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Hugs and Kisses


Five Years Later

Severus was scared, which made him angry, and even the sight of Adonis' fine arse couldn't fix his mood. Of course the fact that Adonis and his arse were half way up a fifty foot tall tree might have something to do with it.

His husband was currently climbing said tree in order to get an orchid. A rare orchid and the reason they had traveled to South America to begin with. Severus sighed, why did Adonis have to do this?

"Senor," asked the guide. "Do you need the climbers to get ready?"

Severus' jaw clenched as he looked at the group of men he'd hired to climb the tree and get the orchid for him. Yes, he's been complaining that they probably didn't know what they were doing. Yes, he'd muttered about them being heavy handed and clumsy. But Adonis should know by now that was just him being nervous and never did he mean for HIS husband, to climb such a high and therefore dangerous tree. "Ask them to wait in case they are needed, and assure them they will get their full pay."

"Si, Senor, is your friend going to be okay?"

"He better be." Severus stared up at Adonis' arse willing his lover to be careful.

"Bloody hell," Adonis yelled as he slipped his bad leg slamming into the tree.

Severus stopped breathing.

Adonis pulled himself up and massaged his thigh.

Cold guilt settled in Severus' stomach. Adonis's thigh had been cut and the bone broken, jumping in front of a curse that had been meant for him. And now here he was thirty feet in the air trying to prove himself or some such stupid thing.

"Get down here," Severus said in a voice that would have made his students shake with fear as they rush to obey him.

Adonis smiled down at him. "I'm almost there. Be down in a minute."

Severus crossed his arms, and for the record, didn't pout. "I'm not rubbing ointment into your leg."

Adonis' chuckles floated down through the thick green canopy. They both knew it was a lie, Severus would always take care of him.

Adonis coaxed each delicate root off the branch then placed the orchid in the protective bag. Careful to not bruise any of the dark blue petals Adonis packed moss around the roots and sprayed them with water. Looking down he smiled at Severus. He could feel his husband's glare, which was silly because he was using a rope and harness the climbers had set up earlier.

Oh, well Severus was always fun in bed when he was testy and worried. Leaning back he repelled down the tree and in a minute was being manhandled by long potion stained hands.

"I will tie you up next time."

Undoing the harness he smiled. "Love, I'm fine." Adonis winced as Severus pressed on his thigh.

Growling Severus wrapped an arm around his waist and led him to their tent. The orange gypsy tent stood out in the rainforest, probably the only thing that could. The tent had been Adonis' when he had traveled with the Dragon Heart Gypsies, back when his leg was strong and he could perform in the circus. Severus had added a few essentials, books and potion brewing equipment, but it stayed mostly the same, oriental rugs, the white couch and bedding. Severus loved to look at his husband framed by the white fabric, his gold skin and hair so rich it seemed to glow.

That afternoon Severus was too mad to enjoy the toned golden body he uncovered as he stripped Adonis checking for injuries. A large bruise was forming over the thick pink scar.

Adonis sighed. "Love it's not as bad as it looks. I used to get bruises all the time when I was in the circus."

"You weren't mine to take care of then," Severus snarled storming off to the bathroom to get a healing ointment.

Adonis closed his eyes and tapped into his inner diplomat, a skill he was glad he'd perfected before marrying Professor Snape. "Love I am grateful for all you do for me, but you don't have to take care of me. I don't want to be a burden. I am strong enough to help. I want to help."

Severus pushed Adonis back onto the bed kneeling next to his injured leg. "You are not a burden. You are mine. My husband. My lover. My best friend. Mine. And when I see you dangling in the air for a stupid plant, my heart …" Severus choked and began to rub the ointment into the muscular thigh.

"Honey," Adonis said rubbing his hand against Severus cheek. "They aren't stupid plants. They are rare plants which help you create amazing potions. Gabriel knew the value of getting you potions ingredients when he was six."

"I didn't have to watch that brat child risk himself to get them."

"Okay I will let the incompetent buffoons collect your delicate plants. And just sit around and draw or take pictures."

Severus huffed. "You don't just sit around, you are an artist, you have a gift. And if the five galleries which show and sell your work on a daily basis, plus all of the prints the gypsies sell can't convince you then I have no idea what will."

Adonis smiled. "How about letting me be in your book?"

"What?" Severus asked screwing the lid back on the jar and wiping his hands on a towel.

Adonis rolled over and grabbed a sketch pad from his nightstand and handed it to Severus. "I know you are writing a potions book for first and second year students. So I thought some sketches might help."

Severus frowned as he looked at the drawings. After reading the potions books Salazar Slytherin wrote, Severus had realized that basic information was not only missing from the text books Hogwarts used but also from their curriculum. "Do you think my descriptions aren't good enough?"

Adonis huffed, took the pad from Severus and straddled his lap. "Your descriptions are wonderful, and I used the details of them to do my drawing of the difference between chopped, diced, minced and all of the other specific procedures. It isn't about you, it's about the students who are more visual, or have difficulty reading."

Severus ran his hands down Adonis' back his fingers cupping Adonis' firm round arse. "You're very smart my husband."

Adonis grinned as he undid the buttons on Severus' shirt. "Is it my brains that first drew you too me?"

Summoning the lube, Severus slicked a finger and began teasing his husband's entrance. "I believe it was the adorable way you blushed every time you saw me."

Adonis's eyelids fluttered as a finger slid into him. "I … oh yes …I didn't blush every time."

