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"Kuuurt! I need fashion advice! I don't know what to wear for my date tonight with Christian!" Blaine Anderson padded out of the bathroom pouting, and made his way over to his best friend's bed.

Christian Brumit was Blaine's boyfriend of 8 months and he was completely head over heels for him. They had met at a fencing class, became friends, and started dating. He was very attractive, with short, dusty blonde hair that he spiked in the front, piercing blue eyes and a fit body. He was much taller than Blaine, standing around 6 feet tall, but that didn't seem to bother either of the boys.

Kurt was Blaine's best friend. They had known each other for their whole lives, their mothers had been friends from college. When Elizabeth, Kurt's mother died, it killed part of Kurt too. Blaine immediately took him up as his protector and labeled himself as his best friend. Soon, that came true. Before Christian, they had been nearly inseparable. But after Christian came into the picture, you would usually see Blaine with Christian and Kurt would be in their dorm room or down at Nick and Jeff's.

Kurt didn't look up from his magazine he was reading. "Where are you going again?"

"Movie and Dinner,"

Kurt nodded his head before setting down his magazine and got up, making his way to Blaine's closet pulling out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a light gray button up.

"Roll the sleeves up 3 quarters," Kurt handed the clothes to Blaine before making his way back to his own bed to continue flipping through his magazine.


Blaine quickly ran into the bathroom again to change and do his hair, reaching for his gel.

"Oh, and leave the gel out!" He pulled back his hand quickly as if it just burst into flames.

'How the hell does he do that?' Blaine thought shaking his head.

While Blaine was changing and preparing for his date, Jeff texted Kurt.

Kuuuurt! Have you seen Nick? He ran away when I suggested to watch Insidious! -Jeff

Well, I don't blame him! Anyways, try checking under the coffee table in the kitchen. -Kurt

Found him! Thanks! Hey, what are you doing right now? -Jeff

Reading the latest issue of the fabulous Vouge, and waiting for Blaine to show me what he's wearing for his date. Why? -Kurt

Perfect! When he's done, wanna come over to my dorm? I invited the other Warblers so we could have a movie night! -Jeff

What about Blaine...? I mean, he is the lead and all... -Kurt

Don't worry about him...he's always missing these bonding nights...always with Christian...*rolls eyes* So, you in? -Jeff

Sure, sounds like fun! -Kurt

Alright, meet in my dorm in 45 minutes! Just wear your PJ's. Since it's a Friday, you can just sleep over! -Jeff

Sounds good! See you then Jeff! -Kurt

Kurt set his phone down on his bed before getting up and made his way to his closet. He pulled off his tight jeans and slipped into a pair of sweats. He sighed at the softness and comfort of the soft fabric against his skin. He pulled off his shirt and threw on a black wife beater and a McKinley Titans football t-shirt.

He checked his hair in the mirror before returning to his bed and grabbed his magazine, immediately indulging himself in the latest Winter wear.

10 minutes later, Blaine emerged from the bathroom and stood before Kurt, arms out while slowly spinning in a circle.

"Soooo, what do you think?"

"Hmm...Christian will love it," Kurt winked.

"What time is it?"


"Oh. I still have 30 minutes before I should even leave,"

Christian went to a public school, just outside of Westerville, his house was just a 20 minute drive away from Dalton.

"What are you planning on doing tonight?" Blaine flopped down on Kurt's bed.

"Well, the Warblers are having a movie night at Jeff's dorm tonight, so I guess I'll go to that,"

"Wait...why wasn't I invited?" The hurt was obviously there in Blaine's voice.


"Kurt, just tell me,"

"Um...they don't invite you anymore...because you're always hanging out with Christian," Kurt bit his lip.

"He's my boyfriend! What do they expect me to do?" Blaine scowled.

Kurt just shrugged helplessly. "I don't know what to tell you Blaine,"

Blaine looked at Kurt intensely. "Do...do you think I spend to much time with Christian?"

Kurt pulled his gaze away from Blaine's eyes and chewed on his lower lip. "Uh, n-no, not necessarily. I mean, you haven't been there with the Warblers lately...But-"

Blaine cut Kurt off, bolting to stand up from the bed, face set in a scowl. "What the hell? I'm their lead fucking singer! What do they mean that I'm not 'there for them'?"

Kurt stayed silent.

"Way to stick up for me Kurt. You know, I thought we were best friends! I can't believe you agree with them! That really proves to me what kind of best friend you are!"

Kurt got up off the bed now, hands on hip, bitch glare in place. "Now hold on a minute Blaine. They have every right to say that! Come on! When was the last time you went to a Warblers get together? Oh that's right! No one can remember because all you do is spend your time with Christian!" Blaine's eyes flared with anger. He opened his mouth to say something, but Kurt cut him off. "No! I don't want to hear it! You spend all your time with your boyfriend! I can't even remember the last time you and I hung out, without the interruption of Christian!"

