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Chase's POV

I sighed as I lounged around the lab, finding absolutely nothing of interest to do. I could do some physical training, but Adam had become really possessive of the wheel lately. I could do some more math problems, but nothing challenged me anymore.

That's it! I needed a challenge!

"Hey Chase guess what?" I looked over to see Bree sauntering over to me.

"What?" I asked boredly. Bree raised an eyebrow at me.

"What's up with you?" she asked. I sighed, pushing myself off the computer I was leaning on.

"I'm just bored. We can't do anything down here," I said. Bree nodded.

"I agree. There's nothing to do besides mess with you guys," she said, smirking at me. I sneered at her.

"Oh please, there's nothing you could do to mess with me anymore. Ever since I proved Adam, you and I aren't related you've seemed to have gotten lazy," I said with a smirk.

It was true. Because we were bored one day last year, and because we were suspicious on how each of us were nothing alike, I ran a secret DNA test on us to see if we were related. The results came back that we weren't but it didn't tell us who our…I guess they would be kinda like clones. We haven't told Davenport that we know, feeling he would just overcomplicate it.

"Really?" she said in a dangerous voice, a light in her eye I had never seen before. "Because I believe there are other ways I can mess with you now." She stepped closer to me, closing the gap between our bodies to a dangerous distance. I gulped, glancing down at the gap between us before looking back up at her. "Because I believe I can still find a few ways to make you squirm," I shivered as she breathed the last three words in my ear, letting out a deep sigh.

Bree must be having a very sadistic moment because she carried on, taking both my hands and placing them on her hips. I used every bit of my will to keep from pulling her closer.

"Come on Chase…I've noticed you over the last couple months. How you've been watching me, blushing more." although it was true that these were happening, I didn't really think anything of them.

"Why are you doing this Bree?" I asked, my voice husky and low. She smiled, circling her hands around my neck and pulling our bodies completely together.

"Just passing the time," she said, pressing a light kiss to the shell of my ear. I groaned slightly.

"Are you sure you want to keep going Bree? Who knows what could happen," I growled lowly. I'm not sure what's going on right now. Up until this moment I don't think I've ever really thought of Bree as…sexy. But the things she was doing now? I'm not sure how long I can keep up this harmless flirting.

"I've always been one for a little…experimentation." that word has never sounded sexier to me then right now. I was just about to lean in and drive this home when a voice interrupted us.

"Chase have you seen my ePod?" Adam walked in while at the same time Bree sped out of the room and out of my arms. 'What just happened?' my mind asked.

"No Adam I haven't" I grumbled.

"I don't believe you," he said, advancing on me. I turned and ran out the room, locking it from the other side.

"Good luck getting through! That steel door is thicker then your head!"

Little did me, Bree or Chase know how much our lives were going to change after we found the little fourteen year old kid hiding behind the yellow barrels.

So it turns out school wasn't as fun as we thought it was going to be. The kids were mean, the bell tried to kill me, Bree continued to flirt with some kid she hit in the face with a ball, Pep rallies were annoying, Bree dropped a cheerleader, I managed to get trampled by panicking teenagers, Davenport busted us and Adam managed to set a dingo on fire. The best part of today was becoming a chiropractor in the Philippines.

Adam, Bree and I were currently back in the lab, moping around. Bree was the most upset, complaining about some party she was invited to but couldn't go. I didn't care though. The only thing that had been going through my mind today was what had happened between me and Bree.

She was so forward and yet she was ready to go hang out with other guys? I needed to get her alone so I could ask, but not with Adam in the room. So far I had been taking all my frustration out on him, resulting in a sharp punch to my shoulder.

"Now I'm never going to have a boyfriend!" Bree snapped, causing me to turn to her sharply. She glanced at me quickly. "Guess I'll have to keep fake kissing that wall!" she grumbled. Is that why she was acting so flirty? She was frustrated and needed an outlet? I feel so used. But then again it could be something else…

Suddenly Leo walked in, making the whole situation s much worse. "Leo what are you doing? You're not allowed to be down here!" I snapped, masking my frustration with anxiety.

"I know," he said smugly. "But you know that party everyone's been talking about?" we nodded, Bree especially. I sneered, shaking my head. Leo smirked. "Get changed and come upstairs," he ordered.

"But what about-"

"Mom and Davenport have gone out for dinner, now come on," he said excitedly before running out.

We did as he asked, each of us dressing casually before going upstairs. Leo was standing on a table, grinning wildly as kids danced around him to high speed music, snacks laid out and people talking with drinks in their hands.

"IT'S IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!" he cried before he started dancing. Adam and Bree looked at each other then at me. I shrugged, dancing to the music.

So after twelve pieces of cake, a couple drinks and having to watch Bree flirt with the guy that looked like he had stolen the Incredible Hulks nose when he was sick, I had had enough of knowing what Bree was thinking that day in the lab. I hated watching her flirt with him, a feeling I had never experienced before shooting through me and making my heart and stomach tighten in my chest.

"Who wants to play spin the bottle!" a shrill voice squealed. I noticed Bree perk up, dragging Nosey over to the circle. Perfect, this could be my chance to get Bree alone. I quickly joined the rest of the circle, settling myself opposite Bree. When she saw me her eyes widened before a small smirk spread across her face.

"I'll go first," Nosey kid said, taking the bottle while smiling seductively at Bree. My fist clenched unconsciously. He spun it and it landed on some blonde dude. I smirked.

"Hahaha, you can either kiss now or go into the closet," the girl laughed.

