Alice POV:

Months had passed and things got better. Sammy got out of the hospital, and was fine I might add. Lulu had gotten WAY better at skating, thankfully. We were now safe from her bumping into us. Well, at least she didn't fall as often...

Julie seemed to grown fond of Mason, that's what I thought until Lulu and May saw them holding hands and kissing! Lulu and May gave the news with eyebrow wiggles and giggles. Lulu and May got along great now, and it was nice to see Lulu have a friend her own age, or close to it. She was 13 and May was 12. Not too far off.

Fran was due in a few weeks; the readings had not started yet, when Fray gave me the news.

"Your LEAVING!?" I cried out in shock. He nodded.

"I wish I could have told you before, but I couldn't!" I held back tears that suddenly whelmed up in my eyes.

"You're going back to, to the capitol to get to the other tributes..." I said thickly.

"Fran and Josh went last year but Fran is due soon and Josh needs to stay with her. Mason and I are going." He explained.

Tears began to streak down my face. His arms wrap around me as my body shakes with its sobs. "I don't want to lose you." I whisper sorrowfully.

"you won't." He murmured, crying a little too.

"...How soon do you leave?" I asked hesitantly.

"Two days." He answered. I nodded slowly more tears spilling from my eyes. "Hey, I got to go, training for, well you know." He broke free and walked away.

I walk sluggishly over to my compartment but I heard Julie screaming bloody murder again... I open up the door and duck just in time to avoid a chair being thrown. Mason stood in front of Julie, and Julie broke into sobs. Mason went up to her and embraced her tightly.

"I'm sorry..." She cried out.

"Its alright," Mason hushed her. He looked up at me and mouthed 'told her.' I nod and walk back to my compartment and flop on the bed. This. Day. Has. Flopped.

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