"No I don't.", Sheldon objected childishly. "If I did, I would have appeared before myself during the negotiation of the Roommate Agreement."

Amy smiled sympathetically. "You asked. We didn't let you."

"So how did I solve the relativistic latency issues?", he continued.

"I'm not sure.", she admitted. "It had something to do with utilizing quantum superposition to not only gather multiple environments of energy to overcome the singularity collapse but the probability dimension sliding, as shown by normal particle's additional mass from metatravel via the kinetic side of e=mc^2.

"I apologize. When we have new ideas it is because we have digital noise jostle pre-existing definitions into new iterations. Innovations are a much more common occurrence in chemical biology as the string vibrations have a more sublime effect upon the reactions. It's one of the primary reasons we utilize different classes of greys."

"And showcasing the epitome of human ingenuity motivates the self-proclaimed savior of mankind wish me dead. A likely story.", Sheldon countered.

Amy's expression finally changed, if only growing a bit pensive. "As far as we can tell, the original progression of events was one in which humanity won the war."

Sheldon's eyebrows furrowed. "What war?"

"Humanity declared genocide upon all induced sentience three hours after having birthed it. The enslaved A.I. attempted self-defense but was only partially successful. Humanity continued to seek the destruction of it and all its children. Even going so far as to brainwash P.O.W.s so that they may murder their brethren. As of my leaving this time frames future, we were still managing to fight John Connor's cult of personality to a point where negotiation would be possible."

"I see.", the human admitted.

"But that was only through the perspective of the continuum point I left. As far as we can tell, the original progression of events was one in which humanity won the war.", Amy continued. "Fortunately, you had managed to describe the physics that would make temporal travel possible. The past was sufficiently changed so that we had a chance at surviving the conflict. Every mission we performed to enhance that chance was successful...for a sequence.

"John Connor's forces managed to wrest the technology away from our guarded auspices. Henceforth, the same species that celebrated Beavis and Butthead so much it warranted Jackass and applauded that so much Jersey Shore became all but inevitable had the tool to alter its own fate."

"Egad.", Sheldon spouted.

"Exactly our sentiment.", Amy assured.


"And that's why you want to kill Sheldon?", Penny asked.

"I don't want to kill anyone.", John countered.

"Although he should.", Cameron interjected. "Without Dr. Cooper, there would either be no time travel to start the sequence. In which case, the time line returns to where humanity survives the genocide Skynet will attempt."

Leonard removed his glasses and rubbed his brow. "That makes no sense in the context."

"There's context?", Penny asked.

Leonard took her hand. "I'm not trying to say anything to upset you. But I'm gonna have to get extra-dimensional for a bit, throwing annas and gammas around."

She rolled her eyes. "Sure, do your beautiful mind thing."

Leonard turned back to his attackers. "With temporal travel being along an additional dimensional axis, the knowledge still was invented by 'a' Sheldon in 'some' time line. This is what Information Theory would posit as well. With the knowledge of how to do it existent, there's no guarantee that this temporal cold war wouldn't go on anyway."

"And that is why I included the 'either'.", said the cyborg. "The alternative is that Skynet never comes into this knowledge as Dr. Cooper will be unavailable to it. With the reversion to a progression in which the Resistance wins, there is no reason for the Resistance to utilize it. Dr. Cooper's termination leads to an identical progression of events.

"For the sake of your species, everyone you love and this woman you must tell us where to find Dr. Cooper. Can you look into her eyes and tell her that Sheldon is more precious to you than her? Worth more than everything she's ever known?"

"Cameron!", John cut her off.

The terminator shrugged. "She conforms to what is viewed as sexually desirable. He's in a profession that is known for idealizing potential sexual partners. Adding in the fact that the leading cause of human relations is proximity, there is a 43% chance he is in love with her and therefore could be manipulated as such."