"Liar," Severus said. His other hand sliding into Adonis' gold hair, bringing him closer their lips met. Oh yes.

Adonis groaned and rolled his hips as a second slick finger entered him opening his body. He shivered as those wickedly talented fingers found his prostate and pleasure coursed through him. Sucking on Severus' tongue Adonis finished unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it off exposing cream white shoulders and chest.

Adonis ran his hands down the sleek firm muscles stopping to tease pink nipples. Severus groaned and pressed them closer together Adonis ran his hands over his husbands' flat stomach and undid his trousers. Growling when he couldn't get them down. Breaking the kiss Adonis pushed Severus back on the bed and stripped off the rest of his clothes.

Severus held his breath as Adonis crawled over him, stopping when his mouth hovered over his cock. Adonis slowly lowered his mouth. Severus gasped as Adonis licked him. His hot wet mouth slid over him, Severus fingers clenched in the sheets so he didn't grab Adonis' head and thrust into his mouth.

Adonis moaned, loving the way Severus stomach fluttered in response. Sucking the crown as he licked along the edge, his own cock aching as his husband moaned and arched. Licking along the veins as he took his husband deep into his throat Adonis relaxed, his nose buried in the black curls.

"Adonis," Severus gasped. "Please, oh Merlin, please."

Adonis slid his mouth off giving the long thin cock a kiss before straddling Severus. Reaching behind him Adonis grabbed Severus cock and slid down on it.

Severus grabbed Adonis' hips his fingers digging into the round muscles as he was surrounded by tight heat. "You feel so good."

"As do you, my love." Leaning down Adonis kissed Severus, ignoring the twinge in his thigh as he began rolling his hips as he moved up and down.

Severus gasped into his husband's mouth clutched his hips tighter and began to thrust. How, after five years of being together, did this man still manage to undo him and drive him into pleasured madness every time they touched?

Adonis sat up so he could have more control and shifted until Severus was hitting, oh yes, that spot. Adonis gasped and moaned as his prostate was rubbed and stimulated.

Severus wrapped his hand around Adonis' thick cock and began to stroke.

"Yes, Severus, yes." Adonis' head hung forward his face covered by his hair. His fingers dug into Severus' chest as his body trembled. "So close, oh please so close."

"Yes, come all over me," Severus said, sweat beading on his forehead as he tried to hold back his own orgasm. His balls tightened with every moan from his lovers pink lips. "Fuck, Adonis come all over me."

Adonis shook as his body let go. "Severus," he cried as hot come splashed over his husbands' stomach.

"Yes," Severus growled thrusting into Adonis clenching channel. Arching as his release spilled into his husband.

Adonis gasped and lay on top of him.

Severus smiled and stroked his sweaty skin.

Groaning Adonis stretched out his leg, sighing in relief as the muscles relaxed.

"Did you hurt your leg?" Severus asked a half-hearted tone of anger in the question.

"If we argue about me taking care of my leg I'll have to do some other deliciously wicked thing to you to prove I can handle it."

Severus blinked. "Was that supposed to be a threat?"

Propping up on an elbow Adonis looked at his husband. "I love you. Yes, my leg aches, but the pleasure was so much more than the twinge of discomfort. I love that you want to take care of me, but I do know my limits."

Severus arched an eyebrow.

Adonis grinned and kissed the tip of his large nose. "How about I stop climbing trees …"

"And cliffs," Severus interrupted.

"And cliffs, if you trust me to know my body well enough while we have sex."

Severus sniffed. "I'm not rubbing ointment into your thigh because you want to do kinky acrobatics in bed."

Adonis laughed. "Of course you will. Because it usually leads to more kinky bedroom activities."

"Do you need ointment, are you hurting?" Severus asked.

"No, now that my leg is relaxed I feel wonderful."

"I do my best," Severus said with a grin.

Adonis kissed him before laying down resting his head on Severus' chest. "And you always succeed. Now hush, I want to nap before we leave it'll be a busy afternoon unpacking and then we have dinner tonight with everyone."

Severus groaned. "Is that tonight? Do we have to go?"

Adonis pinched him. "You are such a brat. You love our monthly dinners as much as everyone else. And tonight we'll find out what Gabriel and Draco have decided to do."

Severus' dark eyes closed, he hoped the boys had figured out a way to make everything work. He waved his hand the mess clean and the duvet covering them. "Hmmm yes, should be interesting."

Adonis huffed in his sleep.

Gabriel grinned as he watched Draco pacing and talking to himself. Poor Draco, Gabriel knew this was coming. They need to have a 'talk' about their future. After they graduated from Hogwarts, Draco at the top of his class, they had taken Hydrus for a summer and toured with Gabriel's family. After that they moved into the Malfoy Manor and Draco started his apprenticeship with Severus.

During that time Gabriel would apparate and visit with his family, study in the founders library at Hogwarts (he still hadn't told Headmaster McGonagall about it), and work with the Magical Creatures Council.

A month ago Draco started receiving mysterious letters, ones he would hide to read later. Gabriel wasn't concerned, he could feel how much Draco loved him, but something was worrying the blond and by the frantic hand gestures he could see through the window Gabriel guessed Draco was trying to build up the courage to finally tell him.

"What is Draco doing?" Hydrus asked.

Gabriel smiled and helped the four year old into his chair. "Draco has something important to tell us, but he's worried about how we'll react, so he's practicing."

Hydrus shook his head and sighed. "Well, that's just silly."