"What the hell are you talking about Kurt? What about yesterday on our way to Biology?"

"He called you in the middle of my sentence," Kurt deadpanned.

"Well, what about that time when we were studying French in the Libra-"

"Texted you non stop for an hour,"

"Um...how about last weekend when we went shopping?"

"He somehow 'magically showed up' at the mall and was suddenly included in our shopping spree! Face it Blaine! You can't remember when we last really hung out, just the two of us can you? Remember me, Blaine? Kurt Hummel, your best friend since my mother died? I don't know what happened to you Blaine...but I don't know where that kind, respectful, friendly guy is,"

"Kurt..." Blaine suddenly felt really guilty for what he had said.

Kurt held up his hand to stop him. "No. I don't want to hear it. Just go on your stupid date with Christian and forget about us, your friends again,"

Kurt grabbed his phone and stormed out of their dorm room.

Blaine sighed and sat on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands.

After a few minutes, he decided to just leave early for Christian's house, thinking it wouldn't matter if he was a few minutes early. He stood up, grabbed his wallet, keys and phone and made his way out of the dorm.

Kurt made his way down to Jeff's dorm, knocking hard and repeatedly. He knew he was early, but didn't know where else to go.

Jeff came and opened the door, surprised to see Kurt standing there, fuming.

"Umm, hey Kurt. You know you're like 30 minutes early,"

"Blaine and I had a fight and I couldn't be in the same room as him because he was being such a dick and I can't stand his arrogance for more then like-"

"Kurt-" Jeff tried to stop his rambling.

"-2 minutes and I know I'm really early but I can help set up or something-"

"Kurt-" Jeff tried again.

"-I don't care, I just couldn't be in that room any longer with that asshole. If you don't want me here I can just go down to like Trent's room or something and come back later, but-"

"KURT!" Kurt shut his mouth, blushing slightly, looking at the ground.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"Come on in," Jeff motioned to the inside of his dorm. Kurt silently walked in, seeing Nick setting up snacks.

"Hey Kurty-pie!" Nick flashed him a big grin while Kurt rolled his eyes at the nickname.

"Hey there Nicky-wicky!" Kurt smirked at Nick as he grimaced.

"Hey Kurt can you help me blow up these air mattresses?" Jeff asked from the other side of the room.

"Sure!" Kurt made his way over to Jeff and for the next 15 minutes, they blew up all the mattresses and laid them out, talking to his friends the whole time and managing to forget about the recent fight he had with Blaine.

10 minutes before 6, when the marathon was supposed to start, all the Warblers sans Blaine came trickling into the small dorm room, making themselves comfortable on the mattresses.

"KURT!" Wes screamed as he threw himself at the counter tenor, causing him to fall down onto one of the air mattresses.

"Wes! Got off of me!" Kurt groaned under the boys' body weight.

"Wes, get off of Kurt! You're gonna kill him!" David yanked Wes up off of Kurt. Once he stood up, he effectively slapped Wes on the cheek, before running behind Nicholas Hudson, a brown haired, blue eyed new Warbler.

"WHAT THE HELL DAVID?" Wes started chasing him around the room for a good 3 minutes before Kurt got tired of it and stuck his foot out to trip both of the annoying boys as they came his way.

They both fell on top of each other with a muffled 'oof'.

"You guys done being immature babies?" Kurt had his eyebrows raised and his arms folded across his chest.

Wes and David didn't say anything, but nodded, turning to each other.

"I'm sowwy Wessy! Pweese don't hate me! I LOVE YOU!" David flung himself in Wes' arms, mock sobbing.

Kurt along with several other Warblers rolled their eyes at their dramatic performance.



"YAY! I LOVE YOU DAVID MICHAEL THOMPSON!" Wes thew his arms around the fellow council member.

"I LOVE YOU TOO, WESLEY JOHN MONTGOMERY!" David returned the hug enthusiastically.

"You guys are insane," Kurt muttered under his breath. "Anyways, what movie should we watch first?"

"INSIDIOUS!" was what Jeff suggested.

"NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" was Nick's reply.

"Life as we know it!"

"Harry Potter!"

"Romeo and Juliet 1968!"

"Happy Feet!"

"Really Wes? Happy Feet? What are you, 5? OW! What the hell was that for!"

Kurt simply face palmed. "Okay, so we have Insidious, Life As We Know It, Harry Potter, Romeo and Juliet 1968, and...Happy Feet! Okay, all those for Insidious!" Jeff, Flint, James, Luke, Nicholas, and Jesse raised their hands. "Life As We Know It?" John, Richard, Andrew and Cameron raised their hands. "Harry Potter?" Thad, David, Nick, and Ethan raised their hands. "Romeo and Juliet 1968?" Trent raised his hand. "And, Happy Feet," Wes' hand shot up. "Okay, I don't really care, so I guess Insidious it is!"

