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0800 Hours-Outside Black Order Military Academy

"WOAH, KANDA, CHECK THIS OUT! IT'S HUGE!" Shouted Lavi to his best friend, Yu Kanda, who was scowling at the loud source of voice. When Lavi expressed his opinion of becoming a soldier after high school, Kanda only tch-ed at him for his sudden rash decision. Yet, Kanda followed his so-called best friend because his adopted father is also one of the Generals that work at the academy, General Froi Teidoll. Through him, both Lavi and Kanda's application for the academy has been accepted. Although, it goes without saying that even without the pulling of strings, the fiery-haired man of 19 could be accepted into the academy for his innately high intelligence and photographic memory. The two walked into the academy, with Lavi gawping at everything that comes to their path.

The Black Order Military Academy was one of the most prestigious academies of the country, famous for molding powerful soldiers that ever walked on the face of earth. Investigation shows that the magical rate emitting from this academy is the top of the country, rivaling with the next best in the country, the Noah Military Academy. The two had been rivals ever since the academies had been created, competing furiously for the victory title in many of the military competitions that were held annually. The academy is located on a very large plot of land, easily seen from the sky. It was divided into 3 main parts; the training fields, the buildings for military purposes and the millions of dorms. There were many other people who, like Lavi and Kanda, had just graduated and have been accepted to the academy.

"Lavi! Kanda! Wait!" A familiar voice cried out to them. Lavi and Kanda looked shock when they heard their own names being sounded in an unfamiliar place, but relaxed when they saw who it was. A tall lean man was running towards them, and Lavi (in Kanda's disgust) ran and embraced the elder one with open arms.

"Krory! How are you doing? It's been a while!" asked Lavi, whose words were too quick for the man to catch. Krory just laughed away, pulling the excited one from his shoulders. He greeted Kanda politely and the three caught up with time. Krory also enrolled in the academy, the same as his younger friends. Relieved that he actually found some people he knows, Krory followed Lavi and Kanda to the main hall located in the centre of the academy to be briefed.

Along the way, Krory made conversation with the reluctant Kanda, leaving Lavi trotting behind. Then a group of big boys caught Lavi's attention. They were crowding around something, or someone, thought Lavi as he went towards them. Under closer inspection, he saw someone being kicked on the ground by the boys, who were too busy laughing hungrily to notice Lavi slipping by them. Taken by anger, Lavi shouted at the top of his voice,

"Oi, leave him alone, you big bullies! Go pick on somebody your own size, why don't you!"

His loud sudden voice scared them away, leaving their poor victim on the floor, almost drenched in blood. The boy groaned as he went into a sitting position, and Lavi took note on the bullied boy. He was wearing a tattered brown coat, his face covered by his powdered-snow hair. He was taken aback temporarily, as the color white was a symbol of death. After weighing his options of running away or rescuing him, Lavi came closer and he noticed that this boy's left arm was marred red. The boy's small voice snapped Lavi's attention back.

"T-thank you, for saving me,"

He looked up at his savior, and the face took Lavi's breath away. Even though the face had small faded scars, his face was a face of pure beauty. On the left of the small boy's face was an unusual scar that looked similarly like a pentagram, trailing down like a trail of fresh blood to his chin. His eyes was had both sliver and grey mixing serenely, captivating whoever who looks too deep into the wearer's eyes. Lavi was lost of words, but blinked back his thoughts about this boy as he checked the injured to distract himself from thinking too much.

"I-I'm fine, thank you again... Not many people have ever risk themselves like that for me before… So, thank you,"

"You're welcome," Lavi said, smiling his signature smile. He trusts his hand forward as a sign of comradeship. "I'm Lavi, what's yours?"

"I'm Allen. Allen Walker." Shaking Lavi's hand, Allen smiled back, glad that he made a new friend.

"So, you're new here too?"

Before Allen could answer, Kanda and Krory were shouting his name in the distance. Apparently they took their time figuring out that Lavi was no longer at their side. Allen, who also heard his name being called in a different direction, took his leave and walked away from Lavi, not once did he turned back. Lavi was beside himself and he didn't pay attention to his worried friends when they lectured him on the importance of sticking together (well, Krory did, Kanda just heaved a sigh like he was a parent getting fed up of his wondering child). The three continued their journey uninterrupted. This time though, they made sure that Lavi was walking in front of them. There, they met new friends named Johnny, Reever, Chaozi and Bak. The new gang sorted themselves out and stood in attention when a loud voice pierced the echoed hall.


Everyone stopped their talking and the hall became silent as two newcomers stood on the stage. The tall muscular man had long vibrant red hair and a phantom-like mask on the right side of his face. His straight up uniform showed everyone present that he was a General, and so therefore, not to be messed with at any costs. He was busy smoking as he introduced himself to the newly groomed Privates in front of him with gusto.

"Welcome to Black Order Military Camp, Privates. I'm General Cross Marian. And unfortunately for both me and you idiots, I'll be in charge of training you. This here lovely lady…" showing the lady in question with a wave of his hand,"… is Captain Lenalee Lee."

