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"Stop picking on me," Alan told his brother... sister? He didn't know.

All he knew is ever since Charlie came back to him after his heart attack "s"he had been really mean; even worse then when they were alive.

"I will," "s"he said, "But first you have to do something for me. The man upstairs said I can get into heaven if I could find someone who loved me enough to relive his worst day for me."

"CHARLIE," Alan scolded in a whiny tone, "I'm surprised at you. You're my brother and I love you and I would do anything for you."

"Is that really true," Charlie asked.

"Of course it's true," Alan said, "I mean you've always been there for me when the chips are down. Some of the way you've done things weren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the box but you were always there for me. You let me look like the good guy too."

"Well you were always the good guy," Charlie said, "I was the one that would fly off the handle sometimes."

"You were also the one that taught me what worked and what didn't," Alan said, "and you were the one that dealt with situations that I didn't want to deal with and you were also the one who used to get me out of jams."

"After I would get you into them," Charlie said and laughed regretfully, "How can you love me after all the teasing I put you through? How can you love me after I flew off the handle the way I did 8 years ago and got you in trouble?

"Look at all the things I did to you," Alan said, "And you still love me."

"What did you ever do to me," Charlie asked

"How about the time I was 17 and smashed your car? What about the time I got mad at you for something you didn't do? Charlie the point is I love you and of course I will relive my worst day for you. Which day is it? The day I got divorced?"

"No. That was a bad day alright but He wants you to relive the day Merribeth died."

A tear snaked its way down Alan's face.

"Wait," he said, "Can I change the outcome?"

"You can try," Charlie said, "But I don't know if it will work. Merribeth died the day she was supposed to die. She was your oldest and she fulfilled her mission here in life."

"Okay," Alan said, "I'll do it for your sake but this better not be another prank"

"It's not a prank Alan," Charlie said


Two days passed and Charlie came to visit Alan again.

"You're still a women," Alan said.

"For another 15 minutes," Charlie replied, "Since you're the reason I got into heaven I wanted you to see it when it happened."

"Really? Well thank you Charlie," Alan said, "That's very sweet of you."

"Yeah well I'm just an old bag of charm and boobs," Charlie said.

"Well whatever," Alan said, "I do love you. Even when you would drive me crazy I loved you."

"Alan I can't drive you crazy," Charlie said as his female form disappeared.

"Why not," Alan wondered out loud.

"Because you've already reached that destination a long time ago," Charlie said.

"I can't see you," Alan said.

Suddenly Charlie appeared. He was bathed in heavens light. For the first time in nearly forever Charlie looked happy. He looked peaceful. Alan hated reliving the day his firstborn died but it was worth it. His brother was safe and happy.

"Charlie? Tell Merribeth I love her," Alan asked

"I will," Charlie said and he was gone.

Alan cried but not sad tears. He knew he would be with his brother again one day.