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Author's Note: These are several short pieces describing times in Parn and Deedlit's lives after the ending of the OVA. Most are already written so no long updates. There will be about five or six chapters ranging from cuteness to angst but all about the nature of their relationship. Each chapter was inspired by a picture of Parn and Deed. Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy.

Hand in Hand

Chapter One: Discerning Shapes

"Hey, that one looks like Slayn's staff," Parn commented as his finger pointed up toward the sky above them at the clouds rolling by. He pulled his arm back to rest behind his head as he chewed on the sliver of grass between his teeth. Beside him, Deedlit let out a soft giggle as she lay on her back next to him.

Their capes were thrown aside, their weapons and bags tied up to the saddles of their horses grazing the field close by. Parn and Deedlit were laying just outside Zaxon in the fields lining the countryside. The grass rustled in the breeze, the warm wind sweeping over the hills as they lay beneath the shade of a great oak tree trying to discern the shapes of clouds.

Deedlit smiled as she caught sight of another one and inclined her head to Parn. "Look, Parn, it's a sprite."

Parn turned his head to the side to look at the cloud she had pointed out. "Looks like a kobolt to me."

She shook her head, grinning. "You would see that, wouldn't you?" She glanced at him and saw his brilliant smile.

They both looked back to the sky and after a moment of silence Parn let out a laugh and pointed once again to the cloud coming in from the north. "Ha, that one looks a lot like Shiris's hair, after she's been riding horseback for half a day." He laughed again but didn't catch Deedlit's pursed lips and narrowing eyes.

She looked from him back to the sky and a sly smile grew over her lips as she raised her finger to another cloud. "And that one looks like Orson. You know, with his broad chest." She let out a yearning sigh and smirked as she finished but didn't give him the benefit of a look. She could feel his stare regardless.

"Huh." Parn turned back to the sky, his brows furrowed and pulled the piece of grass from his mouth. Deedlit looked at him out of the corner of her eye and couldn't help but laugh at his frown.

Parn lifted his brows to her laughter, and she sat up, a hand covering her smile. "I'm sorry, Parn, I didn't mean to laugh at you."

Parn sat up as well, his frown disappearing. He glanced up to the sky once more, and then back down to Deedlit's smiling face. He leaned in toward her, a glint to his eyes that Deedlit found always made her breath hitch.

"I like the look of you a lot more," he breathed, as his lips caught hers.