Hello! Me again! And with what? The Sequel to Fading! So read and review it to your heart's content! To keep with the theme of the last book, I will be switching P.O.V.s through out the story. So, enjoy the first chapter in Riku's P.O.V.!

It has been two years since since I set out to find a way to bring my best friend Sora back from the Darkness. Everyone had split up after we left that place the Organization had taken us to. Xion and Axel left first, not sure where they went, don't really care. Namine and Roxas left to go search on their own for a safe way to stop all Darkness in general. The three Masters' Terra, Aqua, and Ventus left in search of Vanitas, they plan to bring him down once and for all. Now I am left with my second best friend Kairi. We both are searching for a way to bring Sora back to the Light.

"Where are we again?" asks Kairi. It has been two years since we lost Sora. Two years, and we have grown two years older. Both Kairi and I have waist length hair now. Mine is still silver and kind of shaggy, but I prefer to put in in a pony tail at the nape of my neck, to keep it from getting in the way while I'm fighting.

I also wear the same kind of pants, just longer, and a black V-neck long sleeved shirt. Kairi wears her violet hair in a long Indian braid down her back and wears a red zipped up vest with long sleeves and the collar zipped up over her neck and black leather skinny jeans with black knee high boots. "We're in Radiant Gardens." I answered plainly.

"Do you think we'll ever be able to bring Sora back?" she asks, looking down, "It's just, I mean, it's been two years, Riku.." I sighed, "I told you before, Kairi, I believe we can find and save him. You have to believe it too. Because I know you want him back as much as I do."

She sighed, "Yeah, you're right. We'll be able to find and save him. Eventually." I sighed, inwardly groaning. Does she have to be like this? I'm trying to save my best friend from falling through endless Darkness forever and she has to act like this? I miss when she was enthusiastic and believed we could and would save him everyday since he disappeared!

I sighed again, no use dwelling in the past. Sora is out there somewhere, probably having forgotten even who he is, and I'm wishing for things to go back to normal. I have to stop that, and work on finding a way to save him. We had walked around Radiant Gardens for hours, and still no sign of a way to get to Sora.

Also, this world had been evacuated last year, because of an outbreak of Darkness. Now no one lived here. Come to think of it, I don't even know who had escaped, I have no idea if Leon and the others had gotten out. I have no idea where to look for them either.

I'll just keep my mind on finding Sora. That is the big picture here. Saving my best friend. So we searched around the shop place looking for evidence of a whole where the Darkness supposedly came through. "Think we should split up? And signal each other if we find something?" asks Kairi. I smile, "Great idea, Kai. Go for the place where Leon and them hid and everywhere on that side. I'll take here."

"Got it." and with that Kairi summoned her Keyblade and turned it into her Keyblade Rider and zoomed away to where she was assigned to look. I kept looking around the shop place for an clues on how the Darkness got here. Two years and I haven't had an encounter with Xemnas. He did say he'd be seeing me again. But when exactly did he plan to show up? It's been two years since then! Is he trying to surprise me or something? Wait two years then simultaneously show up? Man that guy is lame!

I sighed, having not found anything here, and started walking to the other side of the world, in hopes of finding something there. After three more hours of searching Kairi and I regrouped, having not found anything between us we decided to get out of this toxic waste land.

Just as I had summoned my Rider something hit m in the back of the head. "Ow!" I yelled whirling around to punish whatever had attacked me. Kairi looked around in confusion. She didn't know what had hit me either. I looked around the ground for the weapon that struck me and found a small fully round sea shell. A sea shell? In this place? There isn't even a sea around here!

"A sea shell?" asks Kairi in confusion. I nodded. "But there isn't even a sea around here." she sighed, "Who would throw a sea shell at you? Who would even have a sea shell in the first place?" "My thoughts exactly. Someone else is here, and not from this world." I said, taking a quick sweep of the area. I didn't see anything. But I knew someone was here.

Just then another sea shell was thrown at me. Only this time it hit me right in the face. Kairi giggled softly and I glared at her and picked up the sea shell. It's the same type as before. I sighed, now I know someone is here and messing with us. Or rather, messing with me.

Another sea shell was thrown and it hit my forehead. "Okay, that's not funny." I grumbled as I went looking for my assaulter. Kairi followed me, obviously trying not to laugh, but giggling terribly. I sighed, what's wrong with people today? As I kept walking I kept getting sea shells thrown at my face. Was this person literally trying to make me want to strangle him?

