Hello, peoples! I was planning to end this story soon but then I got some new ideas. So the story will be longer than I expected. It will contain some time-jumps so I wanted to just add a quick timeline here:

When Damien first saw Lily again she was 15. He followed her for a year so when he made the contract with her she was 16. When he made the contact with her it was May (and still is), so the school year will be ending soon.

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It had been a week since Lily had come home. Her family was upset because they thought she had run away, but were still grateful she had come back. She had to play along with the act. She told them things like she was so devastated by Shawn's condition, and she was so scared she felt like she needed to get away for awhile. She thought that kinda made her sound cowardly, but no one said anything against her for it.

As soon as Shawn saw her, he ran up to her and gave her a hug. Holding him and knowing he felt healthy again almost brought her to tears. She felt terrible knowing it was partially her fault for what happened. Kenny had tried to tell her it wasn't but she still felt responsible. After all she was the reason Damien had hurt Shawn in the first place. She felt like she would have to spend the rest of her life trying to make it up to her brother, even though he knew nothing of what really happened. She would do her best to make sure he was never hurt in such a way again.

It was weird for her life to return back to normal so quickly. The next day she was back in school again. It was nice to see all her friends. She only had contact with two people while she was in Hell. Being back at the same lunch table listening to the same familiar gossip from Wendy was nice. It felt good to be back with the people she cared about.

She had been thinking about Damien a lot though. She was still mad at him. She felt so used and betrayed. Part of her still felt a little bad for him though. She tried very hard to block that part out.

She was sitting on her couch back at home watching tv when she heard someone knock at the door.

She answered it and saw Kenny standing there.

"You coming her to see me makes me feel like I'm still back in Hell," she sighed.

Kenny chuckled, "Well this time I brought someone with me so it's different."

Lily looks behind Kenny and smiled when she saw Kyle there.

"Hey how's it going?" She asked.

He smiled back, "Pretty good thanks."

She invited them both inside and they all sat in the living room, the two boys on the couch and her on a nearby chair.

"I thought you could explain to Kyle here about my visits to Hell," Kenny said, "He doesn't believe me at all."

Lily laughed, "I guess it is kind of hard to understand, but it's true."

Kyle shook his head, "I still have a hard time believing it. He tried to tell me all the stuff about Damien tricking you into going to Hell with him and how Kenny here seems to have a magical ability to die and come back to life. How am I supposed to accept that?"

Kenny laughed and kissed Kyle, who blushed in response, "How come you don't believe you own boyfriend?"

Kyle scoffed, "Because I know you're completely insane."

Lily laughed at the two boys, "Trust me, Kyle. A story like that is too crazy for even someone like Kenny to make up."

Kenny turned his attention back to Lily, "How have you been holding up?"

She shrugged, "Okay I guess. I'm still upset at him. I'm so happy to be back with all my friends and family, especially Shawn."

"Do you think you will ever talk to Damien again?" Kenny asked.

Lily pondered the question, "I don't see how I could ever talk to him again. He tricked and lied to me. I'm not sure how long it will take to forgive something like that."

"So that means you may forgive him later?" Kyle said.

She shook her head, "I hope not. I always forgive people too quickly. I believe people deserve second chances, but sometimes that makes me weaker. I think I just need to stay strong and forget him. I'm sure he'll forget me soon enough."


Damien watched his beloved Lily through a crystal ball on his desk. It may have been a cliche way of watching someone, but it got good reception. Four months had pasted since she left him. In that time she had finished her junior year of high school and started planning for college. Most of her summer was spent hanging out with friends, mostly either with Wendy or Kenny and Kyle. Kenny would occasionally come to visit him. Ever since he and Kyle started dating, Kenny had wanted to leave Hell earlier to get back to his boyfriend as soon as possible. It was nice to see Kenny actually settle down with one person for a change, and he really did seem to care for the red-head. Damien was glad his best friend had found some happiness. Whenever Kenny did visit, he would do his best to cheer Damien up. It was no use. Damien had felt very depressed since Lily left. He felt like there was a void in his life that could never be filled again. He felt completely dead when she wasn't there.

He heard a knock at his door. His father stepped inside. While Satan was the master of evil and never showed sympathy for his victims, he always let the cold exterior disappear when he was with his son. He hated seeing Damien so upset.

"Watching her constantly won't help you," he said, "It will just make you more upset."

Damien shook his head, "When I'm not watching it her hurts even more. She's all I think about. But she doesn't want or deserve me, so this is the way I must see her."

Satan sighed, "You should try talking to her again. It has been a while since she has last seen you. She may be willing to listen now."

"I don't know if I can," Damien said.

This had been a repeated conversation over the past few months, and his father was starting to get fed up with it. Satan grabbed the crystal ball and threw it to the other side of the room. It smashed into a million tiny pieces.

"What the fuck?" Damien said.

"I am done watching you act like this," Satan said, "All this will continue to hurt if you don't do something about it now. I have an idea to help her connect with you again, but I need you promise you will start doing something and stop being so depressed."

Damien sighed, "Fine. What do you think I should do?"


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