Chapter Seventy-six

Monday morning

Draco stretched, unsurprised to find the bed empty this morning. When he and Gabriel had returned to their dorm room last night, Draco had planned on digging the truth out of his boyfriend. However Gabriel attacked him, effectively kissing his thoughts away. His body still hummed softly from the pleasure Gabriel had brought him last night. He wondered how long Gabriel would try and avoid him.

Draco sipped his tea as he read the Daily Prophet. "Boy Who Lived Magically Unstable?" the headline proclaimed. The article went on to explain how Harry Potter, aka Gabriel Dragonheart, had exploded with accidental magic and then spent two days in the infirmary recuperating. Taking a bite of raspberry pastry Draco wondered how he could make this work to his advantage. Suddenly he stood and strode out of the Great Hall to an empty classroom. Sitting down at the desk, Draco pulled out a quill and piece of parchment.

Dear Father,

It is amazing how accurate the Daily Prophet can be every now and then. My boyfriend has recovered, thankfully. I have a plan to help us make our dreams of the future become reality…

An hour later Lucius Malfoy was almost giddy with excitement. When the Dark Lord attacked Hogwarts he would win, Draco would see to it.


Draco smiled as Gabriel chatted with Ivy and some of the other first years. All day Gabriel had made sure they weren't alone, and couldn't talk about anything really important, yet he made sure not to ignore him. The day had been full of gentle touches, longing glances, and a few sweet kisses. Draco never felt so cherished, and yet he didn't let the attention win him over. Gabriel had a lot of explaining to do.


"Yes, Gabriel."

"I'm going to go down and train with Soto for a while." Gabriel smiled and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"I'll meet you down there; I'll just change, all right?"

"Sure," Gabriel said looking a bit surprised. Draco just smirked, his gray eyes laughing and calculating at the same time.

Draco felt rather smug as he walked into the fire lit camp with Severus at his side. They usually trained together on Monday nights, and he had talked his godfather into training with Gabriel and Soto.

"What are you wearing?" Gabriel asked as he saw Draco for the first time in black karate gee trousers and a tight black tee shirt.

Draco kept his face innocent while inside he beamed at the lustful look on Gabriel's face. "I always wear this when I train with Uncle Severus."

"You're training with us?" Soto asked.

"If that's all right," Severus replied.

"Sure, we had just started stretching. Gabriel and I were planning on sparring, but we could do something else."

"I'm agreeable to sparring. Draco?"

"Why not," he answered with a soft shrug.

When they stood facing each other Gabriel whispered. "Just tell me if it gets to be too much. I don't want to hurt you."

Draco's eyes narrowed. "Listen carefully: I'm not some pansy arse wimp. I've been taking care of myself for a long time. You might be able to beat me, but you'll have to fight for it." And with that Draco struck. Punches and kicks were thrown and blocked as the two teens danced around each other.

Draco breathed heavily as he held his own against Gabriel. He guessed Gabriel was holding back a bit, but not much. Looking up he was startled to see the lust in Gabriel's eyes. In the second he was distracted Gabriel darted forward and pinned Draco's arms to his side his lips barely touching Draco's.

"I want you so badly right now. I can't decide if I want you underneath me, all of that energy and power at my mercy, or if I want you above me dominating and controlling me."

"Both sound rather pleasant." Draco said melting against Gabriel's hard body.

Gabriel relaxed his hold and stretched up for a kiss. Draco leaned down and pressed their lips together. Bringing his hands up one grabbed Gabriel's hair and the other his chin, with a firm twist Draco had his boyfriend twisted, flipped and pinned to the floor. Draco's hand pushed Gabriel's jaw into the floor, and his body and legs pressed the rest of him down.

"I know you were holding back," Draco hissed into Gabriel's ear. "I might not be as powerful and strong as you, but I'm also not weak or pathetic."

Draco eased the pressure on Gabriel's jaw so he could speak, but still kept him pinned. "I'm sorry if you felt I treated you poorly, but Draco I didn't know how much you had trained, it would have been irresponsible to go at you full force. I don't want to hurt you."

Draco let go sitting up a bit, but still leaning over his boyfriend. "You will not hold back again."

"Yes Draco, I will. I have trained to kill. I have trained with a vampire, who is much stronger and faster than either of us. I only completely let go when I train with Lysander." Draco's eyes were cold steel gray letting Gabriel know he was still angry. "Draco, I respect you. You're a very strong person, and a strong wizard. I would be honored and feel protected having you at my side during a conflict. Also if you always throw me to the ground when you're irritated with me I might do it on purpose."