Turns out Nosey was daring as he leaned in a kissed the guy quickly in less then two seconds, wiping his mouth when he was done. The blonde dude winked at him, making him blush and the rest of us laugh. Bree took the bottle next, looking up at me with a look I had come accustomed to over the years.

I stared at it, calculating the weight and mass to make sure that when Bree spun it, we would both get what we wanted. I gave her a quick nod before looking up.

"Say…is skateboarding hard. I heard spinning is hard on a skateboard," I said loudly, emphasizing some of the words. Bree nodded, spinning the bottle hard. Some of the kids looked at me strangely.

"Whatever freak," one of them mumbled. I glared at him. Soon the bottle slowed, each of the kids holding their breaths while Bree and I stared at each other. When it stopped on me, the whole circle oooooed. I stood up at the same time as Bree and we started to head towards the closet.

"Wait, aren't they brother and sister?" Nosey asked. Bree stopped as I opened the door.

"Yeah…but we're all adopted," she said before walking in, me following her and shutting the door.

This was it. I was finally going to get my answers.

"Bree…what's going on?" I demanded. The crowded space of the closet wasn't helping, the tension between me and Bree that had been growing since the lab incident becoming almost…intense. Bree was staring up at me, worry in her eyes.

"I don't know," she sighed after what felt like forever.

"Pardon?" I asked.

"That day, in the lab. I was so bored and I didn't know what else to do. And there you were, looking all smug and…kinda hot," my eyebrows rose at that one. "You made me really mad when you said I couldn't mess with you guys so I…did the only thing I could think of…" she trailed off, giving me a sorry expression. I stared down at her.

"So you decided to torture a sexually frustrated teenager?" I cried.

"Shh!" she snapped, her hand covering my mouth. We locked eyes, the space suddenly feeling a lot smaller then before. "S-So I decided to do something…that could benefit us…both," she said in a whisper, her breath across my face.

"And the benefits?" I asked, my voice the same volume as hers. She shrugged, her eyes darting down to my lips. Mine did the same and before I knew what was happening, my mouth descended onto hers.

She instantly responded, kissing me back with fever. Soon her back hit the door, me pressing all of my body against hers. I can't believe I'm having my first kiss with Bree. Ok so it wasn't my first kiss but I doubt she remembered. Everything was getting hot, hands everywhere and quiet moans exchanged. We both knew we probably wouldn't get another chance like this, so we're both getting as much from this as we can.

Soon we had to pull apart, the need for air cutting through the passion. We stood there panting as we stared at each other.

"What does this mean?" I asked through my breaths. Bree opened her mouth to answer, but was cut off by a shout followed by a car horn. Bree and I shared a look before we both ran out of the cupboard, freezing at the sight of Leo's mom and Davenport.

"Oh crap," I muttered.

So now we're getting shipped away. Today really wasn't working out for us, well apart from me and Bree's time in the closet. I was confused but I wouldn't give up those few minutes of anything.

"I can't believe this is our last night in the lab," Bree said, fiddling with her hair. I nodded in agreement, knowing what she was thinking.

"Yeah, I think Leo's really goanna miss us," I said, looking over at Adam.

"Yeah," he said, looking down at the sleeping Leo who was currently attached to his legs. "You think we should wake him up?" he asked. Bree smiled.

"No, let him sleep," she said.

"But he's drooling on my socks," Adam groaned. I laughed, shutting the door to my pod.

"Chase! Chase wake up!" I opened my eyes groggily, the whispering and tapping waking me up. Bree was standing outside my tube. "Can I come in?" she asked. I nodded slowly, opening the door for her. She squeezed in, shutting the door behind her. We were pressed together again, like in the closet.

"What is it Bree?" I asked, looking down on her through the pale blue light of the lab. She didn't say anything, just let our eyes lock before she pulled me into a soft kiss. I held it, holding her to me gently. When she pulled back she cupped my cheek in her hand.

"I don't want this to end Chase," she whispered.

"What?" I asked. She smiled, her thumb tracing a pattern on my cheek. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it.

"I want to keep getting to kiss you, touch you and have you hold me gently. I like the feeling Chase," she said sincerely.

"Really? But what about the others?" I asked. She sighed.

"They would find it weird. That's why I wanted to talk to you before we were shipped out Chase. I wanted to see how you felt." I didn't say anything, just stared at her. She sighed. "I get it Chase," she mumbled, heading out of my tube. I quickly grabbed her wrist, pulling her into another soft kiss. She responded gently before I pulled away, resting our foreheads together.

"I like the feeling too Bree and I'm willing to take the time to continue this secretly if you are. Whenever I get a free moment I want to spend it with you." Bree's eyes were wide. "I've never had a relationship Bree and you're my first kiss, I like you," I said honestly.

"I-I like you too Chase," she whispered. I smiled, kissing her again. "But we need to be careful," she said, pulling back from the kiss. I nodded.

"Ok, what are the rules?" I asked.

"We can't tell anyone, at least not until we're sure we can handle this." I nodded.

"Seems fair," I said. She nodded before leaning in and kissing me again. I sighed into this one, finally feeling free to show her how I felt. I felt her hands on my chest, feeling my chest lightly.

Finally I pulled back, wishing we could continue.

"As much as I want to continue Bree, we need to get some sleep," I whispered. She sighed. "We both know you don't need beauty sleep but please, get some rest for me," I said. She blushed darkly before nodding.

"Ok," she mumbled, kissing my cheek before returning to her tube.

I sighed, leaning back against the wall of my tube. Things were working out…if only we weren't being shipped away.

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