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Ellie rushed into the stranger's house, the sounds of the infected and Joel urging her on closely behind. She watched as Joel and his supposed friend hurriedly shut the door and leaned against it in just as much relief as she felt.

"Man…" She panted, feeling herself relax a little at the fact they were away from the clickers. "That was close." The man with the gas mask walked up to her and she stumbled to say something appreciative. "Uh, Thanks for heroics and all." He removed his mask to show a fairly aged face and rather long hair, his face a completely blank slate. His features held the same long experienced wisdom Joel's held, but it was less gentle. Ellie decided to hold her hand in a peace offering. "Uh, Ellie." Introductions were fine, right? She never really had to bother with them. Joel had been the first one she actually bothered to introduce herself to. The man raised his hand like he was getting ready to respond to her, until he whipped out a pair of handcuffs, clicking one onto her wrist.

"Hey, what are you-Joel?" It wasn't really a call for help, but more of a request for an explanation. "What-"He clicked the other around a rusty pipe just as Joel called the man 'Bill' and rushed towards them. Ellie immediately started pulling on the flimsy pipe. Bill pulled out a gun and pointed it at Joel, making the man stop in his tracks to defend the child he agreed to protect.

"Turn around and get on your knees!" He demanded. Joel raised his hands.

"Just calm down a second-"he attempted to lower the tension and talk rationally, but his old companion wasn't going to let it happen.

"Turn around and get on your knees! Don't test me!" Bill hollered.

"Alright!" Joel gave in and turned around, feeling a harsh impact on the back of his legs, making him fall into a kneeling position. Bill started pawing at his back while in the background Ellie was still struggling to tear the pipe out of the wall, her entire brain screaming 'defend' It was almost intense how much her body burned with the need to protect Joel just as much as he did for her. Her mind momentarily flashed to their hotel incident. If she hadn't thrown hat brick…who knows what would have happened. The thought pushed her into overdrive until the pipe was noticeably loosening.

"Any bites?"


"Anything sproutin?"

"Goddamnit, I'm clean!" Bill seemed satisfied and slowly backed away from the old colleague.

"I see any-"He didn't get to finish when he turned around to face a newly free Ellie slamming the pipe that had her captive into his arm, making him stumble back with a pained and surprised curse. Ellie raised the pipe for another whack when Joel grabbed the weapon mid swing with a loud 'stop', looking the teen in the eyes as he stopped her self-defense. His look said everything. It's alright. For now. It was the briefest display of how trust they put into each other, how no matter what this was between them and only them. She relaxed and let Joel take the pipe out of her hands, little bits of rust stuck on her palm from the vice-like grip she had held it in. Joel turned to glare at Bill.

"You done?" he scorned, using the pipe as his pointing tool. Ellie stood fuming by his side wishing the handcuffs were gone. The adrenaline from his attempt at keeping her in capitated slowly drained from her body to be replaced with anger just as slowly.

"Am I do-?" The fellow survivor scoffed in shock and broke into a rant to show his displeasure of the having the other two survivors in his home. "You come into my house, set off all my traps," Bill looked to Ellie as he pointed to his now sore arm. "You damn near break my shootin'arm-who the fuck is this punk and what's she doin here?" Bill focused his anger on the obvious new addition to Joel's company, curios and enraged that the middle aged man would take in a juvenile who nothing about life before the outbreak.

"I am none of goddamn business and we're here because you owe Joel some favors, and you can start by takin these off!" Ellie let her own anger and slight embarrassment show, every word she spoke filled with absolute bite towards her quickening enemy, also raising the handcuffs that was still around her one wrist. Bill rolled his eyes and turned his back on the flustered teen who was being consoled by Joel without much effort-his way of calming children a mere hand on the back and a look that said that was enough.

"I owe Joel some favors…is that some kind of joke?" Joel turned to Ellie to silently tell her to keep quiet before chucking the pipe to the ground and walking over to Bill's messy table filled with maps and scraps of metal.

"I'll cut to the chase. I need a car." Joel spoke calmly and watched Bill's reaction. Without looking at the other man Bill picked up his machete and began to sharpen it.

"Well it is a joke; Joel needs a car." He mocked, pausing as if to consider something. "Well, if I had one that works-which I sure as hell don't-what makes you think I'd just give it to you? Huh?" Joel momentarily shook his head disdain. He knew the hard man was going to be like this. "Yeah sure Joel, go ahead! Take all my food too while you're at it!" There was that sarcasm.

"By the looks of it you could lose some of that food." Ellie spoke up without any mercy as she looked at the man's rather pudgy physic. Bill's response was instant; he raised his freshly sharpened weapon and pointed the tip right at Ellie's face. But there was no fear or concern, just her irritation and cocky expression.

"You listen to me you little shit-" Joel sighed and moved to set his hand on Ellie's shoulder once again, pushing her away as she spoke.

"No fuck you! You handcuffed me-"

"I need you to shut. Up." Joel muttered between clenched teeth as he pushed Ellies shoulder, not surprised when she gave her own sigh and shrugged his hand, watching him walk back to equally rigid man. The tension lingered, but Bill moved back to their subject at hand and continued to sharpen his weapon.

"Whatever favors you think I owe ya, they aren't worth that much." Joel firmly set his hands against the splintering wooden table.

"Actually Bill, They are." The two looked one another in the eye, Joel pulling the card of past events. Ellie was gob smacked at his tricky move. She thought he wouldn't dare speak of his past with her around, since it seemed she didn't need to know what he had done before she came along. Bill pursed his lips.

"Well it don't matter 'cause I don't have a car that works." He murmured for the first time since their meeting, perhaps a little sympathy crossing the tone of his voice.

"But there is one in this town." Joel pressed, lightly tapping his hand against the wood, knowing Ellie was listening to every word they were speaking. The girl was observant and sharp. She refused to be left in the dark even if it brought her harm.

"Parts; There are parts in this town." Bill corrected with the twinge of sympathy gone and annoyance slinking in instead.

"Which means you could fix one up." Joel insisted with fervor, his only reason why he was pressing so hard was to get Ellie out of that City and to complete what he promised his friend. Bill hesitated and washed his gloved hand over his well bearded face.

"Alright." He sighed, swiping scraps of a marked up map. Ellie moved in closer until she was next to Joel to see what Bill was showing them.

"If I'm gonna do this, there's some gear I'm gonna need."


"It's on the other side of town. Now you help me go gather it and maybe I can put somethin together that runs." Bill reached into his pocket to retrieve something as he spoke. "But after this, I owe you nothin." He slammed a very small pair of keys onto the table without another word. Joel snatched them.

"That's fine. Couple days from now we'll probably be dead anyways." He unlocked the cuff that was on Ellies wrist and lazily tossed them onto the floor.

"Good. Follow me; whole goddamn towns booby-trapped. Best stay right on my ass." Bill ordered curtly, not looking back as he marched away from the table to leave to duo to the choice of following him or not. Ellie rolled her eyes and sighed as she realized that this meant more time with the not so friendly ally.

"Can't miss it." She bit, wanting to smirk at her own remark as Joel turned his head to give her a scolding look. That mouth of hers was going to get them into some shit. Joel grabbed her arm and pulled her forward.

"Knock it off." She huffed and trudged along, hating the moments Joel's fatherly side decided to rear its head. But she knew that this was only to them further into their journey, so maybe it was best she behaved a bit more now. Joel may be used to her snarkiness, but Bill was a lot less tolerant.

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