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Thanks To You

Chapter 6


Amy was done. She looked at herself in the mirror. Nothing much. Simple. She wore a simple navy tank and on top of that was a PINK hot pink hoodie. Underneath her was dark navy blue jeans and on her feet were leather boots. She went out of her room to get her leather purse. She walked up to her grandmother who was resting.

"Grandma..." Amy said quietly.

The older one started to open her eyes, "Yes?"

"I'm going to have the rest of the evening to Cream's house. You know her right? The little six year old? With the... blue chao?"

The older one nodded, "Yes. I believe so..."

"I'm just letting you know... if there's anything you need, just call me and I'll come over as soon as possible, kay?"

Her grandmother smiled and said, "Thank you Amy. I will. And have fun."

Amy smiled and said, "Ok."

She walked out of the room and went straight to Cream's.

She rung the door bell and waited for the answer.

Vanilla opened the door and smiled at Amy, "Come in, dear."

Amy nodded and walked in. Cream was in the couch coloring with Cheese.

"Cream! Guess who's here?"

Cream's eyes shot open as she saw Amy.

"Miss Amy~!" Cream smiled as she ran up to her and hug her.

Amy giggled, "Hey Cream, Cheese! Ready?"

They both nodded enthusiastic. Vanilla smiled, "Have fun~!"

Amy got Cream's sweater and all three of them left.

As they went down the elevator, Cream asked Amy, "Miss Amy~! Where are we going to? Where?"

Amy giggled, "Where ever you want~!"

Cream grinned.

Cheese flew all around them, "Chao! Chao!"

"Ok, where do you want to go?" Asked Amy once they stepped out of the elevator.

"Hmm..." Thought both Cream and Cheese, "I know! Lets go to the park and have a picnic!"

Amy said, "Cream... I didn't bring anything for a picnic."

Cream frowned, "Then... lets just go to the park~!"

Amy smiled, "Ok."

They walked together towards the central park. When they got there, they decided to walk around and see the pond.

They were in there for a hour and a half.

"That was fun!" Cream said. The sun was setting and the air felt cooler.

"Its getting a bit cooler, Cream and Cheese. Would you all like some hot chocolate?"

"Chao! Chao!" Cheese said happily.

"I guess that's a yes." Amy smiled.

They both walked up to a near by Starbucks and ordered some hot chocolate.

They sat down a table and drank and talked.

"Mmm! Mm! Mm!" Cream said, "This is very yummy!"

Amy smiled, "Yeah... I'm glad you liked it."

"I can make some hot chocolate, too. And I make some super yummy cookies~!" Cream grinned.

"You do?" Asked Amy.

"Yep. My mother taught me to. What did your mother teach you, Miss Amy?" Asked Cream randomly.

Amy tried to smile, "To be confident about yourself... and to always smile even when the day seems gloomy."

Cream giggled, "That's what my mother taught me, too! Did your mother teach you to make cake?"

Amy shook her head, "No... but my grandmother did."

"Do you have a father? I don't know where mine is. Mother said he left. But I don't know." Cream said thinking out loud.

"I um... I believe I do..." Amy said slowly.

"Do you ever get angry?" Cream said suddenly

"Yes. And when I do... you really don't want to get near me."

"Ok. I won't try to make you mad, Miss Amy." Cream smiled.

"Don't worry. You won't."

"Hey Miss Amy..." Cream said to her.

Amy said, "Yeah?"

Cream whispered to her ear, "I talked to the boy I liked, today!"

Amy smiled, "Really? What did he say?"

Cream frowned, "He only wanted to borrow my crayons!"

Amy chuckled, "Oh... Really?"

As soon as they finished their chocolate, they left the place. It was getting dark and they quickly began to walk to the apartment.

Once they found it, they walked inside. Suddenly Cream said, "Miss Amy! Something is wrong with my sweater! I think I placed it wrong!"

Amy knelt down and place her purse next to her, "Alright. Lets see. Oh, its on backwards. I guess after we left, you placed it on wrong..."

Amy took off Cream's sweater and placed it on right.

"Alright lets go!"

All three of them went up the elevator and soon there was a knock at Cream's door.

Vanilla opened the door and saw that it was Cream, Cheese, and Amy.

"I had a great time, Miss Amy~!" Cream smiled.

"Thanks so much, Amy." Vanilla smiled.

"Heh.. no pro... blem..." Amy's eyes grew wide. Her heart started to go at a faster rate. She touched her sides and shoulder. Nothing.

