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Daisy: Oh em gee, you guys. Guess what?

Nora: *monotonously* What.

Daisy: We have more questions!

Skylarette: Oh goody!

Nora: You can say that again.

Sapphire: ...

Daisy: So, here's one of our new questions... "What do you think of flirting? Do you flirt with your man?" Well, how do you even keep a boyfriend if you don't flirt with him?

Sapphire: Well-

Daisy: You weren't supposed to answer that. Anyway, I LOVE flirting with Ralph. He's SOOO cute.

Sapphire: I'm already dating Simon. Why do I need to flirt with him?

Skylarette: *to Daisy and Nora* I don't think she really understands the concept of flirting.

Nora: Poor baby. She's too innocent.

Sapphire: Hey! I'm not in-

Skylarette: I flirt with Jack, I guess.

Nora: Oh, what does that involve? Cooking pig meat together?

Skylarette: Oh, you know, we go on dates, we go see movies, we hold hands...

Nora: Eugh. Anyway, I don't flirt with Roger. I think I'd punch him if he tried to take me to a movie.

Daisy: But then, like, how are you guys even together?

Sapphire: True. If you don't really hang ou-

Nora: Shut up!

Skylarette: No, you shut up! What do you do together?

Nora: It's not like we never hang out. I mean-

Daisy: Yeah, but you guys are hardly ever together!

Nora: You know, contrary to your beliefs, you don't have to be a giggly girly-girl to have a real relationship.

Daisy: But you have to DO things together! I mean, come on. Seriously!

Sapphire: Simon always takes me-

Nora: Shut up, Sapphire. Nobody cares about what you have to say.

Daisy: Oh, I do! I do! Tell me! I care!

Sapphire: Well, sometimes we go out to the forest and we just look at all the trees, and we watch the little bugs and lizards and animals go by, and-

Nora: Oh wow, isn't that just romantic. Now tell us about the rainbows and the unicorn puppies.

Skylarette: Seriously, Nora, when are you going to quit?

Daisy: But - oh my gosh - Sapphire, that is SO cute! I wish RALPH would do that for me.

Nora: You can't be serious.

Sapphire: Well, it is-

Skylarette: If we keep this conversation on, Nora's just going to keep being rude.

Nora: :-/

Sapphire: Just for the record, there are no such things as unicorn puppies. Either unicorns or puppies. Not both.

Nora: I would kill Roger if he took me into a freaking forest to look at lizards.

Sapphire: You. Are. So. Mean.

Nora: I know, thanks.

Daisy: Whatever. Next question. Let's move on. It says we're supposed to react to one word... "Sex."

Sapphire: *stares blankly at the writing* What in the world is-

Daisy: Nothing! Nothing. Don't worry about it, Saph.

Skylarette: Uh...I really don't know if I want to respond to that. Can't really answer that with a littlun in the room.

Sapphire: I'm not a littlun! I can take care of myself!

Nora: Yet you don't know what it is.

Sapphire: What what is?

Nora: Oh, never mind.

Nora: Yeah, I can't say that I want to respond to that either.

Sapphire: Seriously guys. What are you talking about?

Skylarette: We said not to worry about it, so shut up. Don't you have somewhere to be?

Nora: I know I do.

Daisy: Where, with Roger? Who you don't even hang out with?

Nora: No, my fist needs to get ready for a date with your face.

Daisy: Oh, I'm so scared!

Skylarette: Can't even take five minutes to stop being so violent, can you, Nora?

Nora: Not with the likes of you around.

Sapphire: Wait, seriously though, what is it?

Skylarette: Sapphire, *drop it.*

Sapphire: Eep. Okay.

Daisy: Hey guys, we should go on a double date sometime.

Nora: Except there's four of us, stupid.

Daisy: A quadruple date?

Nora: *rolls eyes* Make it a triple date, cause I'm not going.

Daisy: What if Roger wants to go?

Nora: You think he wants to hang around with you losers and your pathetic excuses for boyfriends?

Skylarette: No. And I particularly don't want to be around him.

Daisy: Ralph says that Roger smells like old socks.

Sapphire: ...not joining in on this...

Nora: And I say that you're all a bunch of losers.

Sapphire: Hey, I'm not a loser!

Nora: *snort* Says the baby.

Daisy: Um, well, I think we'd have a better time without YOU anyways! Right, guys?

Sapphire: ...

Skylarette: *examining her nails* Uh huh...

Daisy: See? We'd have tons of fun without you.