Draco nodded. "I understand, I will be standing at your side when Voldemort comes, and that is not up for debate." Gabriel shut his mouth with a snap. Draco leaned down, his lips a breath away from Gabriel's. "So you like it when I throw you to the ground?"

"Yes," Gabriel answered his voice rich with lust. "I like feeling your strength and power." Reaching up he threaded his fingers into Draco's silky locks. "I'm embarrassed to admit I like you being all forceful."

Draco looked down at his lover. Gabriel's cheeks were flushed pink and his eyes bright with desire. A groan escaped Draco as he crushed his mouth onto Gabriel's. Draco's body throbbed with need as Gabriel surrendered to him. Shifting Draco intended to cover Gabriel's body with his own when someone cleared their throat. Looking up Draco tried to scowl at his godfather, but only managed to grimace as he blushed.

"While that is certainly an effective technique, I don't wish to see it," Severus commented dryly.

"If you liked it I'm happy to practice with you," Adonis offered as he stepped out of the shadows. Now it was Severus' turn to blush.

"I'll go and see how Elena is feeling." Soto quickly slipped away before anyone could reply.

"I think we should get back to the castle," Severus said.

Adonis walked over to his reserved lover and wrapped his arms around him. "I thought living here would have perks."

Severus desperately tried to control himself, but he missed his lover, and he still hadn't gotten over seeing him so badly injured. Fiercely he grabbed Adonis and snogged him. Hands roamed, as they seemed to devour each other.

"Bloody hell, I can't decide if that is disturbing or hot," Draco whispered.

Gabriel smiled as Adonis jumped and wrapped his legs around Severus' waist, "Definitely hot."

Severus pulled Adonis' head back, panting. "I have to go back to the castle. I need to be there for my Slytherins."

Adonis sighed and then got a wicked gleam in his eye. "Cherub, I want to see where you live."

"Sure," Gabriel answered with a smirk.

Draco looked over at Severus. His godfather stood there looking stern and irritated, but his eyes glittered in amusement and something Draco chose to ignore.

Arm in arm Gabriel and Adonis walked back to the castle boisterously talking about Hogwarts and Slytherin. Severus and Draco followed along behind them not quite sure what to make of the two gypsies.

Gabriel introduced Adonis to almost everyone, and showed him everything within the common room and bedroom, not stopping until the curfew chime sounded.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Professor Snape," Gabriel said his eyes wide with shock. "I didn't mean to take so long, thank you for allowing Adonis to come down. I don't want to be out after curfew so would you please make sure Adonis can find his way out?"

Severus sneered making most of the student's worry about what would happen next. "I will not be so lenient in the future if you aren't more careful. Come along, Mr. Dyonysius."

Adonis hugged Gabriel goodnight and obediently followed his lover. When they were in the hallway, Adonis whispered, "I'd love to see your rooms again."

Severus said nothing, but after making sure no one was nearby he took advantage of having his lover with him. Soon Adonis was being pressed against a door, and kissed while Severus almost ripped the clothes from his body.

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Adonis was basking in the afterglow when he felt Severus shudder. Turning he saw tears dripping down Severus' cheeks. "Love?"

Severus buried his face in Adonis' neck, his shoulders shaking as he cried. "I thought I had lost you."

Adonis' ran his fingers through Severus' silky black hair. "Hush love, I'm here; everything's all right. I will never leave you, you're mine, remember?"

Images of the night Adonis claimed him flashed through Severus' mind. The love and passion they had shared that night still overwhelmed him. Over the years they had been together they had made love in many different ways, and yet that night would always stand out in his memory. Severus hoped that he made Adonis feel as loved as he'd felt the night Adonis claimed him.*

Reaching over, Severus opened the top draw of his bedside table and pulled out a black velvet box. "I have been thinking about this for a while, and I had decided to wait until Voldemort was gone and I was completely free, but I'm a fool and I should have asked you ages ago. Adonis Dyonysius, will you do me the honor of becoming my husband?"

Ignoring the box Severus held out, Adonis held Severus' face in his hands and looked deeply into the obsidian eyes. "Yes, I… yes I will marry you," he stuttered as his golden eyes filled with tears.

Severus beamed with happiness, his eyes suspiciously shiny. "Don't you even want to see what I've got for you?"

"Of course I love getting gifts, but I'm saying yes to you, not a piece of jewelry."

Still holding the velvet box, Severus wrapped one hand in Adonis' hair and pulled him closer, kissing him deeply. "I love you."

"I love you too, Severus, now give me the box."

Severus chuckled and handed over the box. Inside were two bracelets: one gold with a sun in the middle and Celtic knot-work hearts along the sides; the other was platinum and had a crescent moon in the center with the same knot-work hearts on either side.

