Lord of Dreams

Arthur has one last piece of advice for Ariadne.

Arthur turned, holding up a hand. "Oh, and there's one more thing you need to watch out for."

Ariadne, who did remember where this conversation began (and how long ago) sighed.

"That's seven 'one more things,'" she said.

"Okay, but this one's important. Watch out for Morpheus."


"Yeah, he's the—"

"Lord of Dreams. Yes, I've heard of him. Are you saying he's real?"

Arthur shrugged helplessly.


She was skeptical. "Have you met him?"

"I've seen him, on the edges of things. A couple of times. Cobb's actually talked to him."

"What's he like?" She was, despite herself, curious.

He shrugged again. "Creepy."

"Okay, so… watch out for him. Do I run the other way if I see him?"

"No, that would be pointless. And rude. Just… ignore him. Be polite if he talks to you. He doesn't seem interested in interfering."

"Then why the 'watch out?'"

He gave her his teacher look.

"You may be the architect, but he's the Lord of Dreams. If he ever does decide to interfere…"

"I'm toast?"


On the edges, Morpheus watched, eyes half-lidded. So far the collection of mortals who strayed knowingly and together into the dream world stayed small, and their understanding of his realm remained limited. As long as they kept their attention on each other and their conquests and strategies he merely found them intriguing. He stroked the crow sitting on his shoulder, and watched their games with black, knowing eyes.

The cover art is taken from Neil Gaiman's beautiful collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano called The Dream Hunters. All of you should read it.