A/N: Hi everyone! We're big fans of LOTF and we noticed how popular "write to the boys" stories are. So, we've decided to write our own interactive fic - with a twist! Instead of writing to the boys, you'll be writing to their girlfriends - all of whom are Mary Sues! Please know that we're not trying to offend anyone, but we just want to have a little fun with the 'girl on the island' stories. We hope you enjoy the story - and hope to see you writing soon!

Here's how it will work. We've got four Mary Sues. One for Ralph, one for Jack, one for Simon, and one for Roger. Let's go ahead and introduce them to you.

First up is Skylarette Winter Grace. She's Jack's girlfriend. Skylarette - as her last name will tell you - is a graceful dancer. She's shy and sweet, but will stand up for herself if she has to.

Skylarette: I guess so...

Well, Sky-Sky, we know exactly how you are.

Skylarette: Hey, don't you dare call me Sk-

Moving on!

Next up we have Daisy Rose May. She's Ralph's girlfriend. She loves singing, and has long, shiny, curly brown hair.

Daisy: It's chestnut brown, actually.

Okay, Daisy. Whatever you say.

Daisy: And what about my eyes? You left out the part about my eyes.

-_- And she's got blue eyes.

Daisy: cough

Robin's egg blue eyes that sparkle like the sea.

As you can see, she has quite a bit of an ego-

Daisy: What did you just say?

I mean, she's very proud of her looks. She's the perfect match for Ralph, isn't she?

Daisy: I already knew that.

We know, Daisy, we know.

Next is Simon's girlfriend, Sapphire Lacey Summers. She's very quiet and withdrawn, much like Simon himself. She's a fantastic writer, and she also enjoys reading.

Come on, Sapphire. Don't you want to introduce yourself?

Sapphire: ...hmm?

She's not a talker. Now, Sapphie, put that book down and tell us a little about yourself.

Sapphire: No, I'm reading.

Come on. At least tell us about the book!

Sapphire: ...It's none of your business!

It's her diary. Please tell us a little about what you write?

Sapphire: ...

She's ignoring us. Ah well. ;(

Last, we have Nora Riley Gold, Roger's girlfriend. Nora loves to pick fights, especially when she knows she's going to win. We're pretty sure she could beat Roger up - but she won't, because she loves him. Right?

Wanna say hi to the readers, Nora?

Nora: What? Go away.

Come on. Just say hello.

Nora: I don't like you, shut up.

At least wave, maybe?

Nora: No, I don't feel like it. Can I leave now?

I guess so. :/

So there you have our girls. Go ahead and ask them any questions you may have. It can be anything, about the boys, about them being Sues, about LOTF in general, just anything. We'd be totally thrilled if you reviewed. Also, feel free to let us know if this is a stupid idea and if we should continue or not. See ya!