I fell in love with. The knife in Lina's chest, Marco spearing Fray, me shooting Marco with my blow darts...The 2 cannons loud but, I didn't listen. Holding him for one last kiss, the spear in his chest. All came out like a blur...

" Don't go Fray! Please don't go!" I cried grabbing him to me.

" I can't hang on any longer..." He struggled out in agony.

"Please, Fray… I love you." I whispered as tears ran from my face and landed on him.

" I know Alice….." He said with his last breath.

I kiss him, and his cannon signalled his death. The pain in my hand was extreme, I was going to lose it. I wiped away yet another tear. Now they seem like old friends.

"Ready to die?"A sickly sweet voice cooed.

I froze. I turned around. there with an evil look on her face was Bree from 2. She held a bloody spear in her hand, with the fresh blood of some victim. I guess a cannon had gone off and I was in the final two. I sat up on my knees. I squared my shoulders ready to take her. But I had no fight in me.

"Yes." Was my clipped answer.

"Well you'd better- wait... what?" She replied shocked. Her eyes bulging from my claim.

" I'm ready to die. I miss district 6, Fray, and Lulu, the girl you just killed."

It was true the bright, wide-eyed 13 year old from 3, my former ally, was killed.

"Good." She nodded still confused. I shudder all over and closed my eyes, and nodded.

"I going home." I whispered to myself.

I braced myself and there was a painful blow to my stomach. I fell to the floor, eyes still closed, and waiting for death. But it never came. I heard a cannon boom and trumpets of victory.

"Yes!" Cried Bree "Yes!" The hover craft picked me up.

Why wasn't I dead yet? What was going on? I thought. A person winked at me as they shot something into my arm. They also took my tracker out. I tried to move, but I think they drugged me. I had no idea what was going on, I was freaking out. I wasn't dead. I was alive! But, h-how? I felt the drugs kick in as I slowly faded into black.


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