Chapter 15 : Back To Gensokyo

Back at Ryo's house. After losing the pursuers, they returned to Ryo's house to pack all the things they might need. Though the only one who packing things up is Ryo. He packed some clothes to change, his laptop, wireless modem, bluetooth dongle, few bluetooth headpieces, and other IT stuffs. "You're carrying too much unnecessary stuff..." Toshirou commented "Unnecessary? These things are part of my life! I can't live without them!" Ryo answered "But you've survived few months without them in Gensokyo..." Reimu said. Ryo silenced "Well... that's a different story, anyway, let's go already!"

Ryo starts his van, after being repaired and recolored quickly. The head towards the Grogol Mental Institution "What are we going to do after this?" Yatsu asked "Return to Gensokyo... duh" Reimu answered. Ryo turns on the radio "(...last night event at the Imperium Tower has killed more than 60 élite cops, but there were no footage about who and how this thing happened, since the building is exploded and the security systems including the cameras and tapes were destroyed. Who is behind all of his, nobody knows, the authorities has decided to shut their mouth and not commenting anything about this...)" the radio said. "Well, we're lucky guys... there's no footage about us last night..." Ryo said.

"Ryo, I think we should hurry up... I got a bad feeling about what Yumemi's going to do..." Reimu said "What is it?" Ryo asks "We're as good as succeeded rescuing Yukari, means we'll going to fail their plan... They won't be just sitting around waiting for us to destroy them..." Reimu answered "Alright, then... sit back, I'll go fast..."

Shortly they've arrived at the Mental Institution.

They came up at the front office to register.
"(Uh, we're here to pick up two patients signed under the name of Sgt. Panggabean...)" Ryo said to the officer "(May I see the commission paper?)" the officer asked. Ryo gives the commission paper. "(Mhm, alright then, I'll take you to the room...)"

The room for Yukari is located at the basement of the Institution. These rooms are usually used for the long-term mental illness.

They arrived at room 31. "(Here you go...)" the officer said as he opens the door. WHACK! Toshirou knocks him out by punching him on the neck. "Sorry, we don't want anyone to witness this..." he said. When the room is opened and revealing it's inside.

Yukari and Ran is sitting on the chair there, wearing a straitjacket.

Yukari smirked "I knew you all would come here...". Reimu is tearing up, runs toward Yukari, and hugged her. "You... stupid, old gap hag!" she cries. "Now, now... save this for later, we need to get out of here fast! My power is sealed within this room..." Yukari said.

They released Yukari and Ran. "Well, time to go back to Gensokyo?" Reimu ask "Yes, but another thing..." Yukari stares at Ryo. "Rio, are you coming with us? Or you going to stay here? The choice is up to you and I will not get mad if you won't..." she asked. Ryo is silent, and thinking for a bit.

Then he answered "Sure, why not?"

"I've come up this far, it's not me if just quit in the middle of it..." Ryo shrugged "Thank you very much..." The others said. "Now... to Gensokyo...!"


As Reimu said, the takeover has begun. Yumemi finally breaks out the makai and attacks Gensokyo with her Probability Space Hypervessel. She attacked with her whole army. By foot, armored vehicles, even some planes.

They massacres every single soul, youkai or human, they've met along the way. Their first target is of course, the center of Gensokyo's civilization, the human village.

Meanwhile, Nitori, Alice, Patchouli, Sanae, Reisen, and Mokou are at Muenzuka to activate Nitori's machine.

"Damn it! They're heading towards the village!" Mokou said "Keine and the rest is taking care of them, we're here now to activate this machine and get Reimu here, wheter she succeded to find Yukari or not..." Alice said.

Fires everywhere, the sounds of shooting and explosions heards. "This is not good, Nitori! Are you done yet?" Sanae asked in panic "It's complicated! I couldn't get the right frequency of the barrier!" Nitori answered. "Maybe, I could disturb the barrier if I activate a powerful spellcard..." Mokou said "Can you?" Patchouli asked "I did happened once, when Rumia is overpowered her spellcard, disturbs the barrier, then crossed it..."

"Wait! I did it!" Nitori said "I've got the right frequency! Stand back!"

There's a disturbance on the thin air in front of them. While the machine is sounds wierdly. "Is this even safe? The ground is shaking!" Sanae asked "Just... a minute!". The machine is sounding wierd again, then...


The machine's exploded. Everyone only stares in disbelief.

"What the hell?" Mokou said "Ouch, perhaps the Border manipulation Device is already unusable anymore from the start..." Nitori said "THAT'S NOT IT!" Alice shouted "We're lost our last hope! Now what are we going to do!?". "We fight them..." Mokou said "Fight...tthem?" everyone asked.

"We're left to protect Gensokyo, so that's what we do. If we win, we could save Gensokyo, if we lose, we lose, that's it..." Mokou said.

Then a voice came out of nowhere. "Need any hand guys?"

They're surprised, because the voice owner is "REIMU!" they shouted.

Reimu, with Ryo, Yatsu, Toshirou, Aya, Youmu, Chen, Ran, and of course Yukari. "We're back..." Reimu greeted.

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