0500 Hours, Black Order Military Academy

The sun reared its majestic head from the East, beaming light and warmth towards the Earth below. Shining with blaze, Mother Earth woke up with a smile on her face, blessing the day to be a beautiful one. The birds sang their song of pure joy at that said blessing, and the clouds flitted ever so slowly through the spring wind sky. Yes, it was going to be a great day to be appreciated.

Yet, the Black Order Military Academy has something else planned for this historical day. Something that will affect the world on a large scale; they were going to war. Everywhere in the Academy were soldiers busying themselves for the oncoming battle. Sleek black armours as serene as night itself was fitted in to the most comfort, and artilleries of mass destruction weapons were finally brought out into the open after a long time of sleeping. The Black Order was going all out on this chance, without holding anything back. The Noahs practically declared war on them as soon as they had set their hands on their General of the Army, and the Black Order was not one to bend down and take that offence in stride. The challenge has to be answered, and by the fire and ice, it will be answered!

The Black Order Generals were in the main office, discussing about their battle strategies. They were hit the hardest, as they felt empty-hearted without their Commander present. Steeling their softened hearts for the oncoming slaughter, the Generals were not going to take prisoners. They were coming for their General of the Army, and they would not retreat or turn back for anything but! Retreat is not applicable, failure is not an option!

0500 Hours, Noah Military Academy

A cry of torn up pain was slicing its sharp way through the darkened empty hallway, the source undisturbed. Allen was fighting a losing battle, with himself. The darkness was threatening him to succumb to the growing spell, but Allen wouldn't have its leisurely way. The sands of time tipped drop by drop, Allen has felt himself searing with agony and pain coursing through his body whenever he tried to reject the love potion's effects. His mind soon became numb, but he was stubborn to the ways of unconsciousness as he willed himself to keep fighting the darkness that was egging him to embrace the spell. His eyes turning from deep black to quick-silver and back to black showed the outer world that Allen's inner self was in conflict with each other, the two not backing down for the other any time soon.

General Tyki leaned against the doorway, watching the whole inner battle breaking the poor General of the Army from the inside. Allen sat across the bedroom with his hands tied down tightly on the sides of a chair. Tyki watched calmly as beads of sweat furrowed Allen's perfect face and Allen panting hoarsely as if he had just run a marathon. Tyki was beside himself for once, seeing his past lover trying to fight Road's spell. Tyki knew that Allen was going to be stubborn, but not to this degree. Was that stupid rabbit Captain worth this much of trouble?

Walking to the frustrated Allen, Tyki grabbed hold of his weary face and kissed Allen deeply, conveying his pent-up emotions through the mouth-to-mouth action. Tyki felt Allen stiffened at the action, and then relaxed. Tyki backed away after locking lips with Allen and grinned when he saw Allen's eyes turned black, the sign that the spell had taken over. Allen's body fell limp, sucked out of energy as he bend to Tyki's will. But Tyki had not much time to pat himself on the back for a successful job, as Allen growled loudly as his eyes turned back into the melted silver that he originally had. Allen shouted curses at Tyki, his body back into action as the spell was taken off guard at Allen's sudden mental attack. And it was back to the inner war again…

Tyki decided to ravish Allen and scar him for life when a loud boom was heard from afar, covering Allen's painful cry. The blaring alarm for intruders rang, awakening every Noah soldier from their sweet slumber. Tyki gazed out of the window in fury as he saw Black Order Academy attacking them on their ground. Many Noahs were killed on the spot due to unawareness. Tyki ran from the bedroom and alerted the others to go into action. He knew who were they after, but Tyki wouldn't allow them to just waltzed right in and take him. They'll soon taste Noahs' blades and oh, Tyki would enjoy hearing them shout their last scream of life.

On the battleground, the ground was painted with red slowly as each one of the soldiers from either side was slashed down. Battle cries echoed the milky sky as weapons were clashing with each other with their song of bloodlust. No one was not tainted with the sight of blood and the massive killings that was currently happening right in front of their eyes. Lavi and his comrades were fighting for their lives, their backs covering each other as the onslaught continues its merciless ways. They had brought down many Noah soldiers, cutting their thread of life without any remorse as they slowly continue heading forward to the target.

The Black Order Generals were a sight to behold. If Lavi thought their mirror images on the last battlefield were amazing, then this in itself is God-awe striking. In their golden trimmed General uniform calling out to anyone that laid eyes on them that they were the Leaders of Black Oder, they rained blow after blow, untouched, unhurt and unaffected by the petty Noah soldiers. They were absolutely emotionless on the battlefield as they silenced each soldier with just a flick of their fingers. They were the dark angels that came down to bear judgment on the wicked, and passing judgment is what a Black Order General does best. That said sight held the outmost respect and awe of the Black Order cavalry around them, bringing them the self-confidence they need to survive this bloody war.

