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This entire chapter consists of Bella's story. Like she said, it's rather long especially since her thoughts distract her easily. The beginning is also rather boring seeing as it's just a brief recap of the first two books of Twilight.

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(3rd POV)

"I was as normal as I could get considering my mother was more of a teenager than I was. She would get herself into all these situations and I would always be the one to get her out. Her latest and greatest stunt was getting married; I suppose he made her happy. Her new husband was half her age and played minor league baseball for a living and to this day I have no idea how they even met. After being kept up all night with their moaning and groaning for the third night in a row, I decided it was time I moved back to Forks to give the newly weds some space."

"I started my junior year of high school there; living with my father, the chief of police of a town where the most horrible crime that has ever happened involves a party and some underage alcohol drinking. All was normal during my first day right up until lunch when these beautiful, graceful, all together perfect people walked in. I was told they were a family, all adopted by the equally beautiful Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." Peter visibly had to restrain himself from letting out a growl, not that Bella noticed; he knew she wouldn't want to be pulled out of her thoughts.

"For some reason, one of the beautiful took interest in me and soon enough I was told their secret. Well, I forced the secret out of him, a family friend on the La Push reservation nearby had unintentionally revealed it to me and I confronted him about it. I suppose we had a relationship going, his family were all relatively niceā€¦ with the exception of Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie either hated me or was smart and didn't want to be friends with a puny human, I couldn't really tell. Jasper wasn't allowed to be near me, less he gets tempted and try to take a bite out of me. I really do wish they gave him more credit, he did have to feel the bloodlust of 6 other vampires on top of his own; or at least I wish he stood up for himself. Especially now that I've learned he was such a badass in the good old days. Not even his supposed mate tried to defend him."

"It'll probably be easiest to forgive him though, as long as he stops being such a pussy. I don't blame Rosalie at all, she never wanted anything to do with me, and thus none of this shit could ever be her fault. Anyways, I got close with the entire family, so close that they felt comfortable inviting me to their vampire baseball game. I knew I shouldn't have gone, I had a bad feeling that day but I went anyways because Edward and Alice really wanted me to be there. Wouldn't you know it, with my luck a group of nomads had been passing through and heard the game. They wanted to join. Their supposed leader was a vampire named Laurent though it was obvious the real leader was the blonde, James. As it turns out, James was a tracker, and I just became his new target. I was told by Edward quite a while later he wasn't particularly interested in me or my blood, but rather pissing off my supposed family."

"That one baseball game started a chain reaction. My life took a nosedive to the shitter. Like I said, I became the object of a game, I was shipped off back to Arizona with Jasper and Alice. At least at that point they still had enough common sense to know Jasper would be the best to protect me. I discovered a lot about him on that trip; not that he told me, it was just the first time I was in close enough proximity that I can observe him and how he does things. I couldn't help but feel like his family was keeping him down. He's the most powerful in that family and everyone but him knew it." Peter could just silently nod; he knew Bella was right on the nose with that observation.

"I somehow managed to get away from the two of them to go confront James. I thought he had my mother, he used an old recording to trick me, but I suppose it's better it wasn't really her. I realized my life was fucked up ten ways to Friday and I didn't want her to be dragged into it. That was the first time I got bit by a vampire. The family got there in time though; Jasper and Emmett ripped James apart while Edward sucked the poison out, something about not wanting to damn my soul. The building was set on fire."

"When I got out of the hospital life went back to normal for a while. They had left Victoria, James' mate out and free to exact her revenge. Jasper mentioned something about it, but the family listened to Edward when he said Victoria's mind held nothing of the sort. Jasper backed off. A few months later I was thrown a birthday party against my will. I got a papercut and Jasper attacked. I never blamed him for that; nearly everyone in the room was feeling some sort of bloodlust. Edward left and took his entire family with him. That's when I knew for sure I wasn't his mate. I saw the way Carlisle was with Esme and the way Emmett was with Rosalie; I realized if I was Edward's mate like he had claimed he would've never been able to leave me." Peter could only nod, she was absolutely right, again.

