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The Warbler night went great, both boys fell asleep on the pull out bed cuddled together. Kurt woke up first, the sunlight peaking through the windows and casting soft, warm glows on the sleeping boys. He reached over and grabbed his phone, turning it on and looking at the time. It was only 7:15 and he figured he should go back to sleep, but he couldn't. He was already too awake.

Blaine must have felt his breathing change because he lifted his head from the pillow and blearily looked around, settling his eyes on Kurt who was scrolling through his phone.

"Kurt? What are you doing up? It's like...the middle of the night." Blaine let his head fall back on his pillow as if holding it up took too much effort.

"It's after 7 in the morning, Blaine," Kurt chuckled.

"Exactly. The middle of the night. It's Sunday, Kurt! You're supposed to sleep until noon like any other normal person!"

"Sorry to disappoint babe, but we should be going soon..." Blaine pouted.

"Do we have to?"

Kurt laughed again. "Yes, I do. It's been forever since I've seen my family!" Blaine sighed and pulled Kurt closer to his body, snuggling him close. For a long time. "Uh, Blaine...? You gonna let me go so we can go get ready?"

"Noooo." Blaine mumbled into Kurt's shoulder. "Never letting you go."

Kurt smiled down at his curly haired, sleepy boyfriend. "I promise we can get coffee on the way there, but we really have to go. I wanna get these horrid things off this weekend." Blaine pouted but rolled off of Kurt, gathering all their things before helping Kurt into his chair.

They finally left the commons, making their way to their dorm room. Blaine placed two duffle bags on his bed and started piling clothes and toiletries in them. He let Kurt tell him exactly what outfits he wanted and then proceeded to carefully fold them so they wouldn't get any wrinkles. He helped Kurt into some loose fitting sweatpants, a blue v-neck and also a Dalton hoodie that smelled like him. They took one last glance around the room, making sure they didn't forget anything before grabbing their wallets, keys and phones and making their way out of the dorm.

He sent his dad a text as Blaine helped him inside his car, telling him he was just leaving Dalton as Blaine climbed in the drivers seat and started the engine and pulled out of the school parking lot.

They stopped at a Starbucks to grab Kurt's grande non-fat mocha and Blaine's medium drip and turned on Kurt's Broadway playlist on his iPhone while continuing their way to Lima. Kurt smiled softly to himself as the familiar sights of his hometown came in sight, passing The Lima Bean and his dad's tire shop, before he finally pulled into the driveway of the "Hudmel" house as Finn called it.

Blaine was just helping Kurt get out of the car and slinging his duffle bag over his shoulder and placing Kurt's on his lap when they heard the front door open and saw Burt run out the door.

"Dad!" Kurt grinned as his dad embraced him tightly and turning to Blaine and doing the same. He had missed the feeling of his father's strong arms around him.

"Hey there kiddos. How've ya been?" Kurt was about to reply when Carole and Finn poked their heads out the door.

"Burt! Get back in here, you three! It's freezing out there!" The two Hummel boys and Blaine made their way back into the house, Kurt glanced around with a satisfied smile on his face. Being home was amazing.

"Hey sweetie! How's Dalton? How are you boys feeling? Have you been eating enough? You both look awfully thin!" Carole hugged him tightly and pulled away, her hands on his biceps as she did a once over on him.

Kurt laughed. "We're fine, Carole! Dalton's amazing and the food is amazing! And I'm doing a lot better! I'm just ready for these casts to come off and to start walking again." Burt chuckled and put an arm around his wife, kissing her on the cheek as Kurt turned towards Finn.

"Hey man, good to have you home," Finn bent down and gave Kurt a quick hug, blushing slightly.

"Thanks Finn, it's good to be home."

"Hey man, how've you been?" He gave Blaine a high-five which turned into one of those bro-hugs that Kurt never really understood.

"How about we go out for a nice brunch? It's only 10 and I'm sure Finn wants more food," Carole winked at her son.

"Heck yeah! I'm starving! Can we go to Denny's? Oh! Wait, no! Let's go to iHop!"

Burt shrugged his shoulders. "I'm game. What about you, boys?"

"Food sounds amazing. We haven't had anything except coffee this morning!" Blaine eagerly nods his head

They all piled into Kurt's Navigator and made the 10 minute trip to the nearest iHop. After they all ordered, Burt turned to Kurt and Blaine.

"So boys, how are classes going at Dalton?"

"They're good! We're slowly preparing for midterms, so teachers are starting to crack down a bit more."

Kurt nodded. "I'm almost caught up with everything that I missed too. I'm ready for a break though."

"Well Thanksgiving is in a week, then we can have our Hudmelson traditional Thanksgiving feast." Burt smiled.

The first Thanksgiving after Kurt's mom died, neither Kurt or Burt felt like celebrating Thanksgiving. But when the Anderson's forced them to come over to their house and eat dinner with them, and Burt saw Kurt enjoying Thanksgiving a bit more, it became a yearly thing. Now with Carole, Finn and Cooper and Kellie in the mix, they have to make much more food and lengthen the table, but it was all worth it. There was always so much love and compassion in the air, it filled their hearts up, just being in a room full of people who loved one another.

"Ah yes, the infamous Thanksgiving feast. I can't wait! I found a new recipe for a stuffing and I can't wait to try it out!" Kurt's eyes lit up.

"Don't get too excited Kurt. You still have to work hard with physical therapy this week. Remember? You're getting these off tomorrow." Kurt held down a squeal.

"I know! I can't wait!" Kurt groaned. "But they're going to be so gross! I haven't been able to wash them for what seems like forever!" Blaine laughed at his boyfriend's whining and reached over and gave his hand a squeeze.

"I promise we can scrub them until your legs are red and as clean as they can possibly get."

"I knew there was a reason I kept you around." Kurt smiled at Blaine right as their food came out. He looked over at his dad who was digging into his breakfast burrito, Carole who was cutting up her eggs benedict, and Finn who was stuffing his face with his huge pile of pancakes. He then glanced over at Blaine, who was laughing at Finn and shaking his head as he took a bite of his toast, catching Kurt's eye and winking at him.

Kurt picked up his fork and knife and cut into his vegetable omelet, loving being back home.

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