Gabriel managed to hide his grin. "Yes, it is, but sometimes even Draco gets nervous."

Plates appeared on the table. Hydrus grabbed a toast soldier and broke his egg yolk with it. "Well, he best hurry or breakfast will get cold."

Gabriel fluffed Hydrus' hair laughing when he scrunched his nose. "I'll go and get him."

Opening the door Gabriel breathed in the scent of spring flowers on the crisp morning air. "Draco." Gabriel blinked as his boyfriend jumped and screamed. "Breakfast is ready."

"Don't sneak up on me like that." Draco ran his fingers through his fine white blond hair which fell just past his shoulders. He kissed Gabriel's cheek. "Morning sweetheart, have you been up long?"

"No, not long," Gabriel answered, grinning at Draco's fake composure.

Draco kissed Hydrus' forehead, the only part not smeared with food. He'd only eaten part of a toast soldier, how had he gotten so messy? Sitting down he noticed Gabriel's tea cup, his almost empty tea cup. "You've been watching me."

"I like watching you." Gabriel hummed as he took a bite of the mushroom and Swiss cheese omelet. "Do you feel prepared to tell us whatever has been on your mind for the past few weeks?"

Draco sighed in defeat. "Why do I even bother trying to hide things from you?"

Gabriel shrugged but kept quiet.

"Oh has my eldest son finally gathered his courage?" Narcissa asked sitting down. "I must admit I've been curious for weeks now."

Groaning Draco set down his tea. "How did father ever keep secrets in this house?"

"We looked away," Narcissa said. "It was always better than knowing the truth."

Gabriel's gut clenched at the sadness that fell over the Malfoy's. "Draco, love, tell us your news."

Draco sat up and squared his shoulders. "I have gotten several offers from other potions masters to study with them."

"Are things not going well with Severus?" Narcissa asked.

"Things are wonderful mother, but he's been teaching me since I was a small child and while I still have a lot to learn, studying with other masters would be beneficial. I have talked to Severus about it, and he agrees." Draco didn't pause to catch his breath. "There are three potions masters I'd like to study with, each of them have agreed to teach me for a year."

"Well," said Narcissa. "Of course they want to teach you. When do you start?"

"I leave in three weeks," Draco said looking at his plate.

Gabriel's breath caught. I leave in three weeks. Not we, I.

"But you'll still live here?" Hydrus asked. "And read me my bed time story?"

Draco shook his head. "No the first apprenticeship is in America. I'll be studying with a Navaho potions master."

"But you can apparate home," Hydrus said tears filling his big blue eyes.

Draco rubbed his brother's cheek. "I'm sorry baby it's too far away."

"But we can go and visit," Narcissa said. "It'll be a fun adventure. Where else are you going?"

Draco sighed. "The next year will be Egypt and the third Australia."

"I don't want you to go," Hydrus wailed reaching his messy hands out for his brother.

Draco picked him up and held him close. "I don't want to leave you either, but I'll visit whenever I can, and like Mum said you can always come and visit me. You like traveling."

Gabriel pushed back from the table and walked outside. The emotions at the table combined with his own fear and sadness were making him feel sick. Was this the end of them? Trying to not let his thoughts get away from him, Gabriel breathed and attempted to ground himself.

"You were pretty quiet," Draco said.

Gabriel turned and smiled. "This is an amazing opportunity. I've listened to enough conversations between you and Severus to know how training in different styles can expand your knowledge and skills. I'm happy for you and so very proud of you."

"Thank you." Draco tugged on his shirt cuffs. "But?"

Gabriel closed his eyes. "But you said 'I'. Am I not allowed to go? Or do you not want me to go with you?"

"No," Draco darted forward hugging his boyfriend.

Gabriel wrapped his arms around Draco's waist and buried his face in Draco's neck.

"No, I wasn't sure if you would want to go, or if you could," Draco said. "And I didn't want to pressure you or make you feel like you had to follow me. I feel bad enough keeping you from your family as much as I already do. And what about when I'm crazy busy? Or making a potion that takes days of focus? I don't want to neglect you?"

"Draco, I want to be with you. I can get an international portkey to go to council meetings and when you have to focus on a potion I can go and visit my family for a few days." Gabriel kissed Draco's neck. "I've never been to America, or Australia."

"Are you sure? I don't want you to regret coming with me," Draco said as he tilted his head giving Gabriel more access to his neck.

Gabriel licked the milk pale skin grinning as his lover shivered. "Very sure, we can tell my dad's tonight at dinner."

Draco groaned. "Kamala, Talha, Tatiana, and Aubrey are going to kill me for taking you away from them."

"Don't worry I won't let them hurt you much." Gabriel kissed Draco, their tongues entwining in a familiar and erotic dance. Gabriel moaned as he buried his hand in Draco's silky hair, his other grabbing his arse.

Cold water washed over them.

"Bloody hell," Draco yelled turning to glare at his mum.

Narcissa arched an eyebrow and Hydrus waved at them.

"She did warn us about making out in-front of Hydrus," Gabriel said. With a thought they were dry.

Draco shivered as Gabriel's magic washed over him. "Let's go upstairs."

Gabriel laughed. "Love aren't you supposed to be at Severus in fifteen minutes?"

"Shit, I have to go."

Gabriel kissed his cheek. "Go on, I'll see you later."

"What are you doing today?"

Gabriel shrugged. "Taking Hyrus to the zoo. Your mum has a meeting with her publisher."

