Well i'm still here! Ya i know it has ben awhile. i don't know if anyone still gives a damn about this story but i'm still going to finish it. I may make a oneshot version of the first 4 chapters with a different oc, but i will definitly finish this first! please continue to read and support.


Lily's head was swirling with so many different thoughts. She honestly had no idea how she was supposed to feel now. Her attraction to Damien was growing the more he became a person to her and less of a demon. Maybe she had Stockholm syndrome or something. But she felt like it was possibly more than that. He was acting nice to her so it wasn't like she was attracted to a captor anymore. It wasn't really the same as falling for someone who held you prisoner. She had to admit he was extremely good looking with his shaggy black hair, lean body, and flaming, sexy eyes. You could blame her for being attracted to him for that reason. Apparently in a teen girl's mind, sexy equals excusable of rape. The fact that he was being nice now helped too. Whatever his intentions were, he did save her brother's life. Maybe she did owe a friendly gesture or two when he attempted to make amends with what he had done to her.

Damien was dragging her to the elevator, not explaining why. When the contraption started going upward rapidly she held her balance carefully. She was fine until it stopped at the top abruptly and she fell to the floor. Damien chuckled an held out a hand to help her up, which she accepted.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

He just smiled,"You'll see very soon."

The doors opened to a bright light and she realized they were on the surface again. She hadn't seen the sun in a while. It was a drastic change from constant darkness. Thankfully her eyes too pity on her and relaxed quickly so she could see clearly again. When she saw the white snow lacing the ground she instantly knew where they were.

"Why are you taking me back to South Park?" she asked him.

He grabbed her hand an led her out the elevator doors,"We are still bound together. I'm not letting you go or anything like that. However, that doesn't mean you can't check up in your family."

She instantly smiled and almost started to jump up and down,"We're going to see my family?"

"Don't get too excited. They won't be able to see you," he warned her,"It wouldn't be good if they knew what really happened to you. But I thought you might like the chance to just observe them."

She nodded,"I suppose they still think I ran away."

He led her towards the house he grew up in. They two invisible figures peaked into the living room window. Inside they saw her mother sitting on the couch, talking on the phone.

"I see," the faintly heard her mom say,"We'll I'm sorry to bother you. Let me know if you see her. Thanks."

She hung up the phone and sighed.

"Where did you go?" She asked the daughter she thought was miles away and not standing right out the window three feet away from her.

Lily backed away from the window,"I'm sorry, mom,"she whispered though she knew her mom wouldn't hear her.

Damien looked concerned,"Are you okay?" He asked.

She nodded to him,"Ya I just feel bad. Maybe I'll have to write another letter or something. One actually from me and not forged."

He agreed. They were able to leave the house, seeing as they knew no one else was home at that time, to the see the rest of the town. On the way there, a little boy ran past them, giggling as another boy chased them.

"Shawn," Lily gasped. She was amazed that her brother really was better. Looks like Damien really did keep his promise.

"He looks surprisingly happy,"Damien pointed out.

She shook her head,"He's little. Even if he was told I ran away he would probably not think much of it since it has been so little time. I have left for a few days before to visit friends' houses. He must think it is like that and I will be home soon."

"False hope," Damien commented.

"But if it saved him, it was worth it!" Lily said. She smiled but some tears started to roll down her eyes.

Damien was worried.

"Are you still scared down there? I know it's nothing compared to home, but I'm trying to make it better."

"That's not it," she said as she brushed away her few tears,"I was just so sad when he was ill. He meant the world to me. He was such a good kid and he looked up to me. It tore me apart. I don't sleep or eat while he was in the hospital. I was willing to do anything to help the pain stop for him. I know I will never see them again but if my life is the price to save his, I am glad we made the deal."

She walked by her brother and kissed her brother's cheek. He couldn't feel her, but she could feel him.

"We don't need to stay. Let's go,"she told Damien ad started walking back the way he came. He followed behind her, feeling upset and incredibly guilty for more reasons than Lily knew.


What horrible secret is Damien hiding?