Chapter 30: Brothers

To the world, Big Time Rush was just Big Time Rush. A boy band consisting of four members who sang, danced and goofed off with each other. Well, that was true. They did do all of those things but they weren't just Big Time Rush.

They were Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan, boys who've been best friends since the age of 5 when they all met in pee wee hockey. They were the four brothers, a pack. Even though they'd fight and yell at each other, all of them were so close and forgave easily. They could never stay mad at each other for too long.

They loved each other way too much. Twelve years of strong brotherly friendship does that to you. They've gone through everything together, big and small.

The time where James got his two front teeth knocked out from a fight to where Carlos broke his arm at the age of 7 while doing a crazy stunt that involved a water gun, a bouncy ball and roller skates.

They defended one another like their life depended on it. They always had each others backs. Like when Logan was being bullied but he didn't want to tell his friends because he thought they'd tease him about it. Boy was he wrong. As soon as Kendall found out, (and by finding out I mean when the blonde walked out into their school's hall to see Logan being thrown into a locker) he was immediately there, kicking butt. James and Carlos were with him because they saw it too.

The three boys went ballistic on Steve's (the culprit) ass, throwing punches and kicks and threats like 'Touch him again and you'll be six feet under' and 'Punk, do that one more time and you won't wake up tomorrow'. Of course teachers jumped in and pulled the boys off of Steve and the principal got involved as well but Logan's defenders didn't care. They formed around their shaken up brother and took turns hugging him close to their chest, asking why he never said anything. Logan told them his reason which they all scoffed at, saying it was ridiculous that he thought they'd laugh at him for being bullied. The small brunette was happy to hear about this but soon felt bad because his friends were getting detention because of him. They all brushed it off, telling him that they'd get expelled for him if it meant beating up some loser's ass who thought they could lay a hand on 'their Logie'.

When the Knights received the call that their father (and husband) had just died in a plane accident, James, Carlos and Logan were immediately at Kendall's house, the sobbing blonde in all of their arms as they sat on the floor in the boy's room. Kendall had his face buried in James' shoulder while each other his hands were gripping tightly on some part of Carlos' and Logan's body. They sat on their broken friend's room floor for hours until the blonde was all out of tears and was just a hiccuping mess. Carlos had been the one to move around until he was sitting beside James and tilted Kendall's wet face up. "Want to go watch a Disney movie?" he'd asked and Kendall nodded against James' shoulder, earning a grin from the Latino. Logan had stood up first and helped Kendall up so James could stand. Carlos was already heading out the door and going downstairs to put on Mulan. But then he'd remembered he had watched that the other day so he chose Lilo and Stitch instead. As they watched the movie, the boys were all somehow touching Kendall in a comforting way. James had the blonde curled up beside him with Logan on his other side. Carlos was sitting on the floor hogging the popcorn, his head leaning against Kendall's legs. It all made the pain Kendall was feeling go away and he had croaked out a "Thank you." His brothers just smiled.

And when Carlos' pet turtle named Sparky died, Logan had organized a small funeral for her. Kendall and James were of course present for their upset friend and brother. They all said a few words, threw some flower petals over the grave they'd dug for the reptile before embracing a crying Carlos into a group hug. Actually, they don't like 'group hug'. They prefer 'brother hug'. Any who, after being in their brother hug for a good 20 minutes, Carlos finally squirmed away announcing that he was starving. So they all treated the boy to corn dogs and a movie at James' house.

And when Gustavo came to Minnesota looking for his next 'fire', Kendall had been determined to get James at the auditions, knowing that his best friend was eager to perform for a producer that could make his dreams comes true. You could only imagine the pain the pretty boy had felt when Gustavo had not only rejected him but chose his best friend who didn't even LIKE singing or acting or all that good stuff that James had wanted all his life. Honestly. Kendall wanted to play for the Minnesota Wilds for heaven's sake! But no. The blonde had hopped on a table and sang a song he'd made up that apparently Gustavo thought was 'fire'. And what made James mad was when Kendall had turned down the offer the producer gave him which was uh TO BECOME FAMOUS! James knew that his friend was only trying to be just that, but come ON. You don't turn down something so big like that. Which was why (with a little help from Carlos and Logan), James forced Kendall to call that guy back and go to L.A with him. Yes, it pained to know that even after having a voice of an angel, James still wasn't good enough for Gustavo Rocque but Kendall was. Kendall who didn't really like to sing much. At least not as much as James. So when Kendall was telling Gustavo that he'd go to L.A with him, James' world felt like it was falling into a black hole (yes, it was that serious). But what the brunette didn't expect was Kendall turning the tables around and demanding that Gustavo take his brothers too and turned them into a singing musical group. To say that James had really wanted to tackle Kendall and hug him so tight and never let him go was a huge understatement. When they'd arrived in Los Angeles and got off the plane, James did all of that anyways.

So yeah, when people say that Big Time Rush was just Big Time Rush, a band of boys who goofed off and were friends, they were right... but wrong on SO many levels. Because the boys were more than friends. They were more than best friends. They were brothers. Always have.

And always will.

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