"Another reason to leave," Draco said. "I don't want to be anywhere near England once her stupid memories are published."

"Where will we be? America's a big place," Gabriel asked.

"Northern Arizona."

"The wild west?"

"I'm planning on buying you chaps and boots as soon as we get there."

Gabriel laughed as Draco left.

"When are they going to get here?" Aubrey pointed to the sun beginning to set over the ocean. "You said sun set."

Mudiwa picked up his son. "Soon, is your room clean?"

"Yes, baba." Aubrey climbed onto his dad's back and pushed up into a handstand on his shoulders. "And I folded my clothes all nice and neat. I'm nine now not a baby, I take care of my stuff."

Vincent snorted. "That's not how it looked this morning." Reaching up he grabbed Aubrey and flipped him over setting him on his feet. "Tatiana is cutting vegetables for dinner, why don't you go and help."

Aubrey huffed. "Fine, but she better not be listening to Justin Bieber again."

Vincent shook his head, his lavender eyes sparkling. "How did we fail so badly as parents?"

"It's not our fault love," Mudiwa placed his midnight black hand on Vincent's tan cheek. "It was those girls she befriended when we spent last summer in Paris. We couldn't have known our lovely Tatiana would be corrupted so."

"I blame you," Naveen said. "Kamala listens to him too."

"It's not so bad," Ria said her belly rounded with their third baby.

"He sucks," Talha said his little nose scrunching up. "When will they be here?"

"How about now squirt?" Gabriel said scooping Talha up.

"Gabriel," he squealed.

The adults stepped back as Gabriel was pounced on by the kids. Kamala walked over, her brown eyes sparkling. She wanted to jump on her big brother too but being fifteen she was too grown-up for such behavior.

"Hello Kamala."

"Hi Draco."

"Not joining in the pile?" he asked watching his boyfriend wrestle with his siblings. Aurora slid around his neck. He always let the snake ride on his shoulders when they visited the family so she didn't get squished when the kids attacked.

"No, I don't want to get all messy."

Draco nodded. He wanted to give the kids hugs but would wait until the fray was over. "How was Hogwarts?"

Kamal shrugged. "Good, I keep getting asked about 'Harry Potter' and do I really know him and could he come and talk to the class, and can I get his autograph?"

Draco frowned. "Gabriel didn't say anything about that."

"I didn't tell him." Flipping her braid off her shoulder she sighed. Her black hair falling below her waist. "I got asked out several times."

"What?" Gabriel asked Talha hanging by his legs from Gabriel's arm, Tatiana had him around the neck, and Aubrey clinging to his waist. "Who asked you out?"

"Just some boys, no one important," Kamala said. "Anyway either they wanted to get an 'in' with 'the Harry Potter defeater of Voldy' or once they found out I was his little sister were too scared to date me."

Gabriel smiled. "Good they should fear me. Maybe I should come visit you at school."

Kamal rolled her eyes but loved her brother's protectiveness. "Actually you should; Fawkes and Mbiriviri eggs will be hatching in October and I know they want you there."

Gabriel thought of the beautiful gold and white phoenix, he would miss her when they left but she would need to stay at the school with Fawkes and their babies. Phoenix chicks grow very slowly and needed both parents. "I'll make sure to be there. I'm glad she talks to you."

Kamala nodded. "It's not easy and if we talk for too long I get a headache, but she's helped me a lot. One boy I liked, who I thought liked me, really was just trying to win a bet. She let me know."

Gabriel hugged his sister, kissing her forehead, where years before his kiss and promise to protect her had left a mark, that looked like a kiss mark made from lip gloss. "Do I need to hurt him?"

Kamala laughed and hugged her brother tight. "No, I'm fine, anyway it's not like you didn't teach me things. I made him pay."

"What did you do?" Draco asked.

"Well, I found a spell with Mbiriviri's help and whenever he gets aroused he has to tell the truth. He's wound up with several black eyes."

Gabriel spun her around. "That's my girl."

The kids soon stood in-front of Draco, who pulled out his wand and cast cleaning charms on them before giving them all hugs and kisses.

"Me too, me too," Riku said letting go of his parents hands as he ran to Draco.

Gabriel went over and hugged Soto and Elena. "I've missed you."

"We've missed you too," Soto said wrapping his muscular arms around Gabriel and picking him up.

"Soto, Gabriel is taller than you now, maybe you shouldn't be picking him up." Elena said.

"Are you saying I'm weak?" Soto's thin dark eyes sparkled. Transferring Gabriel to his left arm he scooped his wife into his right arm.

Elena squealed.

Gabriel rolled his eyes smiling.

"Riku would like a hug," Draco said carrying the four year old over to them.

Riku rubbed his amber brown cheek against Draco's chest.

Gabriel wrapped his arms around both of them kissing Riku's cheek. "I doubt he wants to let go of you."

"Draco's soft," Riku said tangling his fingers in Draco's hair.

Soto chuckled. "I've tried buying silk shirts, but Riku prefers yours."

Draco shrugged, but his gray eyes showed how pleased he was. "I'll buy you some."

Elena chuckled stroking Riku dark brown hair. "Somehow I doubt it'll change anything."

Riku stared at her until she backed away, then relaxed secure no one was going to take him from his Draco.

Jaime floated watching his friends standing around a fire talking. It took a moment for his brain to sort out the human voices, for the past six months he'd stayed in his seal form and he needed a moment for his brain to sort the sounds into words.

Sliding out of his skin Jaime stretched and walked towards his friends.

