In her native tongue, a mother began telling a tale.

"Thousands of years ago, on a small continent hidden from the others, there was a small peninsula at the very bottom of the mass, called the Forbidden This land was a sight to see, filled with majestic forests, plains, and lakes. Besides the birds, no other wildlife lived there. It was tranquil, very silent. There were no sounds, not even the familiar singing of the birds in the morning. No, the only thing that had lived in the land were the sixteen colossi that inhabited each region of the gorgeous peninsula, guarding their respective sectors and living peacefully. However, after hundreds of years, the ancient deity Dormin found the Forbidden Land and deemed it his realm, establishing a massive temple in the middle of the peninsula that dwarfed everything, even the colossi. Connecting the giant structure, named the Temple of Worship, to the highly elevated entrance to the land, Dormin built a narrow bridge. This bridge was miles long, and if one was to fall off it, they'd be facing a thousand foot drop.

"After constructing the Temple of Worship and the bridge leading to it, Dormin inhabited the Land for a hundred years, doing what he did best from his little safe haven - corrupting people, torturing people, and killing people. Not any specific kind of person, no. Dormin didn't have a taste; with is vast power, the god killed anyone he saw fit, and most of the people he killed was for his own interest, their souls empowering him. Being the God of Death, every person killed was a soul put inside of him. However, having the souls of the dead, he was able to put them back in the body, therefore resurrecting that person. However, the laws of mortality didn't allow him to do that. After a while, though, he had so many souls inside of him he became even more corrupted than he already was. With his newly corrupted mind, he decided to make an army of the dead/

"After a few years, Dormin had the bodies of thousands of men and women, the souls put inside them twisted so they followed his orders. And Dormin's ordered his newly-found army to annihilate the civilized nation of Shaiman. Dormin's army marched down the bridge, through the mountains, and into the country, slaughtering everybody village by village. Women, children, men, anything moving was brutally killed. Eventually, the nation took arms, fighting back. Bloody battles took place, the country's army winning some and Dormin's army winning others. However, after seven long years, Dormin's army was slowly killed off, but not after wiping out forty percent of Shaiman's population. Unfortunately, one of the people killed in the war was the king of Shaiman, his throat slit in battle. His successor was his nephew, Emon, for his son was also killed in battle.

"When the war was over, Lord Emon hunted Dormin down to the Forbidden Land. However, instead of killing the deity, Emon split the god into sixteen parts, each part of his soul going into a large statue lining the sides of the temple's main chamber. To make these statues invulnerable, Emon made a spiritual tie between each statue and a colossus, the massive figurines not breaking until the colossus corresponding to the stone statue was dead. To make things even harder for the god, the Lord then made it to where the colossi couldn't be killed with anything other than a single sword. This sword was a blade inherited by each king, passed down royally for ten generations. Each king had carved a rune into the blade, and because of this, people rumored the "Ancient Sword" to be magical, which in fact it was.

"After containing Dormin in the temple and the colossi, Emon and his men left, building a large door at the entrance to the lands and making it clear to all who passed the gate that this land was forbidden, and that trespassers would be killed. People understood this message, and after a while, it the story of Emon, Dormin, and the Ancient War became myth, and to some, all they understood from the story was that Dormin could bring back the dead. One of the people who understood this was a boy named Wander, who was raised on the story. With Emon still ruling after fifty years, Wander believed too little time had passed for the story to be completely false. He knew that at least half of it had to be true, and one of the things that were true was the existence of Dormin and all his powers.

"Wander was always classified as a lover, not a fighter. Everyone in his village knew that Wander was in love with the maiden Mono, and everyone in his village thought that Mono was cursed. Her birthday was March 14th, the same day the Ancient War started. Because of this, people believed she had been scarred by Dormin and the dead from memories brought on by that day. After someone thought she was going to be a killer because of her birthday, and because of a birthmark on her arm that resembled Dormin's elaborate symbol, which looked like a small circle with lines surrounding it to form an x-like shape, they called the local shaman, who deemed her evil and sacrificed her in a religious ritual. Infuriated, Wander dug Mono's body from the grave, and rode his horse, Agro, to the capital city, where he infiltrated the Lord's house and stole the Ancient Sword based on his memory of the Emon-Dormin ordeal. After taking the sword, he used a map of the continent to navigate through the rocky, mountainous terrain of Shaiman, he got to the Forbidden Land's gate. After reading all the signs, he happily rode past the gate and onto the bridge, surprised at the land's beauty and existence but relieved as well.