"Severus, they're lovely," Adonis sighed as he gently ran a finger over the etched metal.

"I'm glad you like them." A long finger carefully took the gold cuff and placed it Adonis' left wrist.

Smiling brightly Adonis took the platinum cuff, and placed it on Severus' left wrist kissing his palm when he was done. "Now," said Adonis his voice rough with emotion. "Let's go and take a bath, and you show me how much you love me."

Severus smirked, pulling Adonis up from the bed. "It will be my pleasure."

Thursday, November 6th. Slytherin common room

Draco stretched out in the wing-backed chair watching his boyfriend intently. He had yet to confront Gabriel about how he intended to fight Voldemort, he'd been having too much fun watching Gabriel try and get out of talking to him. Gabriel danced around making sure they were never alone, and continued to shower him with soft, affectionate touches. When they were alone, Gabriel pounced insuring Draco had no ability to make a sentence let alone have a serious discussion.

Draco had learned a lot about Gabriel in the past four days. He was dedicated to making sure those he cared for knew how he felt. Gabriel was constantly doing small things for people and casual touches were common. However Gabriel was picky about who touched him, his family could of course, along with Professors Lupin and Black. However Gabriel would subtly shift away from incoming touches: other students trying to tap him on the shoulder to gain his attention; teachers about to place their hand on his shoulder; little, simple things. He wasn't obvious and usually turned to the person with a smile so no one's feelings were ever hurt, but Draco had seen the oddly protective behavior.

Tonight Draco would have all of his questions answered, of course he wasn't going to hope he could have time alone with Gabriel, he wasn't a Hufflepuff. And he wouldn't ask directly for time alone to talk, he wasn't a Gryffindor, for Merlin's sake! In fact his plan should go into effect just about now.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" cried a third year girl. Draco had paid her to spill a bottle of ink on Gabriel, knowing he would be sprawled across the floor helping his first years with their studies.

Gabriel smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, it will be just fine. I'll just go and get cleaned up."

"I'll get your books together."

"Thank you, Ivy."

Draco waited until Gabriel had left the common room before glaring meaningfully at his dorm mates, making sure they remembered to stay away for the next two hours.

Gabriel was in the shower, just as Draco had planed. When he got out he would dry off, put on his trousers, and come out to sit on the bed and put on his socks and shoes. And that was when Draco would pounce. Quickly Draco got everything ready and hid in the corner.

Just as predicted Gabriel came out in soft cotton sleep bottoms and sat on the bed to put on warm socks to protect his feet from the cool stones. As he stood Draco fired off a spell and Gabriel was bound to the bed arms and legs spread wide. Smirking gleefully Draco spun his wand between his fingers and approached his struggling boyfriend.

"Draco, what's going on?"

"I wanted time alone to talk."

Gabriel frowned. "Why didn't you just ask?"

Climbing onto the bed Draco straddled his boyfriend's thighs and sat down. "You've been avoiding talking to me for days, quite skillfully I might add. So I felt this was the best way to get what I wanted."

Gabriel quirked an eyebrow. "What makes you think I'll let you keep me here?"

"Oh, I don't know; maybe the fact that the cord is a magic inhibitor. I'm sure you're powerful enough to break free," Draco said coyly, "however you will most likely hurt me in the process."

Green eyes flashed in anger, then closed. With a sigh Gabriel's body relaxed completely. "Okay, maybe we do need to talk and perhaps I've been avoiding having a conversation with you."

Draco's perfectly arched eyebrow let Gabriel know he wasn't going to fall for any excuses.

"Why don't you let me go and we'll talk."

"I don't think so, I'm rather happy with you tied up. Now tell me about the fairy tale you read, specifically the one which led to you realizing the Dark Lord had spilt his soul and how you're going to bring the pieces back together."

Draco listened as Gabriel told the story of Helen, of how she drove a sword through a Dark Lord's body and how using all of her magic she healed his soul.

"Stop. I'm going to ask a few questions and I would like truthful yes or no answers. She used all her magic; are you saying she died to bring his soul together?"


"Do you think his soul was split into as many pieces as Voldemort's?" Draco shuddered as he made himself say the Dark Lord's name.


"Are you more powerful than Helen?"

"I have no way of knowing."

Draco fixed his storm gray eyes on sad emerald green. "Do you think you will survive?"


Draco closed his eyes in pain. "Are you going to try to survive?"

Gabriel's voice was rough with emotion as he answered. "Yes, with everything that I am, I'll fight to live." Draco's eyes flew open as calloused hands cradled his face. "I promise to do everything I can, to use all that I know, all my strength to stay alive."

