Thanks To You

Chapter 1

Behind Those Eyes

Have you ever changed someone's life?

Were they good results? Or... Were they bad?

Did they ever thank you?

Or did they just walked passed you saying

Nothing happened?

Was it hard... Or easy?

The month was September. Late September. The weather was beginning to get a bit chilly. The leaves were slowly turning into wonderful colors.

The city was running really busy. The cars honking at each other, parents walking with their child with hand on hand, trains going by, loud music, and the sweet smell of food in the air...

The tall buildings. On one particular, there on the 3rd to the highest floor, is where everything begins.

"Are you sure it's up this high?"

"I think so..."

The room is dark. But there is light once the door is opened and two figures appear.

"Yep! I believe this is the one!"

The lights are turned on and the figures are now clear to see.

"Heh heh... it's a good thing we hired those guys to bring in all of our stuff!" A cheery voice that belonged to a pink hedgehog with emerald eyes said.

There was a old lady next to her, she was about in her 70s. She was a white hedgehog, with her quills rolled into a bun. Her glasses on her wrinkly face.

"Here, why don't you sit down? I'll bring you your medicine." The young female said.

The other one nodded and went to sit down.

There were still boxes in the floor, and the white sofas were covered with plastic, and most everything else.

The girl got out a glass from a box near the kitchen, and she washed it and filled it with water. Then she took out some pills and gave it to the older hedgehog who was sitting down in her couch covered with plastic.

"Thank you, Amy."

Amy, which is the girl's name, was 16 years old. She was a junior in high school. As you can see, the older hedgehog is her grandmother. They moved from some place far away. Amy, or Amy Rose, was always home schooled. She never went to school with anyone else.

"I'll go and make my bed, then I'll go and do your room. Is that alright, grandmother?"

The older one nodded and smiled, "Thank you. I don't know what I would do without you."

Amy smiled and walked to her new room. It was a decent size for her and the best part about her room is that she had a balcony, and a modern glass slide door. She smiled and slowly opened the door, there was a sudden cool breeze that went on her face.

She smiled as she poked her head out. When she was fully out, she gasped. She could see most of the city, she looked below her and everyone walking on the sidewalks looked like tiny little ants. She giggled to herself and then she looked up at the sky. It was beautiful. The color was orange, mixed with pink at the top. Clouds mixed into the sky... while the sun started to hide from her slowly.

Amy love to watch the sunset. Quickly remembering what she was suppose to be doing, she quickly went inside and kind of forgot to close the door tightly.

She quickly got out some covers and put the first part in her bed, then the second, finally, the third part. She then put on some pillows that matched the color. The color was violet red.

Finally her bed was done. There were lots of boxes on the floor that had her stuff. She would have to deal with that later, but now she had to finish.

She quickly went out of her room and into her grandmother's.

"Sorry, I took so long!" She said apologizing. Her grandmother was in her room, still decent size room.

"It's alright."

Amy quickly helped her do her bed.

After that was done, her grandmother said, "I'll be in my room putting my stuff away.."

"Do you want me to help?" Amy asked.

The older one shook her head, "No, but thank you. I'll call for you if I do."

Amy nodded and went to her room to put her stuff away.

She took out a box and placed it to her bed. She first took out a stuffed old bunny that looked worn out.

Amy giggled, "I still have this..."

She placed it next to her lamp that was on top of a side table that matched her bed. Well every furniture matched her bed. It was a dark brown color.

Then she took out a picture frame, in it was a picture of her grandmother and her. They were in some park, and it was sunset.

She smiled and placed it next to her bunny.

There were many things in that box that were personal to her. One of them was a diary of last year. For Amy, it was filled with stuff she did, stupid crushes, problems, old friends, and many fun things that happened to her.

But the one thing she treasured the most... was a pure rose golden heart shaped locket. She opened it, and inside was the picture, her grandmother said, of her mother.

