Well this is... well how do I put it strange.

~Character Profiles~

Name: Rosa Verre (First name means Rose in Italian Last name means glass in French I used Google translate so don`t come at me with comments in French or Italian please.)

Age: 18

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 100 pounds

Appearance: Short auburn colored hair with a curl(kind of like the Italy brothers have) and golden brown eyes, usually seen wearing a red tube top and black jeans along with black combat boots. On her head she usually has black goggles on.

Personality: she`s pretty laid back and relaxed but when angered can turn pretty hostile.

Likes: Watching Hetalia, Drawing, Anime and Manga, Watching Hockey games cuz she grew up watching it with her dad who was Canadian.

Dislikes: People who think their better than the rest of the world and being pushed around.

Love interest: Romano

Extra info: She's called Italy by her friends for her looks though she acts alot like Romano

Me: Ok so there is my characters profile. I do not own Hetalia or the Characters of that show but I do own Rosa (My OC). If you would like to have your character in this story then just copy the Profile that I did and erase what I have then start your own. Send these to me by not reviewing by Private messaging me with the profile on that message.