Draco's eyes narrowed. "Your friend is here."

Gabriel smiled and turned grabbing the blanket they had waiting. "Jaime it's so good to see you."

Jaime held out his arms hugging Gabriel close, then kissed him, maybe a bit longer than a friend should.

"Here," Gabriel said shaking his head as he wrapped his friend in the fire warmed blanket. "Where's your family?"

"They'll be here tomorrow. I have a new baby sister so they are swimming a bit slower."

"I can't wait to meet her. Dad and Baba have your clothes in their tent," Gabriel said. "We weren't sure when you'd get here."

"Great I'll go and get dressed," Jaime said. "Hey Draco, how are you?"

"Jaime, fine thank you. And yourself?" Draco said.

Gabriel grinned at his lover's obvious jealousy.

"Draco," Jaime said walking closer and tucking the blanket under his arms. "I think we got off on the wrong flipper. We should be friends."

Draco arched an eyebrow at the pun. The selkie came closer, he didn't move.

Jaime moved in to give Draco a hug and turned kissing him on the lips.

Draco squeaked, then allowed the overly friendly kiss. A lovely meeting of lips.

Jaime smiled as they broke the kiss. "See now we are friends."

Gabriel chuckled. "You are such a flirt."

"Did I make you jealous?" Jaime asked.

"No, but that's probably because I can feel what you're feeling," Gabriel said. "Now stop molesting my boyfriend and go and get dressed.

"Yes sir," Jaime said saluting sharply before walking down the trail to the tents.

"I hope he didn't upset you," Gabriel whispered as he slid an arm around Draco's waist.

Draco shook his head. "No, in fact I think I feel more comfortable with you kissing him now. It was sweet but not …"

"An offer of sex?" Gabriel suggested.

"Yes, that's a good way to put it. Not an offer of sex."

"Dinner's ready," Ria called out.

The little ones cheered and ran down the path. Gabriel waved his hand and the fire went out and the logs were cold.

"We're just in time," Adonis said flopping down on some pillows his hair damp and a bruise peeking out from under the collar of his shirt.

Severus accepted hugs and smacking kisses from the kids then he settled next to his husband.

Soon Gabriel's happy food hum was the only noise as everyone dug into the Indian feast Ria, Naveen, and Kamala had prepared.

Jaime did a little dance in his seat whenever he ate something spicy. His tongue never got used to the heat of human food, but it was so good he couldn't stop eating.

"So," Mudiwa said. "You have something to tell us."

Gabriel laughed. "Baba you know me too well. I have some very exciting news. Draco got three different offers to study with potions masters."

"It's an amazing opportunity," Severus said tearing off a piece of garlic naan. "All three of them are unsurpassed masters in their fields."

"But," Vincent said.

"But, I will have to stay with each of them for a year. First America, then Egypt, and last Australia. I've asked Gabriel to come with me." Draco said.

"And I agreeded," Gabriel said. "When Draco gets time off we'll come and visit, and when he is going to be too busy making potions to leave the lab for days at a time, I'll come and visit by myself."

Draco's flushed pink. "I feel bad taking him away from his family. So, well," Draco pulled a blue velvet box from his pocket. "Gabriel, I am hoping you'll agree to marry me. I know I can't replace your family, but I would dearly like to become part of it."

Gabriel flung himself at Draco. "You already are family, and yes of course I'll marry you."

Draco hugged him back, ignoring the sniffs, cooing, and camera clicks coming from their family. "You didn't even look at the rings."

"I'm marrying you, not a piece of jewelry," Gabriel said.

Severus and Adonis smiled at each other.

"Anyway if you picked them out I'm sure they are beautiful."

Draco grinned. "They are and I can't wait to see you wearing my ring on your finger."

"I get to be a bridesmaid," Kamala called, ending the sweet moment.

"Me too," said Tatiana.

"Let Gabriel look at his ring before you start planning their wedding," Ria teased.

Keeping one arm around his fiancé, Gabriel smiled, braided yellow and white gold framed a band of opal. "They're beautiful."

Draco smiled and slid the ring onto Gabriel's finger. "I love you."

Gabriel's fingers shook as he placed the other ring on Draco's finger. "I love you."

The little ones scrunched their noses and looked away as the couple kissed.

"Now can we talk about a wedding?" Kamal asked. "I think Athena should design my dress."

"Athena," Riku yelled.

Gabriel held up his hands. "Everyone calm down. Let's remember that Draco is from an old wizarding family and I am sure there are traditions and things that will need to be considered."

"Actually," Draco said clearing his throat, "most people will assume that I am only marrying you because you're Harry Potter, so I say let's have a family wedding at your Grandmother's farm. We'll invite the people we actually like and not worry about what I 'should' do as Lord Malfoy."

"Are you sure?" Gabriel asked frowning. "I know how hard you and your mum have worked to repair the Malfoy name."

"Yes, I'm sure. I even spoke to my mum about it and she agreed. Making a big media production with all the 'proper people' will not only ruin our day, but won't help us at all. What is best for us, being with family and friends and enjoying our day, is more important than sucking up to idiots in the Ministry or foreign royalty. I want to marry you, not improve my image."

Gabriel kissed his fiancé, pulling their bodies tightly together. Licking along Draco's bottom lip he moaned when the blond opened for him. Draco whimpered as he sucked on his tongue. Gabriel apparated them into their tent and on the middle of their bed.

Aurora hissed. "Stupid boys always mating." And slid away.

