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Ellie sighed as she stood behind the bar at the Haunted Star. It was a relatively slow day. Starr had left early to deal with her dad, Lulu was at the police station, and Johnny had disappeared into his office. That left Ellie alone and completely bored. She finished cleaning a glass before putting it with the rest of the clean glasses. Then Ellie walked over to where the air conditioning vent was. It was also an extraordinarily hot day. Ellie lifted up her hair, which was in a French braid and let the air blow onto her neck. Even though Ellie was wearing a tank top and shorts, she was still sweating. Suddenly, the air stopped. Ellie looked up at the AC before hearing a puttering noise.

"You've got to be kidding me," Ellie said. She stared at the vent expectantly but nothing happened. Ellie groaned. "Just fantastic." She rounded the bar and headed towards the stairs. She quickly descended the stairs and rounded the hallway to Johnny's office. The door was open and Ellie walked in. "The AC's busted." Johnny, who was sitting at his desk, looked up at Ellie.

"Good to know," Johnny said, before looking back down at what he was doing.

"Aren't you going to do something about it?" Ellie asked. "It's hot as hell in here."

"Even if I made a phone call," Johnny began. "It's the end of the day, they wouldn't be able to get to it until tomorrow." Ellie groaned and hung her head back.

"Can I at least go home for the day then?" Ellie asked. "My apartment at least has a couple fans."

"Wow fancy," Johnny said. Ellie rolled her eyes.

"Yeah you try being a broke college student," Ellie said. Johnny chuckled. "See you tomorrow boss." She turned to go, but was stopped by Johnny.

"Quick question," Ellie turned back around to face Johnny. "That guy you were talking about with Starr earlier, that's not the delivery guy I've seen hitting on you, is it?"

"He might be," Ellie said. "Not that it's any of your business."

"Oh come on," Johnny said, getting up. "You're really dating that punk?"

"Hey that's my boyfriend you're talking about," Ellie said, putting her hands on her hips. "And he's not a punk."

"Sure he's not," Johnny said, moving so that he was sitting on the front of his desk. "That's why he works for a delivery company, right?"

"Okay one," Ellie said, walking over to Johnny. "He just graduated from college, two he's using the job as an opportunity to network, and three not everyone can just buy up clubs with their families moneys."

"And how did this turn to attacking me?" Johnny asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well you were being an ass about my boyfriend," Ellie said. "Not everyone has it as easy as Johnny Zacchara."

"Hey my life is nothing but easy," Johnny said. "I've had my fair share of problems." Ellie rolled her eyes. "What?"

"I don't give a damn about your problems," Ellie said. "Because they pale in comparison to the shit I've been through. So how about you and your money shove it."

"And how about I fire you?" Johnny asked.

"Fine," Ellie said. "I don't need this." She turned and started to walk out of the office.

"Ellie wait," Johnny said. "I'm not going to fire you." Ellie stopped in the doorway. "You're a great waitress." Ellie turned to face Johnny.

"Fine," Ellie said. "Can I go now? Or do you want to make some more rude comments about my boyfriend?"

"I'm sorry, okay?" Johnny began. "I just think you can do better than him." The comment surprised Ellie, but she quickly shook it off.

"Whatever," Ellie said.

"Why are you like that?" Johnny asked.

"Like what?" Ellie asked.

"You're so hostile all the time," Johnny said. Ellie gave him a look.

"I am not hostile all the time," Ellie said, glaring at Johnny.

"Well no," Johnny said. "You're sarcastic and blunt most of the time and then you get hostile. I just want to know why."

"It's a long story," Ellie said.

"I've got time," Johnny said. "Let's hear it." Ellie sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Fine," Ellie said. "Prepare for the Ellie Parker sob story, because boy it's a good one. I was dumped at an orphanage when I was only a few days old. My parents didn't want me. I was put into a foster care family at a year and a half before being dumped back at the orphanage at the age of four when I was diagnosed with diabetes. Then no one wanted to adopt a kid who had extra medical expenses. So I lived in that orphanage until I moved here to go to college."

"So you've been hurt," Johnny said.

"No," Ellie said, correcting him. "I've been let down, countless amounts of time."

"Okay so you've been let down," Johnny said. "That doesn't mean that you have to treat everyone the way you do. Besides, there are better defense mechanisms than that."

"Oh now you're psychoanalyzing me," Ellie said. "Wow, well played boss."

"See that's right there isn't going to make people want to be around you," Johnny said. "You're attitude will just push people away. Unless that new boyfriend of yours is a glutton for insults and punishment." Ellie narrowed her eyes at Johnny. She crossed the room so that she was standing right in front of him.

"You have no idea how I am around my boyfriend," Ellie said.

"Oh really," Johnny said. "So you're not overly sarcastic with him? Yeah that sounds believable." Ellie glared at him before her expression changed. Johnny wanted to see how she was around Josh? She'd show him. She smiled at Johnny. Not only was it a genuine smile, but it was actually pretty flirty.

"You know this shirt is really working for you," Ellie said, her fingers gently tracing Johnny's shoulder. "It shows off your muscular arms." She smiled mischievously and leaned towards him. She brought her voice down to a husky whisper. "It's really working for me too." She turned her head so that she was looking Johnny right in the eyes. It was like an instant spark.

"I still think you deserve better than that punk," Johnny said. He was captivated by Ellie. Her eyes were blue as the sea and he felt like he was drowning in them.

"And who would you suggest instead of him?" Ellie asked. She was almost pressing against Johnny. Johnny kept telling himself not to look down. It didn't help that Ellie was barely wearing clothing, because in Johnny's mind a skimpy tank top and short shorts didn't classify as real clothing. Not that he minded it on Ellie, except during that precise moment. Ellie looked at Johnny, waiting for an answer, but also taking in his facial features. He wasn't bad to look at, in fact if Ellie wasn't so proud, she would admit that he was actually quite attractive. And then, they were kissing.

Ellie gripped tightly onto the front of Johnny's shirt, pulling him closer to her. She tried not to smirk as she kissed him. Johnny tasted like scotch and mint. And he was a damn good kisser. Johnny's arms found their way to Ellie's waist. His hands moved along her waist, catching her shirt in the process. He was about to pull the shirt up when Ellie's phone began ringing. Ellie pulled away and suddenly, reality set back in. She stepped away from Johnny and pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket.

"Hello?" She said, turning away from Johnny. "Josh, hey." Ellie fidgeted with the bottom of her shirt, in the exact spot where Johnny's hands had just been. "Uh yeah, I'm just finishing up at work. I'll meet you at my apartment. Okay, bye." She ended the call and squeezed her eyes shut. That had really just happened.

"That was," Johnny began, standing up. He didn't really know what to say about that. Sure, Ellie was attractive, but she had a boyfriend. And more importantly, Johnny was with Carly and had been trying to prove that he was a changed man.

"Never happened," Ellie said, turning to face Johnny.

"What?" Johnny said and Ellie raised her hands.

"Never happened," Ellie said. "We don't have to talk about it or mention it to anyone because I have a boyfriend and you're dating one of my best friends' mom." She backed up towards the door. "It never happened." Then she quickly left the office. Johnny was left alone to stew on what had just happened.

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