Chapter 1: Tutus

"My lonelyness, is killing meeee! Something and something and something or other I lose my mind, give me a siiiiiign, HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!" Carlos sang loudly while prancing around in Katie's tutu. The boy didn't know why Katie owned a tutu, nor did he care.

Until he put it on, that is. Now he was wearing the pink and black thing while belting out some Britney Spears. He thought he was alone in the apartment but he was wrong when he heard Kendall's voice coming from behind him.

"What the hell are you doing?" the blonde asked, a bushy brow perfectly arched. Carlos squealed out in alarm and spun around to face his bandmate. Kendall was standing in the doorway cladded only in a pair of black skinny jeans and white socks. A water bottle was in his hand and one of his famous beanies was placed over his blonde hair.

Carlos chuckled nervously, wondering how ridiculous Kendall probably thinks he is. I mean, come on. The 16 year old boy was wearing a tutu , a pink one at that, over his jeans and red t shirt. And he was barefoot. And the tutu didn't even belong to him. It belonged to Katie. Which still confused him, but whatever.

"And was that a Britney Spears song you were singing?" Kendall continued and Carlos nodded mutely. The blonde stared at him for a few minutes (Carlos was squirming under the intense emerald eyes) before shrugging and walking out the room in silence.

Carlos stood there feeling dumb and embarrassed but then Kendall walked back in with his radio from his shared room with James. Ignoring Carlos' confused look and "What is that for?", Kendall plopped the radio on the kitchen counter, plugged it in and pressed the play button. The room was silent for a second before the apartment was filled with Britney Spears.

Kendall looked up at a gaping Carlos before grinning. A grin appeared on the small boy's face and he started dancing with Kendall who had begun doing some weird Kendall dance. Carlos laughed at his band mate and Kendall danced over to him. "A Britney Spears album? Since when?" the Latino asked with a laugh.

"Don't judge. Um, this is the Baby One More Time album. Got it the week it came out." Carlos' jaw dropped.

"Dude, that's a looong time!"

The blonde laughed. "I know. What's up with you and the tutu?"

"Don't judge." Carlos repeated Kendall's words with a blush on his face. "And, uh, I don't know. I saw it and had the urge to put it on. So I did. And then Baby One More Time came into my head so I started to sing it."

"That's Katie's, right?" the blonde asked and Carlos nodded. "Thought it looked familiar."

"Why does she have one anyways?"

"Beats me." Kendall shrugged. Then a serious expression came onto his face. "Was there another one by any chance? ..."

"So, then I was like-" James broke off his sentence and gaped at his two friends in the apartment. Carlos was wearing a pink and black tutu and Kendall was wearing a purple and pink one. Logan, who James had been talking to, had his jaw against the floor. The two boys could here Britney Spears all around in the apartment.

Kendall and Carlos didn't notice their friends and continued dancing and twirling in one another's arms while their hips bumped along with the beat of the music.

"Wow." Logan said after being able to find his voice. "Want to video tape this?"

"Yup." James replied, popping his 'p'.

And that my friends is how the video titled these words exactly: 'Big Time Tutus: Starring The Gayest Twirling Bitches Ever' has over 7 million hits on YouTube.

A/N Hi all. As you can see, I've started a new story. I'm pretty sure the title says it all, yeah? ;D I've come to realize that I LOVE bromance. Like, this shit is the best thing ever. So there will be several Kames, Kenlos, Jagan, Kogan, Cargan, and Jarlos parings in this. Sometimes a big group one. Actually, they're all group ones with hints of the couples I've mentioned.

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