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Eragon and Saphira have left Alegaesia aboard the Talita. They are heading for a new land that they know nothing about. During their journey they begin to have feelings for each other... will this be for the better or for the worse?

Read on and find out.

After Eragon and Saphira boarded the Talita on the Edda river they began their journey to a new land where they would rebuild the dragon race and the order of dragon riders. Eragon was saddened that they would have to leave their friends and loved ones behind. Eragon wasn't as badly affected as Saphira though, she had only met Firnen and had only time to talk with him and nothing more. When they left Saphira felt the pain of heart break, sorrow, and loneliness once again. Eragon felt sorry for Saphira and was going to do what he could to lift her spirits after the journey got into full swing.

The next day Saphira had left the ship to fly on ahead to see if there was any dangers ahead. Eragon had wanted to go with her but she told him that she wanted to be alone for the time being. With that Eragon busied himself with one of the books he had brought with him. Saphira on the other hand had flown out to the extent of their connection. At this point she felt the full weight of everything settle upon her and had wished that she had brought Eragon with her, at least with him she had someone to talk to and to console her in her troubles.

Saphira lowered her head as tears filled her eyes and threatened to spill over and down her scaled face. For the second time she had lost her chance at happiness and love all because of fate and prophecy.

CURSE YOU FATE! Saphira mentally shouted as the first tears streamed down her face.

She kept flying till nightfall came and by that time she had returned to the Talita, landed, and curled up on the deck with her emotional pain blocked from Eragon. Eragon had talked to her but she was not going to relent to his questions.

Five days later she relented and sent Eragon every ounce of her pain and suffering that it caused him to stagger back and nearly drop to the ground. Saphira... If you were feeling this kind of pain... Why didn't you talk to me about it?

Saphira, her pride showing forth, said, I didn't want you to worry, little one.

Saphira... I'll always worry about you. Besides, cheer up, you still have me, and I have you. Also we're heading to a new land where the riders will be brought back. Eragon said with a slight smile on his face.

Saphira looked at him with sorrow in her eyes but she too smiled before laying her head back down and saying, I should learn to swallow my pride sometimes and confide in others... Eragon I'm sorry for making you worry so about me.

Eragon reached his hand up and stroked Saphira's muzzle before saying, It's alright. Besides if I didn't worry about you then there would be something wrong.

Saphira smiled at this knowing that Eragon was right. If he didn't worry about her then something would be wrong.

The time since then passed by quickly and soon enough twenty days had passed and they were completely surrounded by the ocean. While Eragon and Saphira would occasionally fly ahead to see what was ahead they would also dive into the water for a quick swim and possibly some food for Saphira. On this day however Eragon stayed behind while Saphira flew ahead without him.

As the Talita was sailing across the vastness of the ocean Saphira flew ahead of the Talita without Eragon. She was searching for land and possible dangers, Eragon on the other hand was talking with the Eldunari about many things and even got himself roped into a game of questions that he had to answer right or he would have to do something utterly humiliating. Sometime later in the day Saphira was out on one of her flights and spotted a small island that would take three days for the Talita to reach. Upon returning she recounted the find to the elves to which they were glad to hear and hailed her with praise.

Eragon was smiling at the news and was looking forward to getting off of the ship, if only, for a few hours or, hopefully, days. Saphira did not leave the ship for the rest of that day so she curled up in the center of the ship and was going to take a nap. She had just started to fall asleep but was awakened by a slight pressure against her side.

Turning her head revealed it to be her partner-of-heart-and-mind, Eragon. He was sitting on the deck of the ship and had his back and head resting against her side. She smiled, revealing a few of her teeth, at the sight of Eragon leaned back and relaxed against her side. She knew that she would do anything to keep him safe and no matter what happened Eragon would stay by her side regardless of the situation.

As Eragon lay there she saw what he was thinking about. He was thinking about all that they had left behind, friends, family, and loved ones. These thoughts of Eragon's made her start to cry and were magnified by his own sadness. She was one of the last dragons to be alive but Thorn was alive and Firnen was alive, whom she only had a short time to be with but nothing happened. Saphira felt alone at that moment despite the fact that she had Eragon with her.

Eragon did not notice Saphira's own sorrow as he was too focused on his own past pain and suffering. He thought that he would be able to be with Arya but she had rejected him many times in the past. Roran and Katrina were still back in Alegaesia, Eragon was wondering if they were living happy lives at the moment or not. Then Eragon thought of one last thing.

I never went back to Brom's grave. He thought somewhat bitterly. He had wanted to pay his respects before leaving but sadly he was to leave far sooner than expected. That was why they were already ten to twenty days away from Alegaesia already.