She never met her. Amy closed her eyes and every night, she would think of how pretty her mother was. Her grandmother always said she was the most beautiful thing on earth. Amy did not know her father. And grandmother never wanted to talk about him, so she never knew how he looked like. She couldn't imagine him just like she did with her mother.

Later her room was done. The walls were dark red voilet., her dark brown bookshelf filled with books, her desk, her laptop, her dark brown desk chair... her closet wasn't filled with clothes like most girls her age would have. It was just a good amount of clothes and her shoes were in a shoe rack. A dark brown full length mirror.. etc.

She gave a 'phew' and walked out the door and gasped. The living room was already done? Everything was in place... well except for some photos in some frames.

"Grandma?" Amy called out.


She was in the kitchen starting to place the pots and pans away.

"You did the living room?"

She nodded.

Amy laughed, "You didn't have to."

"Amy, I may be really old, but I can manage!" The older one laughed.

As they both finished the kitchen, Amy spoke out, "Hm... It's late already, so I can't go and buy food... but it's a good thing we have some fruit! I placed them in the fridge."

They both sat down at the dinner table and ate some fruit.

"Amy?" asked the older one, "Would you please go tomorrow to the store and buy some food? I really don't want to eat fruit!"

Amy laughed and said, "Of course!"

As the day finally came to an end, they both said goodnight and went to sleep. They didn't finish unpacking, but tomorrow they would. Besides it was only Saturday night.

Amy was tired from all of the unpacking and decided to shower. The bathroom was in her room, so she didn't need to leave her room and into the hallway.

It was night and the moon shone with the stars twinkling next to it.

After shower, she dried her hair. Oh, how much better she felt. Her eyes refusing to stay open, she went into her bed and slept.

Somewhere on top of that apartment building...

"You know how important that is to me!" A hushed but commanding voice said.

"Man, that ain't so important! It's just a freakin' bet! Just pay it, man! We ain't gonna find it!" another said.

"The problem is... I need that to pay it! And it wasn't a bet, you idiot! It was a quote, quote 'Loan'. And you know what he does if I don't pay in time."

On top of the ceiling were five guys. It was dark so it looked like if it was like 3 hedgehogs and a hawk along with albatross.

"Let's just go... and find this stupid money." Another said who had a deep voice that could send shivers down your spine.

"Shadow is right," an annoying voice said, "What floor is it, Scourge? What floor did you 'hide' your money?"

"It's on the third to the last floor, Jet." Scourge said annoyed.

"Hurry up!" another said.

Shadow said, "So it's on the third to last floor?"

"Yeah, and it's on this apartment.. I remember that no one lives there... and it's on this room! On the closet thing..."

"You A**hole!" one said.

"And why is that, Sonic?" Scourge asked getting pissed.

"Why the world would you hide that amount of money... in an apartment building!"

Scourge was about to punch Sonic when Jet came in, "Ok, let's just get this over with!"

They all nodded and they got some rope and some gear to go into the balcony to get in. They couldn't go through the main door, because there was security.

Shadow and Sonic went together.

'This is the most stupid thing I've ever done in my life!' Thought Sonic to himself, 'Actually, the most stupid thing I've done is when I was 6 and- OK! Concentrate... to get this over with!'

They both made it to a balcony and Sonic got out a crowbar and started to 'open' the door.

Shadow looked at him with an emotionless face and saw Sonic struggle in opening the door.

Shadow looked at him and he stopped Sonic who was about to faint and Shadow slowly opened the door.

Sonic's eye grew wide, "Oh! I-It was open? ...I was just testing you."

Shadow looked at him and and mumbled, "Idiot."

Sonic frowned and was about to speak when Shadow hushed him.

They both slowly walked inside and Shadow singled him to check the closet. Shadow continued to walk when he stopped at the bed. He didn't mean to... but it grabbed his attention to see who was sleeping.

He then couldn't take his eyes off it. The one who was sleeping like an angel... was Amy Rose.

Her mouth was slightly open and her chest was going up and down slowly from the breathing. She looked like if she had no problems at all. Like if life was simple and happy, that there were no such things as... pain.

