Omg, The Legend of Korra. Enough said. I was just alerted about it's existence when I was on YouTube a while ago, then I watched it. All of it, well, up to the part where the new episode needs to come out. It's friggin fabulous. So here I am. Writing a fic about it. Don't judge me, I do lot's of things on impulse. Due to the unfinished plot line I'm just going to do one-shots because writing an alternate plot to something unfinished would be weird.

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Chapter 1: A State of Mind

Korra's POV:

The sour stench of blood rotted the air, the streets were tainted in innocent blood. Korra watched as everything she had grown to know fell apart. The cobblestone streets echoed with overwhelming silence, and she was useless.

Mako stood at her side, his golden eyes wide, astonished as his home lay in ruins.

Smoke rose solemnly from the nearby buildings, as if warning them to give up.

Korra's body ached with unimaginable pain, she gripped her left arm, the blood oozing between her fingers.

Master Tenzin, Asami, Bolin, everything was . . . gone.

The empty streets of Republic City were deafening with their silence.

Korra's body slackened, tears pricking at her eyes painfully.

She had failed, as much as the bitter resentment made her want to hurl, she had failed.

Hollow eyes of those left forgotten lay motionless on the ground. Their empty, glassy eyes all staring at her.

Asking her silently, why Korra? Why did you stand and do nothing as we died? Why?

Korra swallowed thickly, her throat dry as emotion overwhelmed her.

She wished she could answer them. If she could, she would plea their forgiveness, that in their death they would forgive her.

But, somewhere deep down inside she knew they couldn't.

She was the Avatar, the balance between the spirit world and the human world. She had failed everyone, including her ancestors.

What would Aang be thinking now? Would he be looking down on her, his hazel, grey eyes looking down on her with disappointment?

"Korra." Mako whispered hoarsely, he was trying to contain his tears.

Korra didn't meet his demanding gaze instead she shambled towards one of the dead bodies. She felt Mako's heated gaze on her back, she ignored his silent plea.

Korra fell to her knees, trembling hand reaching out to the body before her.

The man was young, his body broad and well muscled, a worker. His complexion was fair, his face measured equally into attractive planes.

So much promise he held, now he stared at the stormy sky. Eyes robbed of passion and ambition.

His blue eyes milky and unseeing.

Korra crumpled, burying her face in her arms, her own blood stinging them mercilessly.

Crying was something she refused to do, but here she was, breaking yet another promise.

Crying was something weak people did, people who had given up, lost hope.

She was crying because right now, all these things applied.

Wails bubbled from her chest, Korra rocked back and forth on her heels.

This is what the end of the world feels like.


Korra lifted her head out of her arms, and looked back at the discarded body. And laughed, the sound was cruel and sinister but still she laughed.

She had been so naive,everything she was suppose to be is a lie.


Korra looked over her shoulder to see Mako, his face downcast, desolate.

Out of everyone, she had failed him the most. He should just kill her right there, he deserved to kill her. She wouldn't even fight, this was how it needed to end. His only family was gone, dead. And it had happened on her watch.

"Mako, kill me, kill me now." Korra pleaded, voice cracking with despair.

She deserved death, she knew she did.

"Mako, please." Korra urged, hot tears falling down her cheeks.

Two arms picked her up, and wrapped themselves around her.

Korra froze, Mako's face buried in her neck.

His own tears soaking her, she smelled of blood and sweat but none of that mattered.

He continued to hold her, he wasn't ever letting go.

"M-Mako?" Korra gasped, sapphire eyes wide.

"Shut up, don't talk you idiot." He responded roughly, his voice cracking.

Korra's jaw snapped shut. Tentatively she raised her bloodied arms and encircled Mako's warm body.

Time stopped, the dark skies loomed forbiddingly above the two but none of that mattered now.

Mako had, some how, forgiven her.

Everything she had done wrong and he forgave her.

Mako clutched at Korra's hair, burying his nose in her brown locks.

Korra smiled gently, she knew she smelt terrible but Mako didn't care.

Her physical being was enough for him.

Every bit of her was perfect enough for him.

Tada. End of Chapter one. I'm surprised with myself, I don't usually write much fanfics except for Fairy Tail. I'm really stepping out of my box.

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