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Michael sat on his couch reading a book. Truthfully, he had probably re-read the second paragraph at least six times. He kept getting distracted by his conversation with Starr earlier. His dad knew who had caused the car crash that had killed Cole and Hope. But Michael couldn't just ask his dad. He would never tell him. Michael was brought out of his thoughts by a rapid knocking on his door. He put his book down on the table and walked over the door. He opened it and was a little shocked to see Starr standing there. Her head was down and it sounded like she was sniffling.

"Starr?" Michael asked. Starr looked up at him and tears were running down her cheeks.

"Can I come in?" She asked. Michael nodded and stepped into his apartment. Starr walked in and Michael closed the door.

"Is everything okay?" Michael asked. Starr shook her head. "Starr what's wrong?"

"I know who did it," Starr said. "I know who shot out Anthony Zacchara's tires." Michael's eyes widened in shock. He then gently guided Starr over to the couch. They sat down. "I went to the hospital and after seeing Tea and her baby, I was talking to my dad about how it made me miss Hope. And then I told him about how you and I were trying to figure out who your dad was protecting. I wanted to know and I knew he knew." Her voice cracked and she took a shaky breath. Michael reached out and gently rubbed her arm supportively. Starr wiped some of her tears. "He finally told me that it was Kate Howard."

"Kate Howard?" Michael asked. "Kate shot out Anthony Zacchara's back tires?"

"She has Dissociative Identity Disorder," Starr said. "It was her alter, Connie who did it."

"That's why my dad agreed to back off on the case," Michael said. "Because he was trying to protect Kate." Starr nodded.

"After he told me," Starr said. "I went to see her."

"But she's been institutionalized," Michael said.

"I stole a pair of scrubs," Starr said. "I just had to hear her say it. I had to hear her say that she's the reason I lost the two most important people in my life."

"And she confessed?" Michael asked and Starr nodded.

"Everyone says that closure is important," Starr said. "And now I know what happened that night. But that means that this is over. That Cole and Hope are really gone and I have nothing left to hold on to. They're really gone." Starr finally broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. Michael pulled Starr towards him. Starr buried her head in the crook of Michael's shoulder and Michael gently rubbed her back. They stayed like that for a long time. Finally, Starr lifted her head up.

"I'm sorry to dump all of this on you," Starr said. "I just needed to talk to someone." Michael nodded.

"Well I'm here whenever you need me," Michael said.

"Even when I do a number on your shirt?" Starr asked, pointing at the wet circle on his collar. Michael chuckled.

"Well I didn't really like this shirt anyways," Michael said.

"God why are you always so nice to me?" Starr asked leaning back against the couch.

"Because it's such a bad thing?" Michael asked. Starr rolled her eyes. Michael sighed. "Earlier today, when we ran into each other and you got that phone call," He stopped and looked over at Starr. "You were just so happy. I was glad that you were smiling because you've been through so much over the past couple of months that you deserve to be happy." Starr smiled. "That right there is why I'm always nice to you." Starr's smile widened which caused Michael to smile. He couldn't help it; there was something truly captivating about Starr. She was beautiful, he couldn't deny that, but there was something else about her that made Michael want to be around her. Michael then realized he was just staring at her and cleared his throat. He stood up.

"So, uh, how about some dinner?" Michael asked.

"Oh I couldn't," Starr said. "I already came here and dumped my problems on you."

"And you can make it up to me by helping me make some dinner," Michael said. Starr's mouth dropped open in shock and Michael chuckled. Starr smirked and stood up.

"I mean, do you actually have food in your fridge?" Starr asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yes I do," Michael said. "So do you want to help me?"

"Sure," Starr said. "Why not?" And they both smiled.

Starr hummed as she chopped up some vegetables. Michael looked over at her and smiled. It reminded him of when he listened to her a demo. Music was clearly something she was passionate about. Starr stopped when she noticed Michael staring.

"Sorry," Starr said, smiling sheepishly. "I tend to do that when I'm not paying attention."