Gabriel pulled back from the kiss. "Sorry," he hissed.

Draco shuddered and his eyes became glossy.

"You do like it when I speak snake," Gabriel said as he kissed Draco's neck.

"Gabriel," Draco moaned arching his neck shivering as Gabriel sucked where his neck and shoulder met.

Gabriel sighed, using his magic to removed their clothes leaving them neatly folding at the end on the bed. Rubbing his hard cock against Draco's their pre-come mixing and allowing their hard flesh to glide against each other. "Merlin I love you," Gabriel said licking and sucking Draco's pale pink nipple. "You are so sexy. Touching you drives me crazy with desire," he hissed rubbing his hands over his lover's silky soft skin.

Draco wrapped his legs around Gabriel's waist. Pressing closer and rolling his hips. "Yes, please."

Gabriel summoned the lube. Slicking his fingers he teased Draco's entrance.

Draco squirmed and whimpered arching his hips and piercing himself on Gabriel's fingers. Sighing in relief as at least some part of his lover was inside of him. "Hurry, I can't wait."

Gabriel stretched his lover kissing him as Draco moaned and panted. Gabriel shivered as his balls tightened. Shifting he rubbed the lube on himself cooling it a little hoping to last long enough to bring Draco as much pleasure as possible.

"Are you ready?" Gabriel hissed in his lover's ear.

Draco tightened his legs trying to pull Gabriel closer. Parseltongue drove him mad. The words felt like they slithered over his skin, the warm deep tones caressing him all over.

Draco closed his eyes as Gabriel pressed himself against his slick entrance. Tilting he relaxed and welcomed Gabriel inside of him. The bonding ring warming against his finger. "What?" Draco murmured.

Gabriel's cock rubbed along his prostate. Draco screamed in ecstasy. His fingers dug into muscular shoulders. Holding on and letting Gabriel do whatever he wanted.

"Yes," Gabriel hissed. "That's it, let go, give yourself to me." Feeling his lovers surrender, and the pleasure that washed through him Gabriel tried to focus. Thrusting into Draco, hitting his prostate as often as possible. His ring heated up. Gabriel saw their magic, their energy, swirling around them, entwining , connecting as their bodies were. Their hearts connecting by a golden pink ribbon of light and power.

"God Draco," Gabriel gasped thrusting and feeling their bond forming between them. "Can you feel that?"

"Feel, you," he panted. "All of you. Merlin, so close."

"Yes," Gabriel thrust faster. "Yes, I want to feel you come."

Toes curled, balls tighten, cocks throbbed. Their energy connected and they came together. Screaming each other's names.

Gabriel collapsed on top of Draco, kissing his sweaty skin as pleasure continued to pulse through his body.

Draco relaxed his legs and let them fall onto the bed, running his hand over his bonded's back. Bonded? "What …" he cleared his throat. "What happened?"

Gabriel sighed pushing himself to the side, used a cleaning charm and moved the duvet from under them to on top of them. "Well our energy usually connects when we have sex, but tonight, maybe it's our commitment to each other, or the rings that made it more, much more."

Draco ran his fingers over Gabriel's cheek, his stubble rough. "So we're bonded?"

Gabriel nodded. "Is that okay? I'm not sure it can be undone. I'm not even completely sure what we just did."

"Good, now you're mine forever." Draco lay his head on Gabriel's chest and closed his eyes.

Gabriel wrapped his arms around Draco. "I already was. The only difference is now you can feel it too."

"Hoot," Hedwig said landing on the headboard and looking down at her human.

"Hey girl what's up?"

She held out her leg.

Gabriel reached up and took the scroll. Reading it he groaned. "We have to get up?"

"No," Draco said.

"Apparently it is too early to go to bed even after wild sex and they want us to come watch a movie with them."

Draco pulled the duvet up higher.

"We have twenty minutes before the kids come in to get us," Gabriel added.

"Bloody hell, what muggle idiocy are you making me watch this time?" Draco asked throwing back the covers and stomping off to the bathroom.

"Spirited Away," Gabriel said grabbing pajama pants and tee shirts for both of them.

"Sounds silly," Draco said as he washed up.

Gabriel smiled breathing in the spicy citrus scent of Draco's body wash. He knew better than to point out that Draco loved watching movies.

"There will be popcorn and biscuits."

Draco sighed as Gabriel wrapped his arms around him. "I do like popcorn."

"I know, now do dry off before the kids come to find us."

Draco turned in Gabriel arms and leaned down to kiss his, their bond humming as they kissed. "Well, that's fun."

"I agree, now shoo before I forget my innocent brothers and sisters will be rushing in here soon."

"Gabriel," Lysander shouted scooping him up into a hug as soon as they step into the tent. "I missed you."

"You saw me three days ago," Gabriel said.

Lysander pressed his face into Gabriel's neck. "You smell so good."

Gabriel sighed. "Why must you wind up Draco?"

Peeking over Gabriel's shoulder he looked at Draco. His gray eyes hard and his cheeks flushed in anger. "He's so pretty when he's angry and I can smell his blood better , which smells almost as good as yours."

Draco sneered at the vampire and turned to his companion. "Marcy, I have no idea how such a lovely woman as yourself puts up with that foul creature."

Marcy sighed. "Well, if I could have you I might be tempted away, but as you're already taken I had to settle for what was available."

"Hey," Lysander said.

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "You brought this on yourself. I warned you not to keep messing with Draco."

