Hello and welcome to my 2nd fanfiction (1st is on storywrite, is about Deidara from Naruto, but I basically gave up on it and wrote a shitty ending). This is my first south park story and my very first lemon. I do love lemons so much! I recently (and by that I mean a few days ago) became obsessed with South Park and just today discovered the character Damien. Though Kenny is my most favorite, I was instantly in love with the high-pitched demon. I then read several Dip stories (I love that pairing!) and came up with an idea for my own story. Since this is really my first big attempt, please be gentle, but do let me know if you have ideas, complaints, or corrections to improve the story.

WARNING: the M rating is for a reason! Lemony goodness to all who wish to enter here. ;) Also I plan to write a very VERY dark, possessive Damien in the beginning. It will be very rough stuff, but it will be so awesome . So please do read because I have great ideas for the lemon scene. If you do not like stuff like that, I recommend leaving because it will be a big part of the plot. Mature people only please, as the rating says

Disclaimer: I do not own Damien or any other character of South Park. They rightfully belong to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who should be forever worshipped! I do own Lily, Shawn, and her parents


Chapter 1

Lily sat on the edge of her chair, trying to be as close to her brother's hospital bed as she could. He laid there motionless with multiple tubes sticking out of his body. In the background you could hear the quiet "beep….beep" of his life support. It was a comforting sound almost. It was a signal to say he was alive for at least one more second. She looked at Shawn's face. The five year old looked so weak while he laid unmoving. He looked so tired as he tried to fight his terrible disease. His bangs covered his eyes so she gently pushed them aside.

"Lily would you come out please," her mother called from outside the room.

Lily stood up and walked over to her mother and father.

"You need to go home, honey," her dad said with a look of concern on his face," You need to get some rest. He steady right now so he should be fine until tomorrow at least."

She wanted to say no, but she did feel exhausted. She had sat in that room for hours. So she just nodded and walked down the hall. She reached her car and drove to her house in South Park, Colorado.

As she drove, she quietly began to weep. He had been there for about two weeks. They weren't even entirely sure what had happened to him. One day he just started to cough up blood, and when they drove him to the hospital, they told her family that it seemed his organs were slowly shutting down for no definable reason. It was horrifying! Because they had no way of finding the cause, there was little hope for him. She loved that little boy with all her heart! He was so sweet and kind to everyone he met. He would try and talk to all the other kindergarteners in his class to make them all feel happy every day, telling them jokes and sharing his toys. He was such a wonderful kid, and the thought of losing him forever crushed her heart. She wished there was a way, ANY way, to save him from the horrible fate ahead of him!


Damien watched the girl as she walked from her car to the small house. He had been watching her for quite some time. He remembered her from that one week he spent in the elementary school. She was very quiet and had a good amount of friends. She never really said or did too much to make herself stand out. But one time as they passed in the hall way after he had been talking to the guidance consoler, she had smiled and said hello to him. Sure she was just being kind as she did to every other person in the school, but she was the only one who ever said anything remotely nice to him, except for Pip but the blonde just annoyed him. So as small as the act had really been, he still remembered Lilith Martin.

A few years later, as he sat bored as usually in the pits of hell, he thought he would see what the other students had grown up to look like. He transported himself to the surface and invisible to the mortal eye, he walked into the town. Most of the people seemed the same to him; stupid, annoying, and ordinary. All the friend groups appeared to stay the same. Even those four boys who had originally picked on him when he first came to the town were still hanging out. Then, he saw her again. She was walking out of a building with a cup of coffee in her hands. He for a moment felt stunned by how much she had grown. Now at age 15, she had begun to develop into a woman and leave her kid look behind. She had curves and beautiful round breast that in his opinion were just the perfect size. Her black hair was out of their pig tails and flowed down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue that looked so pure and full of joy. It was plainly obvious she was no longer a little girl.

At that moment, Damien had made up his mind. He wanted her. Not in a kind and gentle way, for the son of the prince of darkness knew no such thing. He was a possessive, dominant teenage boy. No matter what lengths he had to go to he would get what he wanted. He would own her soul and have her forever.


So what do you think. Do I ramble too much? For now, it's because I'm setting up the story. I have big plans to come. Free unicorn to each reviewer (as soon as I find one)