Captain Lenalee's uniform comprised of a tight black jacket and a short skirt. Her long hair is tied up into two high ponytails, and together with her proud expression, gives out a rather royal and solemn look to other people. She took a small bow and wished everyone a hello. She briefed the privates and gave them a short tour around the academy so that they wouldn't give the excuse to go inside the women's dormitory in search of theirs. Then along the way, Lavi realized that Allen was not with them. Come to think of it, I didn't see him in the hall too….

His thoughts were fast removed from his mind as they entered one of the many training faculties and the privates saw what seems to be a shooting rally set up. General Cross, who was waiting his ass off for them to come, stood by the side and made his voice known to the confused so-called soldiers.

"This here is the shooting range. Now, you Privates will show me what you're really worth by shooting as many moving targets as possible in a limited time with those two guns there. Who so ever obtains the lowest mark has to undergo severe punishment and…."

"What? We're training now! What about dinner and the dorms?" Intervened a Private. "You can't do this to u…"

A loud BANG was heard, and the surprised Private held his tongue back when he saw a bullet hole very closely located his head. General Cross had had his gun on standby, smoke coming out of the head. Everyone stood a gasped, shocked at the General. Shit, I didn't even see him take out his gun at all! The smug General placed his gun back into its holster and smiled evilly,

"Well, now, where was I? Oh yes, and the record for the shooting range is 98. Try your best, idiots, and don't, at any costs, drop the guns! Okay, who's up first?"

The Privates stood hesitantly, wondering which is scarier; the crazed up General or the sudden training that the crazed up General made them do. But their motivation rose up tenfold when they heard a gun being cocked on the said crazed up General's hand. Lavi, the braver one of the gang, stepped forward. All eyes were on him as he took out the two guns that were laid before him on a table. He put on a false smooth smile, showing everyone that he had a large amount of confidence. Not two seconds later, the guns pulled his hands down to the ground as they crushed that said confidence to tiny little pieces. The guns were apparently very heavy, and it took him all his strength to even lift the guns up. It felt like gravity was not on his side, and Lavi faltered slightly while going into position. His one good eye was placed in level, and a brief nod of the head was exchanged between Private and General. General Cross switched on the shooting range, signaling that Lavi and the other Private's training have begun.

After the entire Privates' miserable trial, it showed that Lavi had the highest score among them all: 70. The General himself was far from happy at the overall results.

"You are a bunch of maggots, all of you! Tomorrow morning, 0600 hours, be at the West Field for more training. I'll get some muscles in those scrawny bones of yours!" He ordered. Groans fell out of the Privates' mouths, and a red vein appeared on the general's forehead, pissing him off further.

"In that case, change of orders: West Field, tomorrow morning at 0500 hours! Anymore complaints, ladies?" Not a sound was heard this time round. The General dismissed them and they all walked back to their designated dorms, dragging their feet in slumps. Thankfully, Lavi was placed in the same dorm as Kanda and the rest of the gang. The large dorm can accommodate 7-8 people, with only enough space to place their luggage at the side of their own beds. Too tired to complain, the gang found themselves sleeping in the dorm without a word goodnight.

In the middle of the night, when the stars were shining their brightest in the wings of darkness, Lavi woke up, feeling a muscle cramp in his arm. He didn't want to disturb Kanda for this trivial thing, so he got up and left the dormitory. Silence and grim darkness engulfed the academy in its gloomy halls, leaving no trail of light to shine through for Lavi. Groggy from sleepiness and distracted by his cramp, he went the wrong direction, going away from the infirmary. He brought himself into a hall, and realized that this was the same shooting range as before instead. He was going to leave when he saw someone else was in the facility too.

A head of deathly white hair showed itself from the revealed hood. It's Allen! It was strange to see another Private lurking around the academy too, and curiosity took control of Lavi. He didn't see the other Private ever since he saved him from those bullies, and he quietly melted into the shadows, watching the other's every movement. Then Allen did something that made Lavi's mouth hung open: He took hold of the twin guns and hoisted them up like it was made of feathers instead of bricks. A short test of the two guns who were moving gracefully in his hands and Allen got the feeling of the guns and the shooting range came to life suddenly.

Lavi was entranced by Allen's shooting abilities. Every shot he took, every trigger he pulled, every bullet he threw, they reached home. The digital machine above him, designed to both clock his time and successful targets was increasing at an alarming rate, not stopping for even a nanosecond to rest. One by one, the moving targets were taken down, and Lavi saw that Allen had his eyes fully concentrated on the targets ahead of him. Eyes never blinking, his arms flew in different directions, taking aim in a second and pulling the trigger in the next. Never once did the moving targets survived for more than a few seconds as the gunner shot them down as fast as they can appear. After what seems to be a minute or more, the guns were smoking hot, and Allen easily placed the tired guns onto the table. He walked off like nobody's business, pulling his hood back up and exciting the facility with the same silence as when he entered. Lavi had his legs rooted to the ground, mesmerized by Allen's performance. His cramp totally forgotten, he forced himself to lift his head to look at the scoreboard and his eyes grew as big as saucers.

The scoreboard showed the number of successful hits in a row: 100

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