Rain: Uh, are you okay?

Me: NO! I wanna work on my Eddsworld OC's story but this song I can't stop listening to keeps making me wanna write Scandinavia and the World.

Rain: Well then why not work on your Apocalypse fic.

Me: I can't!

Rain: Why?

Me: Cause the song is too happy! Forget this, just take this Scandinavian friendship fluff and be happy with it.

Rain: Heh. Sparky The Tomboy does not own Scandinavia and the World or any of it's characters, all she owns is this adorable little drabble.

The three friends were content as they lay happily in the middle of the field, just staring up at the sky. Of course it took a little bit for Norway to calm Denmark who was freaking out over all the glass, flowers, and butterflies everywhere, but it was completely worth it.

Norway smiled and rolled over onto his stomach, resting his head on his crossed arms.

"Hey guys," he said, gaining a 'hmmm' from his companions, "We should do this more often."

"That's an understatement," Sweden chuckled, sighing and closing his eyes, "I think we should just lay here forever."

"But if we did that then we couldn't drink beer anymore." Denmark stated in mock sorrow, even going as far as getting to his knees and putting his arm over his eyes in a dramatic gesture. The other two Scandinavians just laughed at him.

They all lay back down in silence for a few more minutes before Norway once again breaks it.

"But seriously guys, we don't get to relax as much anymore. At least, not together."

The silence once again returns, but this time, with a stiff feeling to it. They were all thinking about it, the past. Their history. They thought about wars, about starvation, about long cold winters. They thought pain, fighting, death. All these things, they passed their minds and suddenly, the day didn't seem so great anymore.

Suddenly, Denmark scrambled to his feet, startling his two friends, and raced over to a random bush. Sweden Norway both shared a confused look, not quite sure what their little friend was doing, but decided whatever it was, they might as well go along with it. When he returned to them, they saw that Denmark was holding in his hand, three bottles of beer.

"Where did you get that?" Sweden asked as he was handed one.

"Does it really matter?" Denmark replied, opening his, "I mean, beer is beer isn't it?"

"I guess your right." The blond shrugged and opened his own.

"I declare a toast," Norway stated, and the three countries held up their bottles, "To peace and a long life full of happiness and bliss."

"And though along the way, there may be pain and hardship, may we continue on living with hope that the days will one day grow to be better once again." Sweden continued.

"And through everything, let us continue to be friends and let nothing get between us that we cannot get over in the past." Denmark finished the cheer.

"SKAL!" They all shouted, clinking their bottles together, and taking a swig of the delicious liquid inside.

Me: …..

Rain: …..

Me: …

Rain: That was um, interesting.

Me: … it was awful.

Rain: No, no, I liked it. I thought it was really nice and had a very good moral to it.


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