"You poor dear," Draco said enveloping Marcy in a hug. "I am so sorry, if my heart wasn't already taken I would court you with all the pageantry a lady of your beauty and intelligence deserves. And while I understand you have to settle for less than myself, I know you can do better than Lysander. Allow me to try and help you arrange a better match."

Giggling Marcy let Draco guide her to couch where he asked about what she wants in a man and relationship.

Lysander grinned. It had taken the better part of a year for Marcy to heal from what her sire, Merrick, had done to her. She had learned about her new vampire abilities and limits with a fierceness that took his breath away and saddened him. Lysander could tell that she didn't trust them, that she expected to be sent away or mistreated at any time.

He learned to move slowly around her, giving her time to move away if she wanted. Lysander had ached to hold her, but kept his distance. Nineteen months after she moved in, a group of them were watching a movie and she sat down next to him on the couch. There had been other spots free, even a few chairs so she wouldn't have to be next to anyone, but she had chosen to sit next to him.

He'd asked her out the next day. He'd wanted to formally court her, but she was young, very young, and he wasn't sure she'd enjoy the ritual behind being courted.

"When Draco's done she's going to want the fairy tale courting," Gabriel said.

Lysander smiled. "I would do that in a heartbeat, but I'm not sure that she wants to bond with me. Or that she'll appreciate me proving I can take care of her or support her. She's very independent."

Gabriel smiled. "I think, if you make sure that you're showing her strength so she knows she can count on you and not because you think she's weak, it'll be fine."

"How do I do that?" Lysander asked with a snort.

"Take her places and give her gifts that also show you see how strong and powerful she is. Don't make it all about how you can support her," Gabriel suggested.

"She does know how to skateboard, which I haven't ever done. I could ask her to teach me," Lysander said his eyes focused on Marcy as she laughed with Draco.

"I think that would be an excellent idea," Gabriel said.

"It's time to start the movie," Tatiana said, her tone not allowing for arguments. "Everyone be quiet and sit down."

Quiet chuckles came from the adults who did as she demanded.

"Tatiana is so like you," Gabriel said as he sat next to Draco.

Draco grinned. "She is perfect isn't she?"

Gabriel laughed as Tatiana shushed them. Sighing he cuddled with Draco as the movie started. He would miss this as he and Draco started their new adventure. Draco's fingers slid between his, holding him tightly. They would both miss this, but they would be together and that made all the difference.

Gabriel took a drink of water, the Arizona desert was so dry. Draco spent half his time making sunscreen potions to protect their skin from the harsh sun. Today Draco was collecting plants and herbs with David Whitefeather, so Gabriel was on his own. Clearing out the rocks in a flat area Gabriel began to work out. Turning on the radio to a pop station he began to warm up with push-ups, jumping jacks, then some kata, he began doing flips, cartwheels and martial arts moves.

Grinning, Gabriel marveled at the ability of children to turn up out of no-where as soon as something interesting was going on. "Do you guys want to try?" he asked the group of five little kids hiding behind a bush.

Two little girls and three boys came out. It didn't take long for Gabriel to teach them basic acrobatic moves and soon they were doing somersaults and cartwheels all over the meadow.

One of the boys came over to him, his big brown eyes untrusting. He pulled on his braid, his long hair so dark it had blue highlights. "Can you teach me how to flip?"

Gabriel knelt down and smiled. "I'm Gabriel Dragonheart. What's your name?"

"John Chee."

Gabriel held out his hand wrapping his tanned fingers around the boy's dark golden brown ones. "How old are you John?"


"Hmmm. Hold your hands up," Gabriel said.

John frowned but did as he asked. The boy's fingers came only an inch above his head.

"Well, your arms aren't long enough to do a regular flip, you need to grow a bit more but we could practice a different kind." Gabriel stood up and jumped doing a somersault in the air and landing on his feet. "Will that be okay?"

John's brown eyes were wide. "Yes, please."

Just as his dad and baba had done with him Gabriel held the boy flipping him around.

"I did it." John said grinning, showing a missing front teeth.

"You did very well," Gabriel said. "Again?"

"Yes." John said moving closer.

"Me too." said a little girl.

John frowned and stomped his foot.

She opened her mouth and no sound came out. Her light brown eyes widened with fear.

"The freak did it again," yelled the other boy. "I'm going to tell on you."

Gabriel gasped his stomach clenching.

"I didn't do it," John yelled his eyes filling with tears.

"You're a witch a Skinwalker," yelled another girl.

Gabriel waved his hand the giving the girl back her voice and placed his hand on John's shoulder.

"Skinwalker," the girl yelled and turned running home.

"I didn't …," John began tears filling his eyes.

Gabriel knelt down and wrapped his arms around the little boy. "Shush, I've got you. It's okay. Do things happen around you?"

John nodding his little hands, gripping Gabriel's shirt.

"Thing like that happened to me too when I was younger. Then I learned to control what happened."

"How?" John mumbled his face pressed into Gabriel's chest.

"I was taught," Gabriel said.

"Are you a Skinwalker?" John asked his voice fearful but he didn't let go of Gabriel's shirt.

"I don't know what that is?" Gabriel said.

John pulled back. "A Skinwalker is someone magical who uses their magic to hurt people."

"Then no, I'm not," said Gabriel. "I don't use my magic to hurt anyone."

Gabriel kept his face blank as John looked him over. Gabriel could feel the boy's confusion as he decided if he was going to trust Gabriel or not.