As the sun rose to its highest peak, Lavi felt himself growing hotter and hotter every minute. The battle as still going strong, but the Black Order has made progress. As the Noahs moved backward, the Black Order took up the empty space and charged forward into their enemies, butting heads with them once more. Lavi cut his way through another unlucky soldier yet again before he felt an arm pulling him away from the front line. Lavi was about to attack that person when he caught General Cross's eyes.

"Follow us, Lavi. We know where Allen is!" Shouted Cross with his commanding voice to the dazed Captain. Lavi saw that the Generals were also struggling with the battle, wanting this forsaken war to be done and over with. Swiftly, the 3 Generals and Lavi worked their way into Noah Tower, their base of operations. General Cross briefed Lavi shortly, reporting that Allen should be held on the peak with General Earl as his selected captive. Floor by floor they went higher up, Lavi's heart beating faster at the thought that he'd finally be able to see his lover once again. Even if he was under the love spell, the Generals had faith that Lavi would find a way to break the strong wizardry. That was one of the things that the Black Order has that was holding them all together in this tiring battle: Faith.

On one of the floors, they were confronted by both Colonel Road and Colonel Lulubell. Both looking captivatingly beautiful, but they weren't resented as the Devil Duo of Noahs for nothing.

"Oh, finally you've arrived. I was wondering what took you Black Order Generals so long to come here," Chirped Colonel Road while eating her lollipop.

"Please, Road. They're Black Order. Don't think so highly of them," Scoffed Colonel Lulubell beside her partner.

General Winters was about to retaliate at the rude remark when General Klaud stopped his advance. Stepping forward, she unsheathed her striking whip as Jimin bared his teeth animalistic at the two smiling Noah Colonels. Lavi stepped forward too, but General Klaud pushed him back into Cross's arms, her face a perfect picture of silent kill and unrelenting anger.

"Go ahead; I'll take care of these two clowns. Go save my General Allen," Commanded General Klaud, her voice dripping with bottled-up anger and all the ferocity of a Black Order General. Before Lavi could fight back, General Cross pulled Lavi away yet again, leaving General Klaud to her selected battle. Colonel Road tried to intercept the fleeting crew, but was stopped short as General Klaud's whip strike at her feet, sending a loud cry of pain from the young Colonel. Road was joined by Lulubell, both wearing similar faces of impatience and bad temper.

"Are you the ones who made the love spell?" Asked General Klaud softly.

"Yeah, that's us. What's it to you?"

Taking confident steps forward, the female Colonels felt the pressurizing aura emitting from the angry General. Their legs now slightly quivering at the splendid sight before them, their minds telling them to run away quickly from this quiet monster. They will now know what it is like to anger the great General Klaud, in all her might and splendor. Finally, General Klaud faced them, her face as dark as it can get, eyes sharp with the bottled-up power. Jimin began to grow larger, his teeth growing predatorily and razor sharp claws sprang from his hands. They were in battle mode, their trump card moment.

"You set this up. Now, you will die," Announced General Klaud with a deathly silent voice, commanding and all. The battle between General and Colonels have ignited.

Meanwhile, back at the hallway, Lavi and the Generals were confronted with another Colonel, Noah Colonel Skinn. This time though, General Winters was not going to back down at the great challenge that was standing in his way again. Stripping out of his tight and constricting uniform, Winters' muscles start to grow, relieved to finally be released from the constraints of the proud General uniform. Colonel Skinn licked his rasp lips, ravishing at the sight opposite him and laughed evilly.

"You guys go and rescue my General Allen now. I'll play with his petty Noah General and then I'll catch up to you!" Roared General Winters, before charging off at Colonel Skinn.

The moment those two bulging boulders collide with each other, Lavi had to cover his ears for the loud booming was louder than any bomb he had heard so far. It was like watching to massive mountains fight with one another for ground. But Lavi had enough faith in General Winters to be able to turn the tables around the naïve Colonel and he stride ahead with only General Cross to guard him.

They were finally one room away from the throne room where Allen was most likely held. Lavi could almost sensed Allen's presence and doubled his speed ahead.

"Lavi, watch out!" Shouted Cross out loud, before he fired upon an outstretched hand welding a mighty sword aimed at Lavi's neck. Lavi pulled back just in the nick of time and the sword came into contact with the marbled floor, sending a clanging sound at its failure to taste Black Order blood. General Cross caught up to Lavi as General Tyki melted away from the shadows, showing off his silverish Noah armour. Whispering to Lavi, General Cross ordered,

"You go into the throne room and get my idiot General Allen out of there. I'll hold of this guy as long as I can,"

"You can't! What'll happen if you get killed?" Hissed Lavi, hesitating to leave his last General to the mercy of these Noah prime soldiers. Reading Lavi's worried mind, General Cross pat him on the back before hoisting his trusty gun on his shoulder, facing the waiting Noah General.