"O-Oh no!" Amy cried, "Ah I must have left my purse down stairs! Sorry, guys! Bye~!"

Before they could say something, Amy left in a dash.

'Wow... How could I be so stupid to leave my purse... and to make things worse... in the lobby~!' Thought Amy to herself.

She went down and started to search for it. It was no where to be found.

"Ok, calm down, Amy." She said to herself, "Ugh, its only a purse... nothing important there..."

She looked around more until she decided to ask the front desk.

"Erm... Excuse me..." Amy said to the young man in front of her. He was a bit older than her.

"Yeah?" He said.

"Have you seen a purse here lying around? I left it here..."

He chuckled, "Oh you mean this one?"

He held out a leather purse.

Amy blushed in embarrassment, "Y-yeah. Thanks."

He smiled, "No problem."

She looked at him, "I've never seen you here... You're new or something?"

He shook his head, "No... I just came here to visit my father... He's the owner of this place."

Amy nodded, "Oh..."

With Blaze and Rouge...

Rouge and Blaze were in the car. And Rouge was singing.. very... erm...

"No you didn't have to stoop so low~! Have your friends collect your records and then change your number~~! I guess that I don't need that though-! Now you're just somebody that I used to know!"

Blaze covered her ears while she hissed, "Rouge! Turn your voice off!"

Rouge stopped singing and looked at her friend who was in the passenger seat.

"Oh... heheh oops! Sorry, Blaze its just that- OH MY GOSH IS THAT AMY!?"

Rouge stopped the car and both her and Blaze looked out the car's window and saw Amy... talking to some guy?

They both got out of the car and then clearly saw that it WAS Amy.

Surprised, they walked inside.

"Yeah... I guess so..."

"Amy?" Blaze and Rouge said at the same time.

Amy turned around and saw that it was Rouge and Blaze, "What are you guys doing here?"

"We were going to... Ash's party... when we saw you." Rouge said.

Amy smiled, "Well then, have fun~!"

"I know you're done." Blaze said crossing her arms.


"Your little play thing with the little one."

"Oh... um.." Amy nervously did.

"Yeah... just as we thought." Blaze smiled, "So are you coming or are you coming?"

Amy looked at them, "I can't go like this!"

Rouge rolled her eyes, "You look O.K. Let's go!"

"B-But my grandmother! I think she's probably worried about me."

With Amy's Grandmother...

"zzzz ZZZZ ZZZZZZ zzzz ZZZZZ zzz" Yep. She was snoring all the way. Dang, she must be tired!

With Amy...

"It's alright! You have her number, right?" Blaze said.

"I do... but... I don't drink."

"You're too much..." Rouge sweat-dropped, "Just come on! Ok, you just be there ok? At least we'll have someone to drive us home~!"

Amy hesitated but gave in, "Fine." She mumbled.

Both Blaze and Rouge quickly began to drag her out of there and into their car.

Rouge was on the driver's seat, Blaze on the passenger seat.. and Amy on the back.

"What's so great about theses things? Isn't it a little bit too early?" Asked Amy while putting on her seat belt.

Blaze turned her head so that she was facing Amy, "First of all its fun, gets your mind off of things, and second of all... better to be early than late!"

"O.K~!" Rouge said putting on the radio, "Enough! Let's sing~!"

"No!" Hissed Blaze.

"Oh, C'mon, Blaze~! Just one song?"

"Fine." She crossed her arms and sat back.

Rouge gave an evil laugh and turned on her radio.

"Can we fall, one more time? Stop the tape and rewind!" Rouge sang along with the radio.

"Rouge, that's enough..." Blaze hissed.

"Oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade, 'Cause there is nobody else~~!"

"Rouge don't-!" Blaze screamed.

"It's gotta be you-uu~~! Only you! It's got to be you-uu! Oh only you!"

Rouge began to laugh and lowered the volume, "I'm only kidding! Geez, do you really think that's how I sing? I'm not that bad!"

Blaze sighed, "Kk, fine."

Amy just smiled and said, "You do this a lot, Rouge?"

Rouge grinned, "Yep. Just to annoy Blaze. You know I love you, Blaze~!"

Blaze just rolled her eyes while shaking her head..

"Ok, off we go." Rouge sped up.

"Geez, calm down, Rouge!" Amy said.

"You'll have fun, Amy. Trust me." Blaze smiled.

"Ugh..." Amy mumbled.

Chapter six done. Sorry for the terrible wait. I doubt anyone likes this! Ugh... stupid Drama and school life! I want to be in Kindergarten again! :'c