"He had gotten to the Temple of Worship, where he met the shattered, genderless, and mysterious Dormin, who told him he had to kill all sixteen colossi in order to break all the statues and free Dormin, so he could resurrect Mono. Wander said yes, dismissing Dormin's warning to the cost of the resurrection and killing the first eight colossi, climbing the massive beasts and stabbing them in their brains and such. However, at those eight, when Dormin's voice was becoming more masculine and powerful, the god noticed that Wander was physically deteriorating, his skin becomine pale and blotchy and his hair darkening. But Wander continued to kill four more with ease, and after the twelfth colossus fell, its released soul destroying its statue, Dormin sensed Wander becoming more primative and cruel in his movements. Dormin grinned at this however, as Wander eventually killed the last colossus, destroying the last colossus. When the boy returned to the temple, his skin and eyes were completely white, and he had small horns portruding from his head. All the statues were destroyed, and finally, Dormin was whole again. Seeking a physical body, he possessed the already corrupted Wander, just as Lord Emon and his men had reached the Forbidden Lands. The king decided to kill Wander, knowing he was corrupted beyond repair. His men shot Wander, and the boy slowly fell to the ground, black blood erupting from his body. A death suffered by the colossi.

"With Dormin's death, the Forbidden Land began to fall apart, and the temple began to collapse. Emon and his men fled immediately, not caring about anything but their lives. They left just as the bridge to the temple collapsed to the ground. When they left, everything was left in ruins. The trees had all fallen, the cliffs had all fallen in, the bridge had fallen in segments and littered the ground, and half the temple had collapsed. However, past all the destruction, beside the altar where Mono's body lay during the whole process, stood a beautiful girl. It was Mono, reincarnated. After all that Wander had gone through, his death was not in vein. He went to the ends of the Earth for the woman he loved, and in the end, died, but he got what he a great price, like Dormin warned."

"But what happened to Dormin?" a young boy asked as she ended her story. "I mean, if he died when Wander did, then how could Mono've been revived?"

His mom thought for a moment, then shook her head. "I don't know...I'd never really thought of it. It's been a thousand years since this all happened, my son. If Dormin did survive, then he's been dormant for this whole time...maybe he reformed, turned into a good being. But maybe...maybe he's still as evil as he always has been, and maybe he hunts down little boys who don't go to bed," she replied with a smirk. It was true, the boy listened to this entire tale while in his room. It was midnight, yet he wasn't tired. He had thought that his favorite story would've tired him, but it engrossed him instead. His mom's way with words, how she could spin such an intricate web, using details and her voice to make him feel a certain emotion. With this story, he felt sad for Wander, for he never got to see his love live again.

"Tell me about the colossi," the boy asked, ignoring his mom's words about Dormin and not sleeping. "I want to know about them. My tutor at the academy mentioned them before when we were studying myths...this myth."

His mom chuckled. "My boy, this is no myth. Our family's been tied into this story for a thousand years. Did your teacher ever say how our line is supposed to be related to Wander's? We live in the same village he did. Maybe your teachers will tell you about that as well. As for the colossi? I thought I already told you about them when I told you the story before?" he gave her a, Refresh my memory face, and she sighed, then chuckled. "However, ha. They were peaceful beings. Taller than most buildings, they were nearly invulnerable. The only weapon that could kill them was the Ancient Sword Wander wielded, and the legend says that he could only kill a colossus by stabbing them in their most vital organs, like the brain and heart. It also says that when they fell, it was the saddest thing ever. Seeing the light leaving their eyes, their bodies slowly must've been extremely depressing."

The boy thought about it a little bit, and then his mom got up from her chair. "I'll see you tomorrow," she said. "Now get in bed." He slowly got under the quilts of his bed and put his hands under his pillow, which for him was the only way he could fall asleep. His mom went to his door, then squeezed his candle's flames out with two fingers. "Good night...I love you, my Seeker."

With that, she left, leaving the boy, named Seeker, to think about the story. He had always wondered, since his sixth birthday a month ago, how Dormin could've been dead, even when he resurrected Mono after Emon left. Maybe it was just something grown-ups understood. Or was it? He didn't know. And as for Seeker being related to Wander? He didn't know what to think of that. Wander, who's story has been one of the most told legends of all time? the story of Wander, Mono, Agro, Dormin, and the sixteen beasts of old were second only to the story that sparked Wander's story; the tale of the Ancient War. To think that he was related to the man - well, boy; he was a teenager when the story unfolded - who was the very essence of "going to the ends of the earth for the one you love" made Seeker feel humbled. It made him feel special. It made him feel...confused. Very confused. Maybe when he was a grown-up, he'd understand. He just couldn't grasp the concept of being related to a legend. He didn't even know if it was possible. Maybe Wander and Mono had kids? Maybe after he died, Wander, he couldn't of been reborn? Dormin never promised to bring Wander back. But maybe, if Dormin possessed Wander at the end, and if he wasn't dead to revive Mono, maybe...

Seeker didn't know. He knew he was too young to be thinking of such things. He knew that in the end, he'd confuse himself to insanity before he turned eight. He rolled around on his bed, trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in. However, when he did, he knew he wouldn't fall asleep for another hour. It had always been a problem with him. Sleeping just...wasn't his thing. So, after an hour of just laying there and thinking about things all young children thinking about, like eating and playing around the village and disliking academy, he gave way to the weight gaining on his eyelids. His eyes slowly shut, and before he knew it, he was in the celestial realm of his dreams and subconsciousness.

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