"Baka! Our bonds with each other are not one to be underestimated! As long as one of us is alive, we all will live through this: Together! You seem to forget, we're Black Order Generals. We won't and will not die before this mission is over, you hear? Besides, "pointing his gun at Tyki, showing him the acceptance of battle of General against General, "I have a bone or two to pick with this idiotic Noah. He's played with my Allen too much. He's going down!"

Lavi gave a slight chuckle as General Cross's words began to seep into his head. Yeah, they aren't called Black Order Generals for nothing. They've survived war after war, battle after battle. They have scars and memories and experience on their side, they won't lose to these greenhorns. Not on this rescue mission, they won't! General Klaud, General Winters, General Cross, General Froi, Colonel Komui, Captain Lenalee, Captain Kanda and everyone else that has spent their day drowning in blood and the silver song of weapons; they all have faith in their strong bond with one another. And if these almighty war beasts have faith in Captain Lavi, then how can Lavi lose? Picked by this new confidence and faith, Lavi ran ahead, not once looking back at the Generals that he had left behind to succeed in the mission.

1700 Hours, Noah Throne Room

At the top of the throne room, sat Allen with his head hung low, unconscious. Lavi could see that Allen was barely breathing, obviously deciding to bring the mental war with his inner self in unconscious mode. As Lavi began to step forward, so did the master puppeteer from behind the gleaming throne. General Earl of the Noah Military Academy strode forward, dissipating his wielding sword into his outstretched hand with that maniac smile on his face.

"Well, well, Lavi, it seems that I will be your opponent for the day," Stated the Earl gleefully, as if he was offered a genuine prize from somebody else. His ominous voice sent shivers down Lavi's spine as he took his magical hammer out of its holster.

"Give back Allen, you Bastard!" Growled Lavi before he reenacted the fight between Noah and Black Order.

The clashing of weapons and the murmuring of spells was casted through the Noah Tower. Lavi was head-to-head with the General Earl himself, and he was losing ground. Every attack he did was casted aside by the amused General Earl and his defenses were naught before the Earl's abusive attacks. Blow after blow they traded with each other as the sun beats its glaring heat below. Lavi was holding what little ground he had left, comforted at the fact that Allen was still alive and he needed him.

One slightly miscalculated misstep sent Lavi hurling backwards with a blow into his chest, sacrificing the air in his weary lungs. General Earl laughed loudly for everyone to hear, as Lavi feebly got up on his knees. His body now covered with branded scars and wounds that'll need time to heal. But time was not in his essence now, as General Earl swung his sword through the heavy air.

"Is this all that the Black Order has to bring? How dare they think that a mere Captain can win against the great Noah General!"

"Lavi!" Shouted a new voice that made Lavi look up. Allen was grasping the throne with tight knuckles. Between their battle, Allen had awakened to the sound of sword and hammer clashing. When he saw Lavi fighting, his heart gave a flutter and was about to go in aid of his beloved when the spell stopped him of his advance. With a renewed amount of energy, Allen began his inner fight again. Lavi saw his lover frustrating with himself, his eye colour changes within seconds. General Earl, sensing Allen's struggle, casted a sealing spell on him before Lavi could stop him, silencing him and making Allen devoid of any fighting will.

"A-Allen?" No, no, please tell me it's not happening!

General Earl skipped to the silent General of the Army's side, happy of his spell being successfully planted into Allen's head.

"Now, dear Allen, go and show those Black Oder who you belong to!" Purred the Earl into Allen's ear.

Lavi's strength abandoned him when he saw Allen's eyes a deep black aura, and Allen bringing about his weapon of annihilation, the Crown Clown. Lavi hadn't not enough to comprehend what was happening when he was forced to defend himself against Allen's mighty strike. Having the lack of energy due to his battle with the Earl, Lavi was exhausted both mentally and physically. Allen was gone, and Lavi had failed in his mission; those thoughts rang true around Lavi's mind. He had let everyone down. He had let everyone sacrifice in vain. Their screams, their cries, their souls, all for nothing. Lavi's heart clenched with guilt and sorrow. This is the end. He had nothing left. Allen was gone; the Black Order had nothing left. Their bonds between one another were just worthless and useless in the face of battle.

"Go ahead; I'll take care of these two clowns. Go save my General Allen,"

"You guys go and rescue my General Allen now. I'll play with his petty Noah General and then I'll catch up to you,"

"You go into the throne room and get my idiot General Allen out of there. I'll hold of this guy as long as I can,"

"Baka! Our bonds with each other are not one to be underestimated! As long as one of us is alive, we all will live through this: Together!"

