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Morning came all too soon for some but for Eragon, he had been awake for hours just staring out across the vastness of the ocean wondering what the voice had been talking about in his mind. As he stared, while leaning against the starboard side railing of the Talita, he felt at ease with the world around him yet he was still troubled about something... He just couldn't figure it out.

"Eragon," A soft, kind, caring yet firm voice said into his mind. "What seems to trouble you little one?"

Saphira laid her head down close to Eragon and watched as the morning sun rose in the eastern sky. To say that it was beautiful would have been to shame the sight in it's full beautiful glory. The rising sun glinted off the ocean making it look afire and sparkle like a thousand rubies. Eragon smiled at the sight and Saphira admired it for the purity that it was. It also reminded them that each day was a new day and a clean slate to imprint upon the days events.

"Oh it's nothing Saphira. Just some voice in my head wouldn't quit bothering me about some kind of destiny and told me something about that Prophecy that I had read yesterday." Eragon said to Saphira through their mind link. "The voice spoke of that prophecy and something about a future that involved a mate."

Saphira looked at Eragon with one eye and spoke slowly, "My sleep was troubled with such as well. Whomever that voice is it must belong to one of great power to have gotten past the shields of our minds." Saphira raised her head and shook it slightly as if trying to forget the night. "It told me that our future together would bring back a lost race. It said something else but I can't seem to remember it." That last Saphira had lied and she didn't like it one bit. She knew exactly what the voice had said but she did not know how Eragon would react to it.

She looked out across the expanse of ocean and, in her mind, she had rejected the notion of her and Eragon being together in that manner but for some reason the idea of it would not leave her alone. It was as if something were telling her that it was meant to be but her own mind was fighting back with logic stating that Eragon was not a dragon.

Eragon looked at Saphira for a moment and smiled a slight smile that would not have been noticed unless you were paying attention to it, as it were Saphira was not. Eragon climbed up onto the railing and jumped off and into the water below. It was cool and refreshing to him and right now he just had to wait for Saphira to realize.


And there it was. Saphira leaped into the air above the Talita and began flying around before catching site of Eragon. She flew down and, upon seeing that Eragon was alright, she dove into the water sending him rolling on the waves. The waves didn't bother Eragon as he dove beneath them and managed to grab onto one of Saphira's neck spikes. She swam to the surface and launched into the air with Eragon climbing onto her back. In the air she spun around sending droplets of water flying in all directions just before she dove into the water again. She swam under the water then surfaced a few minutes later with Eragon laughing as she burst through the surface of the ocean water and took flight.

As they were flying they were contacted by the Eldunari.

"Eragon, Saphira. Return to the Talita immediately. We must discuss the importance of your most recent discovery of the Dragon Soul." Glaedr said into their minds.

Saphira banked hard right and flew towards the Talita she flew over head before turning around and landing carefully on the deck of the elven ship. Upon landing Eragon got off of her back and sat down on the deck staring at where the Eldunari were magically hidden. Saphira laid down beside Eragon and then began the arduous task of listening to a lecture voice.

"As you both know a Dragon Soul has not been seen in many years and as such they are a curiosity to us. From what our collective memories can tell the Dragon Soul's hold the true power of the dragon to whom it once belonged. Each one holds a power that is unknown to us as of now. We do not know what they are capable of in the right or wrong hands. As such we want you two to keep an eye out for them. If you find one take it and keep it close protect it with your very lives and ensure that nothing happens for them to be taken away." Glaedr said

Eragon drew forth the Dragon Soul that they already had and for a moment he felt the sensation to bite into a chunk of raw meat. This revolted him and yet it also made him hungry.

"We'll do our best." Eragon replied before looking at Saphira who sensed his sudden hunger.

"Seems we've been more preoccupied in regards of that Dragon Soul and the prophecy that we forgot to eat this morning." Saphira said with a slight laugh and smile.

Eragon laughed as well before the two flew off to catch something to eat. At this Eragon surprised Saphira quite well.

"Wish we could find a deer or two, cause right now I want some meat." Eragon said aloud.

Saphira was surprised indeed as she faltered just so slightly in her flight path. It was just enough that Eragon noticed it and would have questioned it had he not known what it was about. He had just stated that he wanted to eat some meat for some strange reason. He shrugged it off and would ask the Eldunari about it later.

They continued flying and Saphira would dive into the water and catch some fish to eat while Eragon would catch a few for himself however he could and she would cook them with her fire. Eragon did not mind nor did she. He took a bite of the first fish and would have dropped from the enjoyment of eating it. It tasted like a rare delicacy on his tongue and he was savoring it.

While he was savoring the taste of the cooked fish he took note of where they were, which was quite a long ways from the Talita. He did not care, he was eating fish and he was with Saphira, whom he began to see in a slightly different light than what she usually was in his eyes.

They drifted along the currents when they saw the first sign of land ahead of them. They did not know how long it would take for the ship to get this far but there was land and it was close. Saphira took to the air and began flying back to the Talita to inform the elves of their finding.

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