Sonic shook his head as he found nothing in the closet. He quickly went over to the next room.

Amy was still sleeping as if nothing was happening and Shadow kept looking at her. He couldn't take his gaze away from her

Suddenly, her eyes started to open slowly. She felt someone was watching her.

Shadow got startled and when she finally opened her eyes, he saw that they were emerald color.

She looked at him with a surprised/tired face. She saw that it's eyes were bright dark red. They continued to look at each other when Sonic came in and said, "I got it! Let's go!"

Shadow quickly reacted and they both left in a flash.

Amy rubbing her eyes she looked around and saw them leave. She quickly got out of her bed and ran to her balcony. She looked up and there was nothing.

She blinked a few times. 'Did I just see two guys... leaving my balcony? And was I really looking at some red eyes? Am I loosing my mind? I thought it was just something in my dream... then again...'

Amy quickly closed the door and went to check on her grandmother. She slowly peeked her head in and saw her asleep. Amy looked around the apartment and saw nothing was missing.

"Strange..." Amy said to herself as she headed back to her room, "They didn't take anything... If they were here, grandmother would have woken up! Then again, either they did their job super good... or I saw things!"

Amy really hoped it was neither... that it was... well, something else besides being crazy, and actually seeing them and not scream or anything!

Amy just sat down in her bed and looked around once again. She sighed as she went under her covers and slowly went to sleep.

At the top...

"I got it!" Sonic said proudly, that is when Scourge came out and covered his mouth.

"Shut up! Give it to me!" He snatched the money and he counted it. Soon he nodded.

Sonic then felt like teasing, "Heh, I really thought Shadow would find it before me! Guess I was wrong! He kept looking at some girl that was sleeping! Ha ha! Stalker!"

Shadow fumed in anger, "Shut the f**k up! At least I-"

"Alright!" Scourge said, "You guys can kill each other later, We have to go... now!"

With that they left the scene.

"Hey... where's Jet and Storm?"

The next day came by... the sun's early rays hit Amy's face. She shut her eyes tighter and turned her face away. Then, slowly she opened them.

She stretched as she sat up. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a baby blue tank top with matching pajama pants. She went into her bathroom to wash her face and got out her pink toothbrush along with toothpaste and floss.

As she looked at herself in the mirror, she remembered the thing from last night. Quickly, after finishing up, she went to the kitchen and saw her grandmother making some hot chocolate.

Amy had her eyes open as she saw her grandmother startled at her sudden appearance.

"Oh! Well, good morning dear! Are you alright? It looks like if you saw a ghost!"

"I um... Grandma... did you hear... or see anything last night?" Amy asked getting closer to her.

The older one frowned and thought. She slowly shook her head, "No... I don't think so... Why? Did you see something?"

Amy didn't want her to be worried so she shook her head, "No... Must have been a bad dream, I guess."

After a short breakfast, Amy went to her room and got dressed.

"Grandmother! I'll be going to get some groceries! Would you like something special?"

"Hm... No.. You have your list right?"


"Alright then.. Just be careful! And call me if there's any trouble."

"Ok. Well! I'll see you later!"

Amy went up to her and gave her a kiss at her right cheek and left.

Amy hummed a tune while waiting for the elevator to go down. Finally, after it felt like forever, the elevator stopped.

She got out and went out of the large glass doors.

After a long time, she was done with everything. She was just carrying two paper bags filled with food.

She was walking down the street. It was pretty busy. People bumping into each other.

Amy tried her best to not bump to people, she wasn't having to progress going to anywhere. Not far to where she was, were the same guys from the night before.

Scourge looked up and a smirk came across his face. The back of his right hand hit Sonic, who was talking with some random girls, that way he could get his attention.

"Hey, Sonic."

"And I was like, Oh no you didn't and they were like- UGH! What!"

The girls rolled their eyes and left.

"Hey! Wait! You didn't hear what she said! UGH! Scourge! I hate you!"

"Whatever, you're never going to get anyone... your sorry lame a-"

"What is it that's so important?" Sonic interrupted him.

