Hinata walked down the hallway blushing timidly. Naruto was in front of her with Sasuke both of them laughing and ranting. Hinata made her way to gym class adjusting her uniform from sagging. Karin ran with her friends to the gym. Hinata changed into her uniform. Hinata smiled a bit but frowned seeing her giant boobs Hinata sighed and slipped on her sports bra and top. She scurried to the gym seeing Sakura and Ino. Hinata begin doing jumping jacks when she fell on Naruto headfirst. Naruto stared at Hinata's boobs =O.O=. Hinata got up blushing i-im sorry Naruto-Kun I didn't meant to fall on you.

Naruto blushed its fine really hey Hinata do you want to hang out after school? Hinata blushed sure I'd love too. Hinata walked in front of the gates of the school waiting on Naruto. There you are Naruto-Kun ^.^ Hinata smiled kissing him on the cheek. Naruto kissed her lips where do you want to go Hinata-Chan? Hinata smiled how about my house ill cook you ramen. Hinata cooked the ramen the steam filling the house. Naruto smiled Hinata was sweet and generous to be cooking for him. Naruto stared at Hinata's bottom it was adorable and plump.

Naruto went up and gently groped Hinata's bottom. Hinata turned around blushing w-what are you doing. Naruto smiled not my fault your too darn cute. Hinata smiled laughing tickling Naruto.

Chapter 2 to be continued