"No, it's fine," Michael said. "I don't know if I ever told you, but you left a CD here." Starr gave him a look. "It was a demo of yours."

"You listened to that?" Starr asked.

"Yeah," Michael said. "You have a great voice." Starr smiled.

"Thanks," Starr said. "I just hope that when I finally have an album, people will agree with you."

"Once people hear your voice," Michael began. "No one is ever going to be able to stop talking about how talented Starr Manning is." Starr grinned widely, before turning to the refrigerator. She opened the door and grabbed a jar of tomato sauce. As she struggled to open it, her eyes lingered over to Michael. After everything that had happened, she was surprised Michael had even let her into his apartment. She had spent months blaming his father for what had happened to Cole and Hope, and had even tried to kill Sonny. And then Michael had had her arrested. Yet somehow, here they were, talking like none of it had happened.

"Need some help?" Starr was brought out of her thoughts by Michael's voice. She noticed that she still hadn't been able to open the jar.

"No I'm fine," Starr said, still struggling to open it.

"Here let me," Michael said, stepping towards her.

"No Michael, I've got it," Starr said, trying even harder to unscrew the lid.

"Starr, come on," Michael said, moving closer to her. Just then, the lid flew off, and because of the way Starr was holding the jar, sauce flew out of it and right onto Michael's shirt. Starr's mouth dropped in shock.

"Oh my gosh!" Starr said, putting the jar down. "I am so sorry." Michael looked down at his shirt.

"And that's why you should have given me the jar," Michael said. Starr gaped at him.

"You said that you didn't even like that shirt!" Starr said, trying not to laugh.

"Oh you think this is funny?" Michael asked. Starr shook her head, but couldn't contain her laughter. "You know I think you need a hug."

"Michael, no," Starr said, backing away from him.

"Oh come on," Michael said, opening his arms up. Starr tried to run past him, but Michael wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him. Starr screamed in shock. Michael started laughing. Starr wriggled away from him. She looked down at her sauce stained shirt.

"Oh now you asked for it!" Starr said, before grabbing some of the vegetables she had been cutting and chucking them at Michael. Michael retaliated by grabbing flour and throwing at her. Starr ran towards the fridge, opened the door, and grabbed the first thing she could find, chocolate syrup. She ran at Michael and squirted it at him. They were both laughing, as they tried to wrestle the syrup bottle from each other. Suddenly, Starr started to slip. She grabbed onto Michael, but he lost his balance and the both toppled over. Michael fell onto his back and Starr landed right on top of him. Starr looked down at Michael. There was something about being around him that always made Starr feel safe. He was so nice to her, even when she was saying such horrible things about his father.

"You've got a little chocolate on your forehead," Michael said, before reaching up and wiping it away. Starr blushed a little as his hand stroked across her forehead. Michael noticed the blush stretch across her cheeks. Starr was beautiful and when she smiled, it was like the whole room lit up. But Michael couldn't like her. And it wasn't because their fathers hated each other. No, it was because it was too soon. Too soon since Starr lost Cole, the love of her life and the man she probably would have married. "We should probably get off the dirty floor."

"Oh right," Starr said. She stood up and reached out her hand to help Michael up. He took it and stood up. "Well there goes dinner."

"Yeah," Michael said, looking around the kitchen. "We can always order take-out."

"That's probably a better plan then cooking," Starr said. "Because we really made a mess."

"Hey you grabbed the chocolate sauce,"

"Oh shut up!" Starr said, smacking Michael's shoulder. "I just wish I had a change of clothes."

"You can always borrow some of mine," Michael said. "And I can put yours in the wash."

"You really don't have to," Starr said.

"No it's fine," Michael said. "There's a laundry room downstairs."

"Well then do you mind if I used your shower?" Starr asked. "Because I have chocolate sauce and god knows what else in my hair."

"Go for it," Michael said. "I'll leave you some clothes outside of the bathroom and then order something for dinner."

"Okay," Starr said, before heading towards the bathroom. Michael looked around the kitchen. He chuckled at the mess they made before heading into his room.

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