There were a few cheers, some groans, and then a loud shriek.


Jeff quickly walked over to his boyfriend, grabbing his hands to try to calm him down.

"Nick? NICK! Calm down! Look at me!" Nick met Jeff's eyes which were filled with concern, love, and comfort. That was enough to make Nick's dam break. Several hot tears made their way down his face.

"Aww, Nicky! What's wrong?" Jeff quickly embraced his crying boyfriend, feeling extremely guilty for suggesting the movie.

"I-I don't like s-scary m-movies! A-and last time I watched t-this, I-I almost died!" Jeff along with the other Warblers held back their chuckles at this statement.

"Nicky, I promise we can cuddle the whole time and if you need to, you can always shield your eyes in my shoulder. I promise it's gonna be okay! It's just a movie!"

"I hate you," Nick wiped his tears off his face, but allowed Jeff to smile and quickly peck him on the lips before moving away to pop the movie into the DVD slot, and turning on the TV. Jeff and Nick made their way to the bed, leaning their backs against the headboard, Kurt at the foot of the bed.

While the previews went on, there was a mad dash for the snacks before everyone settled down again right as the first scene started. All throughout the movie, there were small yelps and flinches, along with a couple of very girly screams.

When the movie ended, Jesse walked over to turn on the lights and eject the movie. Kurt glanced around the room. Nick's face was still buried in Jeff's shoulder and Wes and David were huddling close together, shaking slightly. The others seemed fine, if not a little hyped about the whole movie. Kurt glanced at the alarm clock on the night side table by Jeff.

7: 45 PM

"Hey guys, are you still hungry for dinner? Cause it get's over in 30 minutes..." Kurt began.

In a flash, all the boys were gone. Shaking his head and chuckling a little bit, Kurt made his way down to the cafeteria.

He grabbed a salad and a cup of coffee and made his way to the table where all the other Warblers were sitting.

"Are you kidding me? Aladdin is SO much better than Snow White!" Flint was frowning at James.

"That's such a lie! Everyone knows Mulan is the best Disney movie out there!" Luke argued.

"True, Mulan is a good movie, but I love Beauty and The Beast because Belle doesn't need a handsome prince with a lot of money to love or to be loved by him. He's a beast, and he's ugly, yet she still manages to fall in love with him! It's really...real and down to earth!" Nick piped up.

The conversation kept going on and on, until the janitor came in and told them that Dinner was over. They all ran back to the room and popped in the 2nd movie, Life As We Know It.

Everyone was in the same spots as before, this time Nick was actually watching the movie and Wes and David weren't holding onto each other for dear life.

At the scene where Peter and Allison died in the car crash, Kurt couldn't help crying silently because it reminded him so much of his mother. He zoned out remembering that day.

"Mommy, where are you going?" 8 year old Kurt watched his mother Elizabeth, put on her earrings and grab her coat.

"Mommy's going to the doctor," Elizabeth replied smiling as best as she could to her son.

"But why? You're not sick!"

"Kurt, honey, I'm not the normal kind of sick...but I am sick," Elizabeth knelt in front of her son. "But the doctor said he's going to try to make me better," Kurt looked crushed that his mommy was sick.

"Tell the doctor that I told him he better make you better or else!" Kurt stuck out his bottom lip and folded his arms.

Elizabeth chuckled. "I will baby," She kissed his forehead. "I'll see you soon! Je t'aime toujours, ma chère enfant" (1) Elizabeth tried so hard not to break down in front of her son.

"Je vous aime trop maman. Vous êtes toujours mon numéro un," (2) she gave him a watery smile before opening the door and walking out to the car and driving away.

She had leukemia and the doctor had said she didn't have much time left. It absolutely crushed her that she couldn't tell Kurt. He was her baby boy and her number one in her life besides her husband.

Burt Hummel knew all about it and was devastated. He didn't know what he would do if she were to die. He didn't know how he would manage to take care of Kurt. He reminded him so much of his wife. He was so scared for the day he would get that call from the hospital.

But later that day, on her way home from the hospital, there had been an accident.

A pick-up truck had swerved on the road due to rain, and had hit another car head on.

And that car was Elizabeth's.

And Elizabeth had died.

Kurt let himself cry silently for a few moments before shaking himself out of the depressing thoughts and focusing back on the movie, glad to see it was a funny part where they were getting accustomed to taking care of Sophie together.

He laughed along with the other Warblers for awhile until Jeff's dorm room door opened.

There, standing in the doorway with tears streaming down his face, his chest and shoulders heaving up and down was none other than Blaine Anderson.

"Blaine?" Kurt got up off the bed.

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