"I wasn't that upset that he wasn't around, but his family leaving with him hit me hard. What's worse is that they left a loose end; Victoria was still after me. Mate for a mate she said the first time I ran into her. What's ironic is Edward didn't kill James, Emmett and Jasper did. Emmett held him down as Jasper ripped his head off. I remember it as if it was yesterday, it was the first and only time I saw what he used to be, and I loved it. It was spectacular even back then when I wasn't as messed up as I am now. Raw power and beauty in the purest form." She sighed. Peter was sitting there wondering if she saw that side of him, she would think the same.

"Not even weeks after they left Laurent caught up with me. Victoria sent him because he had owed her a favor. Apparently he had been living with the Denali's in Alaska and gone vegetarian; his eyes told me otherwise. He took me to her and I was made into a good little pet. A true pet, not what I had been to the Cullens; she had me conditioned perfectly within a week. I served as a walking blood bag, and an entertainment tool for whoever wished it. If I refused I would be whipped, burned, cut, and bitten. Ever heard of genital mutilation? I sure have. The only place she never touched was my face; she wanted it to stay perfect. Eventually she got bored and I was left to fend for myself. She got up and left, leaving me chained to the wall, naked as the day I was born. I couldn't do anything; I was too weak to even fight off the rats. It had been almost a year, the chances of someone finding me were nonexistent at this point, so I gave up."

"Eventually the La Push pack did find me, hanging on my last few breaths with everything I have and being supported solely by the chains around my wrists. I was hospitalized, and a story was made up to hide the existence of vampires. Once I had recovered enough I went back to school to finish off my senior year. It was the one thing I refused to let the mythical world take away from me."

"The next few months were hell. I sat alone at school because I had been so occupied with the Cullens I neglected to make human friends. Everyone looked at me with pity; it felt as if they could see through my long sleeved shirts and see the scars that lay there. The police chief's daughter being kidnapped and tortured was huge news in such a little town. My friend from the reservation had given up on me because he had finally realized I could never love him as anything more than a brother. Even so I spent most of my days at First Beach on the reservation. I knew I was safe there. Victoria would be dead as soon as she set foot on the reservation; the place was guarded by a pack of overgrown men who sprout fur and grow a tail when they're pissed off. I hadn't taken into account that my father would be completely exposed. Victoria did though, she was pissed that her little plaything continues to live on this earth; she couldn't get to me physically so she would do it emotionally. She slaughtered my mother and stepfather. A few weeks after the funeral she conducted a suicide mission to do the same to my father, leaving the same gruesome message at both scenes 'Your heart for mine.'. She was decapitated and at my request her head currently resides in, the alpha wolf, Sam's waste tank. I had a sick satisfaction that she would spend at least a few decades rotting in shape shifter shit."

"As soon as I obtained my GED I skipped town, I didn't stick around for the graduation ceremony even though I was valedictorian. I drove as far as I could, or at least as far as my old truck would let me. Then I hitchhiked a bit and finally settled down in that rusty little shack you found me in. I have had nothing but time to think about the direction my life took; hours upon hours thinking about who I would blame for to shitty state of my life, and what I would do if I ever met these people again. I've had months to analyze every situation in my life that I could think of."

"Recently I've had an revelation, all this shit made me who I am and I'm glad it happened. I don't want to go back and do it again, and if I had a choice I would avoid the town of Forks all together, but I'm glad I made it out alive. I'm alive. That is why I wanted you to change me before you go out and avenge my life or whatever it is you vampires do. I don't so much as want to hurt the Cullens for what they caused but to show them that I'm stronger than that. Stronger than they can ever be." She finished off with a half-assed smile.

"So? I know we made a deal and everything and I know you made it pretty damn clear you don't want to babysit a newborn but will you change me?"

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