Chapter 26! The final chapter to Falling Inside The Black! In Riku's P.O.V enjoy! And yay! 100 reviews! :D

Sora cried for hours once he realized she really wasn't coming back. He had poured his heart out to her to try and get her to stay, but she still left. And to make the hurt worse, she broke up with him before she had left. "Sora, please don't cry." says Xion. She's been trying to cheer him up ever since Kairi left in the corridor. It's been four hours since then. He just can't stop crying. We can all tell his heart is aching for her return. Even I can see that he feels like he's going to die if she doesn't come back.

But We all know she won't. She's sealed herself away. And that just hurts more. He just can't stop crying! Eventually we got him to calm down and he takes a look around. Roxas was almost as messed up as he was, he just keeps his emotions hid better than Sora does. He sighs and stands up. "Sora?" asks Xion, "Where are you going?" "Xehanort and the New Organization still need to be taken down." he said with a small smile.

"But, Sora.." she said in worry. We're all worried he won't be able to fight safely with Kairi being gone, and we know he can't. But that doesn't stop him from trying to show us he can. And he's wrong. He wants to prove he can handle things like this, but he doesn't need to. What he needs to do is rest. There's no way I'm letting him out of my sight when he's like this."I'm fine, Xion. You should be the one everyone is worried about. You almost died at the hands of Xehanort." He tried to remind us, so we'd stop worrying about him.

"Sora, no." I said, standing up. he looks at me. "You're torn up inside. There is no way you'll be able to fight back against Xehanort. I'm not letting you go anywhere until we're all sure you can handle a fight. There's no way I'm willing to let my best friend die so he can try to show us what we already know to be fake." I said. He glared at me but I know he's just hurt over Kairi, he knows I mean well.

"Riku, I can do this, let me do this. I need to prove to myself I can handle this." he pleads. I shake my head, "No way, Sora. Until you are back on your feet in an emotional sense, you're not leaving without someone with you. I won't let you sneak away to go fight Xehanort and end up dead." He sighed and sat down, grumbling to himself. I shook my head, a small smile living on my lips and sat down beside him once more.

I took a look of everyone, taking mental notes on who to look after. Aqua, Terra, and Ven seem just fine, Axel and Xion are good, Namine's gone along with Kairi, Roxas is torn just as much as Sora. Okay, so it's just Roxas and Sora I need to look after, not too hard.

Not exactly, Riku.

I wince. Ansem. What do you want now?

Isn't it obvious?

Spell it out, old man.

I want you.

Like I said before, pedophile.

I am no such thing!

Oh you're not? I'm sure you are. Have you heard how you talk to me? Pedophile.

That is enough!

Suddenly I can't breathe and everything starts to go dark. I can hear laughter in the back of my mind. NO! I won't let you take control! My heart is still strong! Not strong enough, boy!I gasp, my body starting to feel numb to me. "Riku?" asks Sora in concern. Everyone is looking at me in concern now. I shut my eyes tightly, trying to will my body to move on my command. But Ansem's will forces my body to stand and I gasp, trying to stop him.

I-I won't l-let you!

Listen to yourself! It's taking all your will power just to talk to me! There's no way you can stop me, boy!

I won't let you harm my f-friends!

You won't? Let's test that shall we?

My arm moved without my meaning for it to and I wrapped my hand around Xion's throat. She gasps in pain as my arm raises her into the air, her feet dangling above the ground. "Riku what are you doing?" shouts Sora. "Xion!" screams Axel, quickly standing up. "R-Ri..ku?" Xion coughs, trying to get down. My hand tightens on her throat and I try to force it my other arm to move, but I can't control my own body!

"Riku, put her down!" screams aqua, now standing, along with Ventus and Terra and Axel. Roxas and Sora are standing as well. But I can't move my arms at all. My hand tightens around her neck but it isn't me! I can hear his laughter in the back of my head but I can't do anything to shut it out. "S-Sora...!" I all I can manage without my throat feeling like it's closing up.

"Riku?" he asks, sounding like a scared child. "H-help...m-me...!" I gasp, my throat straining my voice. He's trying to keep me from telling them this isn't me.. Sora gasps, "Riku! Riku's being controlled!" "What?" gasps Aqua. "Riku," he says, seeming more determined than scared now, "Is it Ansem?" I try to open my mouth and say yes but I open my mouth and he keeps my voice from forming the words.

"This is bad." says Aqua, "Ansem's keeping Riku from even speaking now!" "What?" gasps Sora, "We have to save him so we can save Xion too!" Axel tackles me, causing my hand to release Xion, who falls to the ground, thankfully unharmed. "Riku! Ansem's controlling you isn't he?" asks Axel. I barely get my head to nod, but he understands how powerful his hold is on me. How? I've been fighting him for years! How is he this strong?