General Klaud. General Winters. General Cross. Everyone. They all have faith in the bond they had within each other. What was so strong of their bond? What would that achieve in the battlefield, where only swords and battle strategies matter? No, it wasn't just that… Lavi gritted his teeth, slapping himself for not looking at the bigger picture that was standing right in front of him this whole time. The bond between Black Order and Black Order. That was what won wars and battles. That was what brought them together, survived challenges together, live together. The power of bonds was not just bonds. It was the Black Oder's primary weapon, their source of power! Every smile, every tear, every moment they've spent together only strengthen their bond, thus strengthening their will and pillar of support!

Gripping his hammer tightly, with those bittersweet memories holding him up, Lavi stood his ground against the emotionless General of the Army.

"I'll bring you back, Allen. Come on, everyone's waiting for us,"

Allen quickly strikes forward, wanting to end the battle at once. At the last moment, Lavi dropped his weapon and awaited the oncoming blow. He didn't do anything to defend himself; no more running, no more fighting. If the Black Order had faith in bonds, then Lavi would put his life down in trade of the bond he has with Allen. He would have faith in Allen's bond as sure as the Black Order had faith in him. Allen's subconscious self awaked at the helpless state of his beloved, but before he could take control of his body, the slash of Crown Clown whipped through Lavi's chest, clearing a sharp stroke from the right shoulder to left rib. Lavi glimpsed Allen's distraught face, the original silver-grey colour that he loved returned to its place.


Lavi fell only to Allen's open arms. Allen's black uniform now stained with Lavi's blood as Allen's face wretched with pure sorrow and frustrations. Tears beckoned to escape his eyes, as Allen held his beloved closely, hearing the beating heart turning ever so slowly in rhythm. From afar, General Earl laughed out at the performance, captivated at General Allen's sudden attack.

General Allen was angry. No, furious. Conjuring up the large amount of energy he had set aside in saving, he turned towards the guilty party. Crown Clown was in sync with its master, sensing his magic tightening up. It covered Allen protectively, caressing him and his body with the white cloak of familiar armor. The mask set upon his face to declare full power, Allen released his magical aura around the throne room. The effect was staggering. The room shook under pressure as the sky turned dark and malicious. Strips of pure power came from Allen, now General of the Army at full strength. Parts of the ceiling and floor broke under pressure as the air around them became as heavy and gravity reared its almighty power. Allen was back, and he was out for blood.

General Earl cowers in fear of his commander, begging and groveling for air. This kind of magic pressure was not something petty mortals could withstand. If the Earl was not a General, he would've died under this ungodly magic. He squinted his eyes to see the Right-hand of God striding towards him calmly, his right hand now outstretched with five sleek claws. Gasping, General Earl broke into the ground, his lungs now screaming for sweet air and his body shouting for that pressure to go off. General Earl of the Noahs dared to gaze upon the Almighty white figure as Allen stood before him. Allen called upon Crown Clown once again, its beauty awe-strikingly beautiful. He raised the sword up high as he announced with every shred of emotions he had,

"General Earl of the Noahs, you are hereby relieved of your duty; permanently,"

And the judgment has been passed at that moment.

0700 Hours, Black Order Military Academy

To say that the Black Order was brimming with excitement and happiness was an understatement. It was a joyful day, history has been made. They have won the war, survived the worst of it and dared to tell the gruesome tales of it to those who wished to listen. There was a smile on everyone's faces as they saw their loving Generals coming from the burnt down Noah Tower, and they remembered raising their weapons in proclamation of victory and glory. They saw the Black Order emblem gleamed brightly among the fires of war, as they set up the waving proud flag of Black Order Academy on their mortal enemy's scorched ground. They remembered the pats on their backs when their comrades came back alive. They remembered General Allen in his Kingly glory, and they bowed and roared with all the strength that they had. Blood curled, hearts beat, memories made. The message was as clear as the day itself although silent; their bond was immortal, strong and unbreakable even in the face of war.

General Cross was about to pop a Champaign bottle with General Allen when he saw a small walkie-talkie on the bedroom table. After hearing briefly of what message said, he laughed silently to himself, finally contended at the life God has granted to him. Waving Allen's small walkie-talkie around for everyone to hear, they too fell into gleefulness and content.

To Black Order,

Captain Lavi and General of the Army Allen Walker had resigned their positions temporarily. No act of communication is available currently. As of late, General of the Army Allen Walker has placed General Cross in command of Black Order Military Academy. Given their word, they will return soon. Goodluck and Godspeed. -General of the Army Allen Walker -Over and Out-

Yes, they were the Black Order Military Academy, and by the Gods, they wouldn't have it any other way.

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