Nora: It's pretty obvious that Roger and I are the only interesting ones out of this bunch.

Daisy: Ralph also said that Roger belongs in a mental hospital.

Nora: This girl is like a parrot. Repeats whatever she hears from her precious Ralph, eh?

Daisy: What? Ralph is smart.

Nora: Yeah, smart enough to try to lead a whole group of boys.

Daisy: That takes a lot of effort, you know.

Nora: Please. He wouldn't last a day without Piggy helping him.

Skylarette: Aha! So you do still like him.

Nora: No! I never liked him! Why would you say that?

Skylarette: Well, you told me, didn't you?

Nora: We're not going over this! I NEVER said that!

Daisy: OooooOoooh! I like watching fights.

Nora: Yeah, well, that fight's over.

Daisy: So Nora. Truth or dare?

Nora: Dare.

Daisy: You picked truth. If Piggy asked you out, would you dump Roger?

Nora: Yes, Daisy. I would dump my perfect boyfriend for a fat, socially awkward nerd.

Sapphire: Roger is far from perfect.

Nora: So is Simon.

Sapphire: Daisy. Don't you think Simon is perfect?

Daisy: Yeah, he's nice and sweet and cute, but he's not tall and blond and handsome like Ralph is.

Sapphire: That's what you're worried about? Looks?

Daisy: Uh, duh. I mean, have you ever seen a gorgeous girl like me go out with some ugly dork?

Sapphire: I wouldn't call you "gorgeous."

Skylarette: I don't think you should have said that...


Sapphire: I never said you were ugly!

Daisy: But you implied it!

Nora: Here we go...

Daisy: SHUT UP PEOPLE! I was just saying, Sapphire, that I will never date some ugly little brat like Simon.

Sapphire: Now you've started it.

Daisy: Oh, what are you going to do? Go cry to him about your problems?

Sapphire: N-no...

Daisy: Well, what? You can't fight me. You can't fight.

Skylarette: Daisy, you're not making any sense.

Sapphire: I-I'm going to... I guess I could...*sulks out*

Skylarette: She's such a baby. Just like her boyfriend.


Daisy: *quietly* Uglier than Ralph.

Nora: Ralph is uglier than Roger. So is Jack.

Skylarette: Nuh-uh. Roger is so ugly, it's unbelievable. I think Simon's cuter than him.

Nora: Ew. Simon's not cute at all.

Skylarette: Are you kidding me? Simon's super-handsome compared to Roger.

Nora: What? You like him, too?

Skylarette: Uh, no, I'm just saying that anyone can be good looking when compared to your ugly boyfriend.

Daisy: OoooOOOooh! Ice burn!

Nora: Okay, I don't know who is bothering me more right now - you or Skylarette. But, if both of you don't shut up, I swear I will-

Skylarette: Quit it with the threats. You never do anything. Probably because you're too busy not hanging out with Roger.

Nora: That makes no sense.


Nora: ...

Sapphire: *walks back into the room*

Nora: Welcome back, Princess.

Sapphire: That's what Simon calls m-

Nora: Oh, shut up. I was being sarcastic. I don't care what your precious Simon calls you.

Daisy: *to Sapphire* She's mad because Simon is better looking than Roger.

Nora: I am n-

Sapphire: Ohhhh, so you finally admit it, eh?

Nora: Uh, no. I haven't admitted anything. Daisy, on the other hand, has.

Daisy: Excuse me? There's no one as good looking as Ralph. So, you're the one that likes Simon.

Nora: Okay, first of all, that is gross. Second of all, he's not good looking.

Skylarette: Except when you compare him to Roger.

Nora: Shut it.

Sapphire: Yeah, Roger is pretty ugly. What do you see in him anyway?

Nora: Um...I...*silence*

Daisy: I don't think she sees anything in her boyfriend. That's pretty pathetic.

Skylarette: Do you just like him because he likes hurting people?

Sapphire: No, I think there's more to it than that. She's just too shy to say. See, at least we're open about our relationships.

Nora: Talking about you and Simon looking at lizards is not being open about your relationship.

Sapphire: Yeah, and what's the last romantic thing Roger has done for you?

Nora: Well, uh...he...uh...

Sapphire: Exactly. Either Roger's not romantic or you just won't tell us.

Daisy: Gee, Nora, I'd really like to know about Roger. Won't you tell us? Pretty please?

Nora: Not while you're bothering me, no!

Skylarette: Everyone in this room has shared except for you.