Shadow, Jet, and Storm looked up to what Scourge wanted to say.

"Check out that pink girl over there." Scourge said with an evil grin.

"What?" Sonic asked, "You want her or something?"

Scourge glared at him, "Pff no! She's an easy target! Look at her... letting people pass by her. Her clothes look like a good brand... That must mean she gots cash..."

Sonic grinned evilly, "Yeah... We all can't just go there..."

"I'll do it."

They turned around and saw Shadow, who was leaning against the wall.

Jet scoffed, "Sure whatever."

Shadow looked up and started to head over to her.

He went over there and "accidentally" bumped into her.

"Watch it." He said coldly to her.

But to his surprise she answered back, "I'm sorry! I just can't get out of this crowd!"

He stopped and looked back to her. Her wallet was in his hand. And it seemed thick.

Amy looked at him and suddenly she noticed something. "Hey... Um... have we met before?"

He stared at her and something about her... also brought something back.

"No. Leave me alone." With that he started to walk away.

Amy shrugged and was about to head off when he called her.


Amy turned around and saw him throw something to her. It was.. her wallet?

Amy's eyes grew wide, "B-But how?"

"You dropped it. Better stop being so careless next time."

With that, he walked away.

Amy secretly thanked him, "Thank you..."

As Shadow got back, he was greeted by lots of glares of daggers ready to stab him.

"Why the hell did you do that!" Scourge yelled in fury.

"Yeah! That wallet looked THICK!" Sonic said to him.

"Leave me alone, Faker." Shadow said pissed.

"Going soft, Shadow?" Jet teased.

"Yeah! You would definitely never do that! What's wrong with you? Next time I'M going take way that money." Sonic glared at him

"Bro, you know what we could have bought with that? Fang or Nack or whatever he goes by, we would have bought some... you know..." Jet said doing some smoking signals.

"Or some-" Storm started

"Whatever. I'm going home." Shadow said, "No feeling well."

"Of course not.. you just did the most stupid thing ever!" Scourge said

Shadow just left.

Amy finally saw her apartment and went to her floor. But she couldn't stop thinking about that guy. He looked familiar... yet not. He gave back her wallet she "dropped".

Amy sighed as she entered the kitchen.

The day went by pretty quickly. That night, when her grandmother and Amy were eating, Amy asked a question.

"Are you going to home school me?"

Her grandmother looked up and shook her head, "No... I.. I'm getting too old for that... I guess it's time for you to meet new people... and start making more friends."

Amy was kind of disappointed. She looked down at her plate and started playing with her food. Then, Amy looked across the table, where her grandmother was at.

"I understand. Do... do I start tomorrow?"

The grandmother nodded, "Yes, I even have the directions so that you can go. You take the subway, okay?"

The pink hedgehog nodded, "Yeah."

The night came and Amy was on her bed. She looked at the ceiling up high and sighed. 'I wonder what a real school is...'

Amy sat up and went up to her full length mirror. She looked at herself and put her hands on her hips, "I bet it isn't so bad! I'm going to be just fine! Little nervous, but everything will turn out great!"

She felt a sudden confidence in her. Amy smiled and looked at her locket and opened it, "I'm sure mother would be proud of me... some how."

Across the city...

"What's wrong with me?" Shadow said to himself. He was shirtless with just some pants on as he continued to ponder around in his room. He had some sort of alcohol in his hand and he drank it.

He was in his apartment... but.. let's just say it wasn't the best. Ok, it looked hideous! Everything was messy, food on the floor, the walls... were... erm... not in good shape. Everything was like super small.

Shadow laid down on his bed, hearing sirens right outside his window.

"I can't be going soft... I never do! I'm probably going to be the talk of tomorrow... This is the first time this has happened to me! This has never happened before." He was really angry towards himself that he threw the glass across the room and it shattered in little pieces once it made contact with the wall.

Shadow gave an irritated sigh and thought, 'At least I won't ever see her again...'

But... he was so wrong about that.

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