"Come with me if you wish to live."

Sheldon asked, "Amy. Why are you threatening me?"

Amy quickly shook her head. "I am not the source of the threat to your life. There is not time to explain. I would like you to trust me. I would appreciate you coming with me, immediately. I promise explanation at a future, less dangerous, time."

Sheldon nodded. "Lead on."

Amy grasped his hand and ran out of his apartment. She stopped briefly to correct her momentum from traveling down the stair case to up them. Sheldon's acute hearing told him that there guns were cocking and someone of Amy's abnormal density was coming up the stairs. Amy raced up the stairs to the roof.

Sheldon watched in fascination even as his legs burned to keep up with Amy's pace. Her usual direct conversational manner had bled over into a purely physical one. Amy dragged him to the edge of the roof and adjusted her grip to hold him bodily. Without any further talk, Sheldon found himself a physicist under the influence of much more physics than he cared to: Amy had thrown him to the neighboring roof.

As Sheldon righted himself, he saw that Amy was not relaxing. She drew back from him and then sprinted to what must have been the speed of a car before jumping to the roof he was on. Amy rolled onto the roof and into a standing position.

"Amy Farrah Fowler, you are bleeding.", Sheldon informed.

"Irrelevant/", she began to object. But then she had to catch his fainting body.

Well, at least he was easier to carry than instruct.


"Tell me where Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is."

Leonard was pinned to the wall with a pistol to his head. By not-quite Summer Glau. He had met Summer Glau. This...person...had a much blanker yet somehow entirely sincere stare.

And then he screamed.

"I know this hurts.", she told him. She continued to bite her fingers into his bicep at particular pressure points. "I can stop this. Tell me where Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper is."

"Cameron!", a boy from the door of his bedroom yelled.

"But he knows/"

"Let him go.", the boy ordered.

The girl immediately let go of Leonard.

"Back off."

The girl lowered her pistol and not quite stomped away from Leonard.

The boy leaned over the man who had slid to the floor. "Look, my name is John."

"Hey John.", Leonard said weakly.

"Look. It's gonna be okay.", John assured. "I'm just gonna take a look at your arm, alright?"

The boy gingerly helped Leonard out of his button down shirt. "It's just bruised. Nothing's broken.", he observed.

"Get your hands off of him!", Penny screamed. Her anger turned to surprise as her baseball bat stopped in mid swing. She turned to the girl that was bending the aluminum under her fingers and throwing it aside. An entirely too strong hand grabbed Penny around her neck.


The girl took a moment despite not making an expression. Penny was tossed on Leonard's bed.

The boy turned back to Leonard. "Are there any other people around? 'cause I'd hate for this to turn into a comedy routine."