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Chapter One

If somebody came up to you and said that they can see the dead, would you believe them? The answer to that is no. I would have said the same thing two years ago, but I found out the hard way that I really can see the dead.

Hi my name is Chloe Saunders and I'm a Necromancer. What that means is that I can see, talk, and raise the dead. Creepy huh? They way I found out was when I was thirteen I would always beg my mom and dad to take me to Iscream for my favorite ice cream.

One day we were there and all of a sudden I saw the most frightening face you could ever imagine. This face was melted like a candle and his eyes were hanging from his sockets. His skin was fried to the bone and his body was all mangled! I screamed and screamed until my parents took me away from the horrid creature.

My mom knew what happened to me and she explained to me about what I was and what powers I have. It took a couple of days to accept my true nature. From then on I have been training with my mom and learning what I can from her as well.

Now I am fifteen and I am going to a new high school for supernaturals like me. Oh by the way there are way more supernaturals than Necromancers. There are witches, sorcerers, shamans, half-demons, and the scariest of them all werewolves. My mom has warned me about werewolves, but I am not going to judge a book by its cover.

"Chloe! Are you done packing?"

"Yes mom! I'm bringing my luggage down now."

"Make sure you have everything because we need to leave in five minutes."

"Yes ma'am!"

I doubled checked my checklist before carrying my luggage to the front door. I can't believe I get to go to school with fellow supernaturals! Not that I don't like humans, I just need to feel normal instead of being somebody that I'm not. I go to the bathroom to make sure my strawberry blonde hair is still acting right, but of course it didn't stay straight. My hair went from straight to curly in seconds. Oh well.

At least my baby blue eyes never change. My pale skin and my shortness of five foot three on the other hand need to change. Why is it so hard for me to get tan and a little bit taller? I head out of the bathroom to see my dad take the last of my luggage to the car. I follow him outside to where my mom is standing. "You ready to go dear?"

"Yes mom."

"Give your dad a kiss and a hug goodbye then."

I give my dad a kiss on the cheek and a big hug before getting in the car. My mom does the same and tells him goodbye. As we drive off towards the Academy, which is called Supe High School, I see dad waving to us in the rearview mirror. I look out the window for awhile and then I feel myself going to sleep.

I wake up to my mom shaking me awake. "Honey we're here."

I look up to see a huge building surrounded by people. My face must have shown my shock because my mom laughed and got out of the car. I shook my head and got out of the car to get my things. "Mom where do I go to find out where my room is?"

"You go to building B and I'll be heading to building A where the rest of the staff is."

Oh yeah, my mom is the Necromancer teacher. I wonder who the other teachers are.

As we head our separate ways I can't help but look around me. The buildings are so new and big it's just amazing! I find building B and open the doors to the main area. Inside there are a lot of girls from my age to age nineteen.

As I look around I spot a familiar face. "Tori!"

"Chloe! I am so glad to meet you! I saw Liz just a second ago. She told me she saw Rae. If that's so than the whole gang is back together once more!"

"Yay! I hope so. I miss those times."

"Me too! Hey let's go see who our roommates are."


We walk over to where the lists are and find out that we are roommates! We each give each other looks of joy and go up to our room. The rooms look really good. We each get a queen size bed and our own closet and our own desks. The colors remind me of outside. The walls are sky blue and the floor is grass green tile. We go and check out the bathroom to find that it has a two sink counter, a bath tub and a shower, and it has the same colors as the room. Tori and I go back into the bedroom and start to unpack. When we are done I set my alarm clock to 5:30 P.M so we can take a nap before orientation starts. I turn off the lights and go to my bed and lay down. I close my eyes and feel unconsciousness take over. My last thoughts before going to sleep were nothing bad is going to happen.

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