Another shell was thrown and I caught it before it hit my face and examined it. "The same?" asks Kairi. "The same." I nod. She giggles as another one is thrown and hits my chest. I growl and look around for the person who keeps throwing shells at me. I saw someone small run quickly behind a wall and made my way there.

Kairi looked at me questionably. "Saw someone run over here." I answered without looking at her. She nodded, not that she really cared, because she was still giggling. I made my way over to the wall and no one was behind it. I frowned, "I know someone was-" I said, getting caught off when I saw someone run the other way behind another wall.

"What is it, Riku? I don't see anyone." says Kairi looking around. I head for the other wall I saw the person go to. I looked behind and I didn't see anyone. Okay, now I'm getting annoyed. Then a shell hits me in the face again. Now I'm pissed. I round another corner and again I had just missed the person who fled to another wall, also throwing sea shells at me again.

I ran after the person with Kairi trailing behind me. More sea shells were thrown at me and Kairi too now. Who has this many sea shells? There isn't even a sea here! I kept going, but I was getting real tired of this game. Whoever keeps throwing the shells at me better come out now before I get really angry.

Kairi saw the person this time too and she raced beside me, as we both try to catch the person throwing sea shells at us. Eventually we got tired and sat down, leaning against a wall. "Let me see those shells." says Kairi looking at me. I hand her the shells questionably. She examines the small foreign objects with intensity.

"What is it, Kai?" I asked her. She shook her head and gave me a stern look. "Look at this!" she said, shoving the shells in my face, "They're the same kind!" "The same kind of what, Kairi?" I asked, pushing the shells out of my face. "Riku!" she said annoyed. "What?" I asked, equally annoyed with her tone.

"Don't you realize?" she asks. I gave her another confused glance and she glared at me. "The Islands! The Islands, Riku!" she said, examining the shells again. At first I was still confused about what she was going on about, but then it hit me. The Islands. Our Islands. The shells are from our Islands!

"Those are from the Islands?" I asked. She nodded and looked at me. "Who would have shells from our Islands, Riku?" she asks with an expression of pure confusion. "I'm not sure, Kai." I answer, "There isn't a way Selphie or the other residents of the Islands could make it over here." "Yeah, that's true. But, then who?" she asks, looking at me for an answer again. I shook my head, "Not sure, Kairi. I'm really not sure."

She looks annoyed because she doesn't know the answers to everything. She always over thinks everything. "So, it's someone from our Islands, here, throwing shells at us? That doesn't make any sense." I grumbled. She nods, "I know. But who is it? Why are they throwing shells at us?" "Like I said. I'm not sure." I said tiredly.

She looked frustrated. As we both are, I just don't show it as much as she does. She sighs and hands the shells back to me. I take them and put them back in my pocket and stand up again, ready to get the assaulter and make him pay for throwing those shells at my face.

Kairi stands too and we both set out to find the shell thrower. We kept walking for a little while more and then shells were being thrown again. I sighed and took off running in the direction the shells were coming from. Kairi follows after me, but she isn't as far ahead as I am.

I get around a few corners and catch someone running from me. I sigh, sucked in my breath and ran faster. Kairi tried to catch up with me. I kept running even though shells came at me and I kept after the kid. I had realized it was a little kid who was throwing those shells at me. A little kid from our Islands? Impossible.

I kept after him with Kairi a little ways behind me but the kid was moving pretty fast. Why does this remind me of playing tag as a kid with Sora? Sora was always faster than me until I hit my growth spurt. I kept running, shaking my head to refrain from letting my mind drift to my memories with Sora and Kairi on the Islands.

I kept running after the kid, Kairi finally catching up to me. "Kid's fast." I breathed. "It's a kid?" she asked. I nodded and she returned my nod and we kept after the kid, who inevitably kept throwing sea shells at us. They also remind me of the shells Sora used to collect as a kid. Stop that!

I kept running after the kid and eventually I got close enough to grab him, but he ran faster than I could grab and he got away. I got close to him again a minute later and I did grab a hold of the back of his white and blue T-shirt and breathed, "Stop running away!"

Kairi caught up to me and gasped when she saw the kid I had turned to face us. I gasped too and my eyes went wide. The skid has very spiky brown hair, deep ocean blue eyes, wearing a white shirt with blue short sleeves and blue shorts with brown sandals.

Kairi was speechless and she starts to cry. I haven't seen her cry in two years. Not since we told her what happened to Sora and why he wasn't there with us then. I couldn't seem to get my eyes to stop watering. This kid, he... "S-Sora...?" I gasped. The little five year old boy looks up at me with confusion. "How do you know my name, Mister?" he asks, tilting his head the same way Sora does when he's confused.