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There was nothing to see. Nothing that is, except an iridescent blue light. It filled the mind with a sense of eternity and nothingness. Horror crept throughout Alec's body, welling up and threatening to spill out.

The room he was in was steel and rusted over, nothing was there. Except the feeling that was pure horror. There was no sound, only it felt like there was, like all the creepy songs Alec had ever heard.

The sound of drums building up in the background, thundered away, like something was coming closer and closer. Then it stopped, and Alec saw...Rather he felt the deaths of all the millions of people, the fragility of it all.

And all Alec could do was run, he couldn't see where he was running, for after opening the door, the light had burst and gone out. He would smash into a wall, then turn. It was like a maze of steel rusted wall after another; Alec didn't know where he was going, he just knew he had to go. But the thing kept coming closer and closer, until he felt its claws of death on his shoulders.

But the light, the light burnt it away long enough to let Alec run through it. The floor slipped away from Alec, and he fell.

Blinking he saw Magnus' face, but like he was staring through a window shaped like his eyes. He smiled at the familiar face, but just then the claws grabbed him again, pulling Alec down into the abyss. Alec kicked and scratched. The claws made their way up Alec's legs and across his stomach. NO! No, he was dying! He couldn't die! No-!

"MAGNUS!" Alec woke with a jerk, screaming in fear. Strong arms came around his body, and Alec realized he had had the dream again. Collapsing in Magnus' arms, he cried. He didn't know why he cried, he just did. Maybe it was fear. But the feeling the fragility and futility froze its way into his soul, and he couldn't forget it.

He had been having these dreams for weeks now. Weeks had passed since he had come out of his possession, and people asked him what it was like. He described it to them, the iridescent blue light. Running and running. It hadn't felt like he was running for five years, but apparently he had.

Everything in his dream was what had happened, except that in the dream he hadn't fought off the creature with every ounce of strength he had left in him, he died.

Magnus was worried about his lover. It had been weeks since he had come back, and his eyes still hadn't gone back to normal, and the nightmares. Magnus held Alec gently but firmly, letting him know he was there, but he wasn't there to kill.

The nightmares scared Magnus, the books he had read on possession's all said this was not a good sign, that the daemon was still clinging to the soul. The thing was Magnus had preformed everything correctly; Post-possession magic and everything. He even tried to do it several times after the fact, but the nightmares would never stop coming. And it was the same one every time. The running, the claws, everything was the same.

Alec slowly slipped out of his arms, and mumbled something like he was going to get a glass of water. Magnus sighed, and settled back into bed. He knew Alec wasn't coming back.

Something scary occurred to Magnus as he drifted back into sleep. The fact the Alec never called the nightmares, nightmares. It was always Dreams. Dreams were good though, right? And Nightmares were bad.

Magnus shook his head, it was probably nothing.

It wasn't that Alec liked the dreams. It was more that he wanted to feel the feeling of it again. Because he could never grasp the feeling he had, except when he was in the dream himself. That wasn't weird, was it?

To want to feel adrenaline again, didn't mean you were a junky right?

As Alec settled into the couch, still bleary eyed from being rudely awakened from his sleep, he thought that, It couldn't be that bad to ask God for the dream again every night, just to feel the feeling again. Turning on the television, Alec turned it down low as not to wake Magnus up again.

At least, Alec thought, He still had Magnus. At least he still cared about Magnus.

For Alec, though, it still felt like he was 18 years old instead of 23. Though his body knew how to preform certain moves he had learned and mastered and made up, his mind was behind. His mind was stuck in 18 year old Alec, while his body was not. To him it felt like Magnus had broken up with him just a few weeks ago, and now they were together again.

Shaking his head, he tried to concentrate on the Mundane news.

It wasn't like Alec liked the Dreams. No. He just wanted to feel the deaths of millions of people under his control again. He wanted his soul to be unfrozen enough to feel again.

And he would do whatever it took.


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