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Ikki was overly curious about teenagers. Everything about them was so foreign to the seven year old. They were like some alien race sent from space to create general awkwardness in every situation. Teenagers were blunt, but shy, bold yet cautious. They were like a big contradiction, a puzzle with unmatched pieces. This is what intrigued Ikki the most.

She loved making Korra blush, she found major satisfaction when she could make the headstrong Avatars cheeks flame.

Korra was a whirlwind of emotions all the time, Ikki never knew what she was going to do next. That's what made it all the more exciting. Ikki knew how to play the cards she was dealt, and Mako was her ace. The ebony haired fire bender was just as, or even more awkward then Korra.

It was like taking candy from a baby to make him splutter in embarrassment. Ikki loved teenagers expressions.

They were so comical, like she was watching a world class theatre group. Ikki had always loved when Daddy had taken her to the theatre.

They would prance about on stage, make-up smothered faces contorting into different masks of expression according to the scene.

Korra and Mako were like her personal theatre group, expect ten times better!

Just the other day Ikki casually brought up Korra's date with one of the boys in the city and Mako all but spat out his tea.

Ikki was so surprised by his reaction she couldn't even answer the questions Mako shot at her furiously.

"Who was it!"

"What did he look like?"

"Did you catch his name!"

Ikki just rolled around the floor in a fit of hysterics until Mako got so angry he stomped out of the kitchen, fists flaming.

This was why, at this very moment she was stalking the two benders as they sat causally out on the back balcony, over looking the sea.

It was late, way past Ikki's bed time, but she had heard the two in the hall from her comfortable place in her bed and couldn't resist following.

The two were sitting almost precariously on the balcony railing, talking happily, care freely.

Ikki stuck herself to the door frame, barely daring to breathe, if they heard her she would be so dead.

Heart racing slightly Ikki inched forwards, until her bare toes were on the cool cement of the balcony. The moon hung high in the sky, clouds wrapping it in a blanket of warmth, it was just dark enough to cloak her from the teens.

Ikki strained her ears, trying to catch what they were talking about.

Mostly it was just pointless banter, pro-bending, Bolin, the upcoming summer, sports. Normal things, Ikki frowned to herself. Was this seriously how interesting these two were when they were alone?

Ikki was about to snake back to her room, in case Jinora woke and noticed her younger sister vacant from her bed when she heard something interesting.

"You know what Ikki told me the other day . . ." Mako said, amber eyes glancing at Korra side longingly.

Korra quirked a slender eyebrow, her face pale in the moonlight.

"What?" Korra asked.

"She told me you went on a date with someone the other day. Did you?" Mako asked, his face impassive, but his eyes burned to what, it appeared to Ikki, jealousy.

Ikki had to contain a squeal, now this was how she pictured it going. Excitedly Ikki darted forward, crouching slightly, she wanted to hear every word of this.

Korra hesitated, her aqua eyes flickering downwards.

"Yeah." Korra breathed, her voice barely above a whisper.

Mako turned his face back to the churning sea below him, glaring at the waves.

"I see." He said coldly.

Korra just turned her face away, ashamed, her lips sealed shut.

Ikki began to bite her nails furiously in subdued anger. She wanted to waltz over there and smack Korra silly, demanding her to tell Mako he was the only guy for her.

But Korra didn't.

Instead Korra did the exact thing 'Korra' would do. She got mad, Korra jumped off her spot on the rail and pointed a finger at Mako accusingly.

"What's it to you who I date!" Korra snapped.

Mako narrowed his eyes, shifting so he was facing her.

"Nothing. It means nothing to me." He snarled, hands clenching.

Ikki tittered nervously, stepping backwards, afraid she was going to get caught in between an elemental warfare.

"Is that right? Then why are you so mad all of a sudden?" Korra demanded, hands on her hips.

Mako then jumped up, hands rigid at his sides.

"Who says I'm mad at all!" He spat, words like venom.

"Look at you! You''re practically steaming!" Korra pointed at him, voice raising an octave.

"The only reason I'm mad is because you're bloody infuriating!" Mako yelled back, raising his arms in exasperation.

"I'm infuriating!" Korra scoffed, rolling her eyes dramatically. "This coming for the guy who can't make the simple decision about what girl he wants to date!" Korra growled, crossing her arms over her chest.

For a moment Mako looked astonished, his jaw dropping, his eyes wide, but then he quickly changed back to his frontal attack.

"Well I've made up my mind now! How could I possibly be in a relationship with you when all we do is fight?" Mako hissed, his teeth clenching in anger.

Korra turned her back to the fire bender, chin held high, eyes closed in a mask of indifference.

"Well, I'm glad this little chat opened your eyes." Korra said bluntly.

Mako swallowed the onslaught of words that wanted to spill out of his mouth, he clenched his fists and began to storm off the balcony when he walked into a certain air bender.

Ikki yelped as an unknowing Mako kicked her in the ribs.

Mako froze, staring down at the now clearly visible child who was clutching her side grumpily.

"Ikki?" He asked dumbfounded.

Korra, who had also heard the air benders yelp was now peering over Mako's shoulder, her brow furrowed.

"Ikki?" She echoed.

Ikki looked up timidly, a fake smile on her face, hands folded in innocence.

"Oh, hey guys. Didn't see ya there." Ikki laughed dryly.

Mako cocked an eyebrow, folding his large arms over his chest.

"Is that so?" He scoffed, unamused.

"Yup!" Ikki smiled, rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly.

"Did you just hear what me and Mako were talking about?" Korra, who had been oddly silent asked, side-stepping around Mako's bulky frame.

Ikki directed her gaze away from Korra's demanding gaze.

"No?" She asked feebly.

Korra's eyes narrowed into slits, aura threatening.

"Okay, yes." Ikki faltered, wanting to run away as fast as she could.

"Ikki." Korra hissed, the Avatar was now swamped in an overpowering aura of evil.

Ikki squealed, jumped up and with an unceremonious blast of wind at the two teenagers she took off screaming down the hall.

Brushing themselves off Korra and Mako stood there slightly bewildered.

After a moment of shocked silence Korra turned to Mako, a small smile gracing her full lips.

"Hey, I'm sorry, about what I said earlier." Korra stated shyly.

Mako played with the edges of his jacket, his eyes meeting Korra's in a timid gaze.

"Yeah, me too." He muttered, a blush coating his face.

Then with a friendly punch to Mako's arm the two benders laughed and took off down the hall in much better company then before.

Poor Ikki, she didn't even get to see them blush.

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