Saphira's thoughts went to the base thought and loneliness of not having a mate, not having someone to love or to love her in the same manner. At this moment she felt even more alone than the loneliest person to ever live. She laid her head down, closed her eyes, but she did not fall asleep. Eragon's troubled mind kept her awake and this was the fifth time this had happened and only six days apart from the last one, which had resulted in Saphira flying off for the whole day and staying at the dead zone point of hers and Eragons connection. When she returned the next day she saw that Eragon seemed so lost and confused.

Needless to say these events of feeling such sadness and sorrow were happening much less frequently. When they first started at the beginning of their journey on the Talita, these thoughts were happening very frequent and Eragon had nearly thought of killing himself for the fact that he felt so alone. Saphira had stopped him then and threatened that if he killed himself that she would kill herself and follow Eragon to where ever he was going. Eragon stopped at that moment and never thought of killing himself again.

At the start the thoughts were happening so often that they had to find ways of keeping their minds from being tormented by them, which is why Saphira would go scouting ahead for land, Eragon stay to talk with the Eldunari, and sometimes Eragon and Saphira would head off flying together and talk about random things. At one point they had thought of going for a swim in the ocean but thought against it for the fact that they may end up being needed on the ship for something. Various things like these had happened during the journey and nothing was out of place at all, life went on and they kept their minds distracted from their tortured thoughts till the close of the day.

For the next three days Eragon and Saphira went flying just for the shear enjoyment of it and to feel the freedom that it offered. Here... here is where they belonged. Flying amongst the clouds with no binding to the civilizations of the world. Always free and happy with each other. Nothing could seemingly ruin this for the two of them for they enjoyed it all too much, this feeling of being free from all oaths and bindings that would hold most to the world.

Third day came, the Talita landed on a beach head of the island and everyone got off the ship. Blodhgarm and the other elves ventured into the small jungle forest in search of food and fresh water while Eragon and Saphira spent their time laying on the beach. Eragon, though, felt like doing something fun after being on that ship for so long so he decided to see what he could do as far as the sand and water was concerned.

He didn't feel like using his magic so instead he decided to use his hands to craft what he was wanting to craft out of the sand. It was not till some odd time later that he began getting tired of the sand falling away from the sand construct he was making. No sooner did he end up having a small wall of sand built up it'd fall away.

Saphira on the other hand was laying there basking in the sun and watching Eragon. She would laugh slightly when he would get frustrated over some issue about the sand then go back to whatever he was doing. She kept watching as he built some kind of structure out of the sand and it looked oddly familiar too. Eragon was smiling as he looked at the sand structure he had crafted then he looked at Saphira who decided to inquire what he had been doing.

What is that? she asked looking at the sand structure.

Eragon smiled at her then looked at the sand structure and realized that it looked like a castle. I guess it's a sand castle. he laughed slightly.

It'd have to be much bigger in order to act as a proper shelter. Saphira said knowing how Eragon would react.

I wouldn't want to have a home built out of sand. Many reasons why too. For one, when it rains the sand would just wash away. Two, sand ends up chaffing after awhile. Three... heh it'd dry out and either fall in or get blown away by the wind. Eragon finished.

Saphira looked at the small structure before lashing her tail around and tearing it down. Eragon looked at her with irritation while she smiled looking at him. Eragon couldn't really be mad at Saphira for much of anything really, in truth Saphira would usually make him smile when he was feeling depressed about something.

Shaking his head, Eragon knelt back down to work on building another sand castle but Saphira grabbed him with her tail and said, Why don't we go for a swim instead?

Eragon looked at Saphira, turned his head to the ocean, then he looked down at the sand. He then agreed, Sure let's go.

Saphira lifted him up and onto her back where, once he was situated so as not to fall of, she took off gently gliding over the water before diving in and surfacing elsewhere. They swam for quite a long time because Saphira had gotten lost in her thoughts as they enjoyed the water.

She was thinking about the past and of the solace that it offered sometimes. Back then they had many friends but now it was just her and Eragon and nobody, other than Eragon, knew of her own inner plights and troubles. She kept swimming around when she was brought out of her thoughts by Eragon saying something.

"... that. What is it?" Eragon stated.

What? Saphira turned her head to face Eragon, who was on her back again, only to see him pointing ahead of them.

Saphira turned her head back around and saw some sort of ball shaped object seeming to float yet sink at the same time. They swam closer to the object of intrigue to get a closer look at it and sure enough it was ball shaped and seemed to float and sink at the same time.