"No one wants me," John said. "My mom, she used drugs and didn't fight when child protective services came and got me. She gave me up, and doesn't know who my dad is. I've moved around to foster homes, Martha and Peter are going to get rid of me after this, I know they will."

Gabriel held him. "I'll fix it, don't worry. Let me see what I can do."

"Can your magic make everything all better?" John asked.

"No, but it can make things easier. Plus I'm very very stubborn."

John laughed.

"Take me to your house, I'll ask if you can come and have dinner with us."

"Gabriel," Draco snapped as he jumped out of the truck. "What are you doing?"

John's moved behind Gabriel's leg and stared at the ground.

Gabriel could feel his fear and disappointment. Reaching around he placed his hand on John's head. "I've made a friend, how was your day?"

"Your husband has a gift with plants," David Whitefeather said hopping out of the truck, his brown cowboy boots stirring up dust. "Hello young man."

John gasped and clutched at Gabriel's jeans.

Draco raised an eyebrow his pale skin pink from the heat and sun, his long white hair hung in a braid over his shoulder. "What have you done now?" He kissed Gabriel and knelt down. "Hello I'm Draco, Gabriel's fiancé."

"You are the whitest person I have ever seen."

Gabriel laughed. "This is John, he kept me company while you were training with Master Whitefeather."

"I've told you to call me David," The older Navajo man said. "Ajo, John, thank you for watching out for Gabriel today. I've heard he can cause trouble when bored."

"Hey," Gabriel said with a smile. "enough about me, we were just going to visit with his foster parents, I'm afraid there was an accident earlier."

"What happened?" Draco asked. "John are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I got upset and Julie lost her voice, and they called me a Skinwalker and a freak."

Draco reached up and took Gabriel's hand his gray eyes filled his sadness and anger. "I'm sorry, we'll get this settled right now."

"Let me drive," David said. "John can tell me the way."

John scuffed the toe of his shoe in the dirt then nodded. They piled into the 4x4 pick up. John speaking just loud enough for David to hear him.

They pulled in front of a one story brickhouse. A woman coming out as they drove up. "I've already called your caseworker to come and get you. I told you if you did any more of that freakish behavior you were gone."

John sniffed.

"I've packed your stuff he should be here soon."

"What is the name of the caseworker?" David asked his eyes hard.

"Mr. Whitefeather," she gasped. "I haven't seen you since you helped my grandmother."

David nodded. "His name."

"Larry Nez."

"Good, we'll wait."

The foster mom went into the house and came out with glasses of lemonade. Gabriel cringed at her mix of fear and respect she was emanating. John had walked off and sat under a tree. Gabriel squeezed Draco's shoulder and went to sit with John.

"I'm sorry this is happening."

John shrugged.

"When I was a little boy I lived with my aunt and uncle. They hated me because I would do freaky things," Gabriel said looking up through the branches of the tree into the blue sky. "I didn't even know my name, they only called me boy or freak. Then one day gypsies came into town."

John's eyes were wide as Gabriel told his story. He didn't even notice when his caseworker came and David and Draco argued, cajoled, and a certain tired overheated blond used a spell to get what he wanted.

"Let's go," Draco snapped.

John jumped.

"Don't worry, he gets like that when he's upset, but he's all bark with those he cares about." Gabriel stood up and offered his hand.

"I called Callie," David said. "She'll have dinner ready and the other room made up."

"Sounds good to me," Gabriel said. "She's a great cook."

John took Gabriel's hand and walked to the truck.

"So what do you want to do?" Draco asked as they lay in bed.

Gabriel sighed not even pretending not to understand. "He needs a home, a home that understands his magic and how to help him."

"And you want to give him that home?" Draco said rolling on his side.

Turning to look into his lovers gray eyes he smiled softly. "I do, but I don't want to take him from his people or his culture."

"I talked to David and Callie, they can probably find him magical parents and maybe even someone willing to take him who is Native American, but he can't guarantee Navajo," Draco said.

"Do you think he'd want to come with us?" Gabriel asked his brow furrowed.

Draco snorted. "I think he'll want to come with you, I'll have to get to know him better."

"Are we ready for this? I mean you'll be busy with your mastery, and we don't have a home."

Draco leaned over and kissed him.

Gabriel moaned.

"Let's all get to know each other. Then we can ask him." Draco moved to lie on top of Gabriel. "I'd be thrilled to start our family. Right now let's have some fun."

Grabbing his fiancé's arse massaging the firm round muscle. "Don't worry I put up a silencing charm, you can scream all you want."

Draco arched a pale blond eyebrow. "You think you can make me scream."

Gabriel laughed. "Oh yes, yes I can."

John's eyes widened as he opened his last Solstice gift from Draco and Gabriel. He trained his fingers over the braided metal, it looked just like the bracelet Gabriel and Draco wore. Their family bracelet, the one Gabriel's dad and baba had given him when they asked him to be their son.

"You want me to be part of your family?" John asked.

"Yes, very much so," Gabriel said. "If that would make you happy?"

John bit his lip and looked at Draco.

"Indeed, John, we would very much like for you to become our son and travel the world with us," Draco said.

Gabriel tried not to smile at Draco's formal speech. He always talked like that when nervous.

"And I would be yours forever?" John asked picking up the bracelet.

Gabriel knelt on the floor and kissed his forehead. "Forever."

"And ever," Draco added wrapping his arms around them.

John smiled and slid the bracelet on his wrist.

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