Draco looked at the bed, the ropes were still there as if Gabriel's wrists had just vanished from them.

"Prove it to me, I want to know why you're so powerful and how you know all the weird things that you do," Draco demanded moving off Gabriel. "I would also like to know why you like touching people, yet frequently shy away from being touched yourself."

"I knew I shouldn't have left you alone." Gabriel sighed and cast Tempus. "Well it's only eight-thirty; I have time to show you a little something."

Draco sneered and straightened his robes. "This had better be good, Dragonheart."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll find something interesting." Gabriel grinned mischievously.

An hour later Gabriel was enjoying himself immensely as he lounged on a sofa in the Founders' Quarters. Draco had not stopped since they had come in here. He was like a kid in a sweet shop after drinking several Cokes. Draco ran back and forth muttering half formed sentences and touching everything, exclaiming in delight and wonder.

Apparently being in the very quarters the Four Founders of Hogwarts had lived in was too much for the Slytherin Ice Prince. Unfortunately curfew was in fifteen minutes and they needed to head back. "Draco, we need to leave."

Draco froze, and turning slowly glared viciously at Gabriel. "You're not foolish enough to believe that I will willingly leave the find of all Wizarding kind!"

Smiling calmly Gabriel kept his words soft and soothing. "Draco, I'm more than happy to bring you here whenever you like. In fact I can teach you the passwords and everything, but right now we need to go. We have people watching us and reporting our actions, we can't give anything away. Can you imagine what would happen if the Dark Lord found out about this?"

Draco took a deep breath and calmed himself. "All right, can I at least take a few books?"

"Of course, help yourself."

"Have you read all of these?"

"Not even close! I've been focused on how to defeat Voldy. Now I'm looking up information on spiritual, emotional and mental healing."

Draco nodded and gathered several potions journals, some by brewers who were suspected to be nothing more than myths, including the Russian Potions Master Esfir.

Gabriel climbed into Draco's bed trying not to disturb his reading. With a happy sigh he snuggled into the pillow and closed his eyes, expecting Draco to be fully absorbed in his book for the rest of the night. He was rather surprised when Draco set his book down with a regretful sigh, and spooned in behind him. "You didn't answer all of my questions."

"What else did you want to know?"

"Why do you make such an effort to touch people?"

Gabriel's entire body stiffened, he didn't want to talk about this at all. "I know what it's like not to be touched affectionately."

"Your family is all touchy-feely," Draco said with puzzlement evident in his voice.

Feeling the need to be face to face for this conversation Gabriel turned over. "My aunt and uncle didn't like me at all. I can still remember what that felt like."

"What did they do to you?"

"It was a long time ago, and it doesn't matter anymore."

"Gabriel," Draco pleaded. "Please tell me."

"They would make me do chores; they didn't feed me much and only touched me to punish me."

Draco didn't like the cold monotone of Gabriel's usually warm voice. Reaching up he began to run his fingers through the wavy black locks. "It was more than that."

"Possibly, but that's enough for you to understand why I touch people. Normally the people I touch don't have a lot of physical contact with others. I don't go out of my way to touch the Weasley twins, for instance."

Draco understood, he wanted to know more but his question was answered. "So why do you shy away from other people's touch?"

Gabriel began twisting the sheet in his nervousness. No matter what he'd done somehow this still remained a venerable subject, sometimes he wondered if he would ever be able to speak of what happened with detachment. "When I was eleven I was at a concert and a man approached me. His energy was so strong it overwhelmed my shields. Everything he was feeling and thinking crashed into me."

Gently Draco tilted Gabriel's chin up and met his eyes. He'd never seen the big green eyes looks so lost and vulnerable. "That's not everything; will you share the rest with me?"

Gabriel took a deep breath. "He was a pedophile, he took boys and after raping them, sometimes for days, he would kill them."

"Why was he near you?"

"He wanted me," Gabriel whispered.

Draco wrapped his arms around Gabriel's body holding him close. He hadn't expected this, not any of it, especially not Gabriel's honesty and vulnerability. "I'm sorry I pushed. I didn't mean to upset you."

"I'm capable of saying no, and honestly before our relationship progressed further we would have had to talk about it."

"Does he need to be taken care of?"

Gabriel's lip twitched at Draco's possessive tone. "No, Aurora took care of him."

"Good, is there anything I can do to help?"

"No. You'd think I would be better after five years."

"I'm sure you're better. You're here in my arms, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am." Gabriel gave a small smile.

"Let's try and get some sleep. Will you be okay?" Draco wanted to say something profound and healing, but had no idea what that could possibly be.

"Will you hold me?"


"Then I'll be fine."