Eragon looked at it and saw that it was crystal like and solid all the way through. There was also something inside of it but it did not emit any sort of energy nor did it have a mind it just seemed to be swirling with something. Curiosity taking hold Eragon reached out and pulled the strange object in, which was no bigger than both his fists together.

A few minutes later Eragon and Saphira were back on the beach looking at the strange object wondering what it was. Eragon had tried everything he knew to attempt to identify the object but nothing seemed forth coming at all. Soon Eragon despaired in trying to figure it out with just him and Saphira so he consulted the Eldunari.

Galedr-elda, Umaroth... he started.

Yes, Eragon, what is it?" Glaedr answered back.

Glaedr. Saphira and I found a strange object while we were out swimming and we have tried everything we could think of to figure out what it is. So far nothing we have done has yielded anything. Here's the object. Eragon then sent an image of the object to the Eldunari, to which there seemed to be a collective gasp come from all the Eldunari at once. The gasp echoed for a bit in Eragon's mind before dissipating after a few seconds.

Eragon... Do you not know what you have found? Umaroth asked.

No I don't... What have I found? Eragon replied in turn with wonderment and even more curiosity setting in on him.

What you have found is something only thought to have existed in ancient lore and legend. That object is a condensed Eldunari or as some call it, 'Skulblaka Raso' or Dragon Soul. Glaedr said in great wonderment at how such an object could even exist.

A... Dragon soul? Is that like the Eldunari? Eragon asked and suddenly felt a bit stupid for asking.

In a way it is like an Eldunari but unlike the Eldunari when a Dragon expels both Eldunari AND Dragon Soul the Dragon is not gone entirely but they are not whole either. Their mind is in the Eldunari but their soul resides within the Skulblaka Raso. If something like this is out here then... I don't know what's going on. If you find more of them be sure to grab them. They may be crucial for something later on... The elves have found a strange book whose script they can not decipher. I still think that it is interesting to find a Dragon Soul here when such a thing has not existed for many years. Umaroth said slightly interested yet more curious than anything.

Eragon withdrew from the Eldunari and looked at the stone that he and Saphira had found. "A Dragon Soul..." Eragon said aloud.

Saphira flinched slightly but remained calm before asking anything.

This thing is a... Dragon Soul?

Eragon looked at Saphira then at the crystal sphere before answering, Yeah. At least that is what Glaedr and Umaroth said it was. They said that if we find more of them that we should get them and take them with us.

Saphira studied the object for a moment and saw the colors shift from their swirling Emerald and Brown to the form of a green dragon before dissolving into formless clouds within the stone again. Surprised by this Saphira pulled her head back from it before looking at Eragon.

A Dragon Soul... I've never heard of such a thing. Not even in my own ancestral memories. Saphira said wondering why she had not seen such.

Eragon on the other hand picked it up and put it into a leather pouch at his side. For safe keeping and to keep others if we find more. Saphira nodded her head to Eragon's statement.

After stashing the Dragon Soul the two of them boarded the ship again. Saphira curled up on the deck while Eragon walked over to the nearby railing to stare out across the ocean. As Eragon stared out across the ocean from the stationary ship he began to think of what he had just found out.

Blodhgarm and the other elves showed up a few hours later. Most of them were carrying packs that were full of gathered food from the island. Blodhgarm on the other hand was carrying a pack on his back but in his arms was some sort of book that looked to be far more ancient than the ruins of Vroengard.

"Shadeslayer." Blodhgarm said loud enough for Eragon to hear. Eragon turned to see Blodhgarm approaching with a large tome in his hands. "Shadeslayer I found this tome in some old ruins within the woods of this island. They looked like the remains of a great tower of some sort. We tried to see what it said but we can't seem to understand the language."

"So you brought the book to me? Why?" Eragon asked looking at the book for a moment.

"We figured that you might be able to understand the language written within if not you then perhaps Saphira." Blodhgarm said handing the tome to Eragon.

Eragon took the tome, looked at it for a moment, then said, "I'll see what I can make of it." after that Eragon walked away from Blodhgarm and towards Saphira who was curled up on the deck of the Talita.

Soon enough Blodhgarm and the other elves got the ship moving again towards their destination. Eragon sat down beside Saphira and opened the tome. Upon opening it the pages turned rapidly before stopping on a certain page within the tome itself. As the tome remained on the page it seemed to shrink in size till it was the same size as a normal book.

Slightly surprised that the tome shrunk down to being a book Eragon nearly dropped the tome and would have had he not been used to such strange things happening. He looked at the writing and, oddly enough, could understand it.

"Strange..." Eragon said as he looked at the writing.