You belong to me now, boy!

You're crazy if you believe that, old man!

Am I? Look who's controlling who.

Get the fuck out of my head, Ansem!

You can not force me, therefor you have no power. Just give in to the Darkness.

The hell I will!

You will have no choice. You are under my control once again, Riku. And this time you won't escape so easily.

Get the fuck out!

Heh heh heh heh heh heh, you naive brat! You can not order me around, I am the Ruler of Darkness!

Terra pulls Axel off me and he and Ventus pin my arms down. "Don't let him up! Don't worry, Riku, we're going to help you, I promise." says Aqua, looking right into my eyes. My arms moved without my wanting them to and I threw Ven and Terra off, standing once again and raising my arms at them, a dark ball of energy forming in my hand. "Everyone get down!" screams Sora, diving for the floor as the energy ball blasts at them. No one was hit, but I was already creating another one.

"He has to be stopped!" says Terra. "Damn it, Kairi, why leave when we need you the most?" screams Roxas. I aim the dark energy at Roxas. I am no longer in control of anything, I can only watch in horror. Roxas rolls out of the way when it shoots at him and he summons his Keyblade. "Roxas, don't!" cries Sora, "You'll kill Riku!"

"If we do nothing he'll kill us!" Roxas screams at Sora. "Riku's still my friend no matter what! We have to save him!" Sora cries, "I won't lose them both tonight!" "How do we stop him?" asks Aqua. "There must be a way!" says Ventus, never taking his eyes off me. "If it's the Darkness controlling him, then Light should reverse the affects! Give him his will power back!" says Terra.

"The Light! Master Terra you're a genius!" says Sora happily. "I am?" asks Terra in confusion, but goes with it. I aim dark energy balls at Sora and the three masters. "Sora, look out!" yells Xion, pushing him away when the ball is fired, taking the full blast of the hit herself. D-did I just...kill Xion? No! "XION!" screams Axel, Roxas, and Sora in union.

Axel runs to Xion and lifts her into his arms. "Is she okay?" asks Sora, clearly fearing for her life. I fire another energy ball at Sora and Roxas blocks it with Oath Keeper. "Sora! Blast him with Light!" says Roxas. Sora nods and points his Keyblade at me. I would have happily stood still and allowed it, but Ansem forced my body to move away from the blast that Sora had fired at me.

Sora shoots three more and my body dodges them all. I'm glad I didn't see Terra come up behind me and pin me down with the help of Ventus and aqua. "Shoot him now, Sora!" she screamed in desperation. Sora shoots multiple Light blasts at me and it burns my body, causing me to scream, but no sound came from the strain on my throat. Instantly everything goes black, I'm not sure if I passed out or if Ansem took my sight, but I think I passed out.

When I regained my consciousness I was able to move on my own, and I could talk too, though my voice was hoarse. "H-how long...was I...out?" I managed to force out. "Three hours, maybe four." says Aqua, who is sitting right next to me. The others are circled around me, they all looked worried. Then I remembered Xion. "Hows...Xion?" I choked out.

"Xion's...dead..." whispers Axel, his head down, his eyes glued to his hands. I gasped, trying to sit up and Aqua helps me into a sitting position. "Did I...?" I whispered. "Yes." says Axel, looking at me, his eyes aren't hateful like I had expected, "But we don't blame you. We know you've been struggling with Ansem." "H-how?" I asked, "I tried to...hide that..." "Sora told us. He said he could tell the moment you gasped and shut your eyes." says Ventus.

Then I realized, taking a nice long look around, Roxas and Sora are not in the group with us. "Where's Roxas and Sora?" I asked, my voice returning to normal now. "They're still here." says Terra, "They're over there." He points behind Ventus, who is directly across from me. I looked past him to see Roxas sitting on the floor a good few yards away from us, Sora laying in front of him, and Roxas was watching Sora. "What's wrong with Sora? I didn't hurt him did I?" I asked in desperation. Killing Xion hurt, if I had hurt Sora, it would kill me.

"No." says Aqua, shaking her head, "Sora's passed out." "But why?" I asked, facing her now. Everyone was looking at Aqua to explain it to me. but explain what? What is it that I'm not understanding? "What's wrong with Sora?" I asked her again. She looks hesitant, even looks at Ventus for help, who shakes his head at her then looks at me. "Sora..." she sighs, "Sora stole your Darkness, Riku."

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