Sapphire: Yeah. Come on, Nora, we'd REALLY like to know!

Nora: Um..he...we...no. You know what? I don't have to if I don't want to. I don't even like you guys. Why would I tell you?

Sapphire: Yeah, Roger's not romantic. I thought so.

Nora: Yes he is!

Skylarette: Somehow I don't see Roger showing up at your door with a dozen red roses. Sorry.

Nora: Oh yeah, because I'm sure Jack did that.

Skylarette: He-he...he told me not to tell anyone though.

Nora: He actually DID that? I'm telling Roger!

Skylarette: No! Don't you dare!

Nora: Haha. Jack's reputation will be over.

Sapphire: Shut up and quit changing the subject. We're still talking about what Roger doesn't do for Nora.
Nora: No, kiddo, I think we can start talking about what a secret romantic - I mean total wimp - Jack is.

Skylarette: Stop!

Daisy: *pops popcorn*

Sapphire: Well, at least Jack tries to be romantic. I bet Roger never does anything for you. Never takes you to dinner, never buys you candy, never goes for walks with you...

Nora: You don't know what is or isn't going on in my life. Now let's stop talking about me and start talking about Sky-Sky and Jacky-poo.

Skylarette: Shut up! Shut up! I swear, if any of you tell anyone I said that I'll-

Nora: There's nothing you can do about it. It's clear that Roger and I have the most power out of all of us.

Skylarette: Nuh uh! Jack's the head choirboy.

Nora: I'm so scared of you and your singing boyfriend.

Skylarette: Your boyfriend sings too!

Nora: He lip-syncs!

Skylarette: I'M TELLING JACK!

Sapphire: I'm getting a headache, you guys.

Nora: Why don't you go cry about it to Simon? And you guys can go look at your stupid lizards!

Sapphire: Will you shut up about the lizards already?

Nora: Not until you stop calling Roger ugly and stupid and and and...

Sapphire: Awww, look, you DO love him!

Nora: Yes- I mean, no- I mean- GAH!

Skylarette: *fumes*

Daisy: *eating popcorn* This is good stuff, you guys. Keep arguing.

Nora: Why don't you tell us about how romantic Ralph is? All you've been doing is watching us fight. Or is he too busy worrying about himself to flirt with you?

Daisy: Okay, first of all, he does NOT worry about himself. He just takes care of himself. Second of all, we go on dates ALL the time. I said that before, didn't I?

Nora: Yeah, but were you telling the truth?

Sapphire: None of this is making sense.

Skylarette: *still fuming*

Daisy: It doesn't make sense because Nora is still avoiding telling us what Roger doesn't do for her.

Nora: Knock it off! Roger does plenty for me. Sapphire doesn't tell about what she writes in her diary, I don't want to tell you what Roger does. End of story.

Daisy: Sapphire already told us that she writes about ninjas.

Sapphire: I never said-

Daisy: So TELL US! Please?

Sapphire and Nora: NO!

Daisy: Wow, you two agree on something for once. Fine, leave us in the dark on your lives. I don't care.

Skylarette: I guess that's their business.

Daisy: I guess so too. I'll just wait until they are dying to tell me about their lives.

Skylarette: ...

Nora: ...

Sapphire: ...what?

Daisy: I don't even believe you guys. You all have the perfect excuse to be friends with me...the most popular girl in like, the world. And you pass it up by being stupid and secretive.

Nora: I don't even know what to say to that.

Sapphire: I think I'd better get going, guys.

Nora: Gonna go look at some more lizards with Simon?

Sapphire: Yes, actually, we are. *walks out and slams door behind her*

Daisy: Wanna go get the boys and all do something together?

Nora: Uh, no. I think I'm going to go hang out with Roger. Maybe we'll go on a date. I don't know. *leaves*

Daisy: Come on, Skylarette, wanna hang out?

Skylarette: I hate to say this, Daisy, but no, not really. I think Jack has a date planned anyway.

Daisy: You're no fun.

Skylarette: Go hang out with Ralph. I'm sure you two can figure something out.

Daisy: I guess so...but are you sure Jack doesn't want to hang out with Ralph?

Skylarette: Uh, yeah. I'm sure, hun.

Daisy: Is he still mad about not being in charge of the island or something? Because he really needs to get over that.

Skylarette: I think this conversation is over. And you need to get over your ego, sweetheart.

Daisy: Thanks, buttercup.

Skylarette: *leaving the room* Let me guess...that's what Ralph calls you?

Daisy: *silence* No...

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