What's strange little one? Saphira asked as she turned her head to look at Eragon.

"It's this script in this book... I've never seen it before but I can read it." Eragon said looking up to Spahira then back at the words in the book.

Saphira brought her head around and looked at the book and she too was able to read it but she searched through her ancestral memories only to realize that the text in the book was an ancient language used by dragons.

This is odd. That language is of an ancient language used by dragons many years ago. It was mainly used to record prophecies. Why don't you read what it says. Saphira said looking at the writing.

Eragon looked at Saphira, with a slight curious look on his face, "Yeah alright."

Eragon turned his head back to the book and looked at the writing.

Let's see...It looks like some kind of prophecy...

'Upon the end of Tyrants rule the hero's into exile go.
Forged in the land of old twelve SOULS to be found.
Upon wings of time the old race to return through the bond.
The Sapphire born of dragons and the warrior born of man.
A bond far stronger holds their hearts fast.
An ancient race to be reborn, A darkness to taint the bond.
A new war to fight. A new fate to see. A new land to save.

May the day come when the destined ones come forth on their journey.'

This is a strange prophecy... Even more strange than Angela's. Eragon said to Saphira after he had finished reading the Prophecy to himself and to her.

Well it does sound strange but still there is something about it that sounds familiar to me... Almost as if I had heard it before yet could not remember it. Saphira said looking at the words in the book.

Well whatever it means we'll figure it out, for right now it's getting late and we should get some sleep while the ship makes it's way to where ever we are going. Eragon said closing the book before leaning back against Saphira's belly and getting comfortable.

Saphira draped her wing over Eragon as, she too, made herself comfortable and went to sleep.

During their sleep, well Saphira's sleep Eragon's waking dreams.


Eragon saw himself walking through some vast ruins when suddenly everything shifted and showed him standing before a great tower on a familiar island.

"So the day has come..." a voice echoed out of the air.

Eragon looked around for the voice but there was no one to be seen. He turned back to the tower but saw ruins instead. As curiosity began to set in a shadow, in the shape of a dragon, appeared and said, "I have waited a long time for this day to come..." The shadowed dragon said.

"Who are you?" Eragon asked.

"That is not to be worried about for now. I have come to you to tell you something. You and your dragon suffer from a great loneliness do you not?" The dragon asked.

"Well... yes we do but... we have each other." Eragon said.

"Indeed you have each other but not in the way that either of you so wish..." The shadowy dragon said.

"What do you mean?" Eragon asked confused.

"What would you say if I were to tell you that there WAS a way for you two to be together in the manner of being Mates?" The shadowy dragon asked.

"WHAT? That's impossible. I can't shape shift and in order to do so would drain so much magic that I would be dead before the change was done. Not to mention what Saphira might do to me. Also she's my friend not some romantic being that I can be with." Eragon said his voice betraying him slightly but not enough for the dragon to catch it.

"Very well... I'll return to speak with you again but for now I will speak with your dragon... You are more dragon than you realize... Eragon..." The voice stopped as if it was going to add in a secondary title but it didn't so it remained silent instead.

"Tell me... What would be needed for such a transformation to happen?" Eragon inquired of the dragon.

"I thought that you were not interested in becoming a dragon... young Eragon." The dragon said whimsically.

"Yeah I did but... I want to know what would be needed." Eragon was not going to back down at this point so he decided to get the information no matter what.

"You show a great care and passion for your dragon... Very well I'll tell you but know this... I will place it DEEP within your mind where only YOU can access the knowledge. Understood?"Eragon nodded his understanding of the dragons words.

"Very well... First: Great love for the one who's race you wish to become. Two: Caring and kindness to the one of your love. Three: The gift of self-sacrifice... Sacrifice of your self for the greater happiness of the one you love... these three you have but the last one you do not have..." The dragon said

" What would that be?" Eragon asked

"The last... would be to get the permission of the elders PLUS the twelve Dragon Souls..." To this Eragon saw the dragon lower it's head.

The dragon then vanished as did the ruins leaving Eragon to float in a seamless void of darkness that was replaced with what looked like several stars.

I love Saphira very much that I would do anything for her happiness no matter if I denied my own... I show great caring and kindness to her as well... but what if she does not accept this? Eragon began to think within the depths of his mind behind a barrier so as Saphira could not hear the thoughts.

As Eragon thought he remembered Angela's prophecy from Teirm...

"You shall have a romantic relationship with one of royal birth..." Eragon said aloud... But wasn't that talking about Arya? but that relationship failed... Could it be talking about something else?... or not... Eragon soon became confused with his own thoughts and decided to stop thinking completely.

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