If anyone had asked Hermione what she planned to do she would have told them that she didn't know. A large part of her obviously wanted to go running into Malfoy Manor accost Draco and beg him to take her back. However a much smaller part just wanted to go on with her life and let him live his, after the way she had left she doubted he would appreciate such an intrusion. So she did what she always did, she chose the easier option, and did nothing. So the days passed and Hermione spent her time between the muggle and the wizarding world, proving to everyone that she could do it.

Ginny of course, would have none of it.

"I can not believe the Hermione Granger I know has decided to simply exist instead of actually living" she scoffed, drinking fire whiskey Hermione had brought over.

"I see it as living, Ginny" hermione shrugged, not really wanting to get involved in the conversation.

"Alright I understand you don't want a lecture ok but here's a question" Ginny grinned mischievously.

Hermione nodded, curious about what she would ask.

"if Malfoy was to suddenly turn up on your door step are you telling me you'd simply say thanks but no thanks?"
"Firstly that's never going to happen and secondly he would not turn up himself he'd send a cronies" hermione rolled her eyes.

"Stranger things have happened" Ginny laughed, finishing off the contents of her glass.

Hermione landed a little unsteady on her front porch, laughing softly, it was always good to visit her friend when she felt a little down. Searching for her key in the darkness, the hair on her neck suddenly stood when she heard a slight movement behind her. Relax, it's probably just an animal, she told herself, taking a deep breath before turning around slowly. The outline was not that of an animal but a man, a tall familiar man whose silver hair glowed in the full moon's light, and someone she had never expected to be where he was.

At a loss for words she continued to simply stand there, mouth opened unwilling to believe he was actually there, on her porch, but a figurement of her imagination brought on by too much fire whiskey.

"This must be the first time since I've known you that you haven't threatened me" Draco smiled, taking a few steps towards her.

Hermione just watched as he came near her, thinking that this had to be the most vivid dream she had ever had.

"Wha…what do you want?" she struggled to keep her voice steady.

"Now granger you seem very fond of that word I'd have thought someone with your extensive vocabulary would be able to come up with something better" he mocked, leaning against the banister.

Hermione crossed her arms against her chest, slightly irked by his manner.

"Ok, why have you come to pay me a visit?"

"I have a proposition for you" he revealed still smiling that damn beautiful smile at her.

"I'd love to hear what kind of proposition Draco Malfoy has for me" she scoffed, arching her eyebrow.

"It's simple really I want you to marry me" he said quietly, straightening.

"Why would you want to marry a mud blood?" she asked not caring what she called herself anymore.

"I could rattle off a list of your virtues, that wonderful brain you possess, how beautiful you look when you're lying under me, but I don't want to insult your intelligence" he shrugged, enjoying the blush that had started to spread across her cheeks.

"Ok, so why then?" she cleared her throat, trying to remain calm.

"Because as much as it pains me to admit this, I love you" he confessed, coming to stand in front of her.

Hermione knew how hard it was for him to admit something like that and wanted to leap into his arms then and there but she stopped herself and decided to have some fun with him first.

"That's a pretty pitiful excuse to marry someone" she grinned.

"I agree but that's the only reason I have, I love you and life has not been easy since you left" he grinned, sending a tingling sensation through Hermione's body.

"I'm not sure your mother would agree" she shot back.

"No, she probably wouldn't but she's decided to head overseas for a while" he revealed, still standing just inches from her.

"How do I know this isn't about the money?" she asked, truly scared that this whole thing was a charade.

"I've given it all up, thought might try living in the muggle world for a while" he whispered, hesitantly reaching out to tuck a stray hair behind her ear.

Hermione found herself leaning into his touch, savoring the warm feeling that went through her at his touch; it was over too soon for her liking.

"So here I am a pauper, a pure blood wizard who has no concept of how to survive in the muggle world, asking you : the smartest witch of our generation to marry me" he whispered.

"That doesn't sound like such a great package" she laughed, tears streaming down her face.

"I agree" he laughed, taking her face in his hands, and leaning in so he could cover her lips with his.

Whatever hesitations might have been in her mind were evaporated when his mouth covered hers, throwing caution to the wind she threw her arms around him, silently accepting his offer.


Harry sat on the back porch, his Godson on his knee, watching as the sun slowly sunk behind the tall buildings, the rest of the party inside. The boy laughed and clapped his hands as harry rocked him, enjoying this time he had alone with him. Hermione had asked him a month ago and he hadn't hesitated, it was a huge honor especially when he'd learned that Malfoy had agreed to it. The news that Draco Malfoy had disappeared had raged in the Daily Prophet for months as did the fact that he'd given Malfoy Industries over to Blaise Zabini. Only a select few knew that the arrogant tycoon had given it all up to live in the muggle world with his wife, Hermione Granger, even Narcissa Malfoy did not know his whereabouts when she tried to stop her entire wealth being taken by Blaise. Thankfully Lucius's will had made her stake null and void, Harry often wondered how Malfoy felt about his father now that he had redeemed himself. He never asked of course, to ask Malfoy anything personal was still as hard as trying to bleed a stone. All he knew was that the man was happy, really happy with the life he had chosen.

"Harry darling, come back inside before the two of you freeze to death!" Belukha, the woman he was seeing, called from the door way shooting him a grin.

"Coming, I was just showing my Godson the sunset" he grinned, picking up the boy so he could stand.

"I'm sure he loved it" she laughed, shooting the silver haired boy a smile.

Harry nodded, looking down at the one year old with so much ahead of him before following her back inside.

As for Harry Potter he still looked at Hermione with a sense of happiness, she was the closest thing he had ever had to a sister and he cherished that everyday. It was enough for him that she had found the happiness that she had always deserved.

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