I Remember You

Misty sat at the Sensational Sisters Autograph table after just finishing one of their swimming routines. She thought becoming a sensational sister would be a dream come true. The adoring fans, the five star hotels, the fame, the glory, but she found out all too soon that it was not what she expected. The rush of hotels and airports, the all too adoring fans who would practicly trample over each other when they saw her at a hotel when all she wanted was to get some form of sleep. And the dieting.

"Uhhh." She sighed at just the thought, she hadn't eaten real food in who knows how long.

She missed camping, she missed training, she missed her pokemon she had no time to even enjoy them because of her strenuous schedule, she missed getting lost in the woods, Hell she even missed Team rocket, them trying to ruin everything might bring some excitement into her hotel to hotel show to show life. But most of all, most of all she missed Ash

Ash just the thought of his name brought a pain to her stomach and a tear to her eye.

The ten year old kid she had fished out of a lake, who then promptly stole or borrowed then destroyed her bicycle had become one of- No The best friend she had ever had.

The way they fought and bickered just to get on each others nerves the way they made fun of each other for making a mistake, losing a pokemon or getting lost made her blush when she thought about it.

She picked on him for fun sure but she always knew how much of a funny, kind, caring, and courageous person he was.

How he would risk anything, even himself to help a person or Pokémon in need.

She told herself in the beginning she was just following him because of her bike but she soon found out that was a lie and that she wanted to go because of him and him alone, because she had fallen for that annoying trainer that would send caterpies to fight pidgeottos.

'Oh yeah' she thought she had fallen for him hard.

But that time has passed. Ash was off being a Pokémon master, probably far busier than she was, if that was even possible. He had probably forgotten all about her.

He was probably off adventuring with Brock and some new friends somewhere in the world discovering new Pokémon every day fighting team rocket and having real fun. She would hear about him every so often, that he had becoming some new league champion, had won some grand tournament, or had saved the world from some pissed legendary Pokémon.

But that's all in a day's work for Ash Ketchum, the youngest Pokémon master in history at only eighteen.

But there was nothing she could do she just had to sit here and be the pretty model she was supposed to be.

What happened to the fiery red head with the mallet she wondered as she looked at herself in picture after picture she autographed.

She went back to autograph after autograph in the middle of her haze feeling bad about herself.

She took a picture of herself that was slid to her from a man who she didn't even bother to look at.

It was a picture of herself in her favorite swimsuit, a sparkly red one piece she seemed so happy in the photo she wondered what had happened to her the joy. It had left her life when ash did it was replaced by the rush and madness of fame.

"So who do I make it out to?" she asked not caring. "Just put from Misty to my best friend ever Ash." A deep voice answered.

She slowly looked up to see that the boy she had fished out of a lake and haunted her dreams had grown into a man. it had been five years since she had really seen him he had finally out grown her but not by much he was about two inches taller than her had slightly tanned skin and from what she could see, puberty had been good to him he was completely toned and looked like he was even trying to work on a beard but had so far only had achieved fuzz but what hadn't changed about Ash was his clothes he wore the same vest, jeans, sneakers, and hat she had fished him out in except they had increased in size.

"Huh I think I broke it." Ash said as he waved his hand in front of Misty's face

"ASH!" She nearly screamed as she snapped out of her confusion and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him over the table and got his vest soggy with her tears of joy.

"It's so great to see you." She said not letting him out of the embrace.

"So you didn't forget about me." Ash said as he wrapped her arms around her back in return

"Of course not. You're the best friend I've ever had. And I've missed you so much. More than you'll ever know." She said finally releasing him from the hug.

"Well why don't you tell me?" Ash asked.

"What?" Misty questioned

"Let's go and hang out just the two of us it will be just like old times."

"Well I don't know I have to be here- "oh please." Ash said smugly as he interrupted her. "I saw your sad face all the way through this line can you honestly say you want to be here more than hanging with your old friend?" Ash questioned with a grin spread on his face.

Misty thought for a second but she knew her mind was already made.

"Your right, fuck this place." She said as she jumped over the table to stand next to her best friend.

"So what do you want to do fir- "FOOD." Misty said as it was her turn to cut off Ash "I NEED REAL FOOD. No salads, no no calorie, no fat anorexia food or any five star restaurant my body has been killing me for some double double bacon cheeseburgers with extra fries and lots and lots of cheese."

"Well if that's what you want that is what you shall receive Misty." Ash said as he mockingly bowed

"Still mature as ever I see." Misty said as they walked out of the crowded lot outside the water theater.